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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside......

Here it is, Saturday, early afternoon. It is COLD!! The wintry precipitation has melted, but the wind is picking up and it is just downright cold! I am glad that the rain didn't come tonight, since the temp will be down to 23. That could have made for a nasty situation, one that I do not think ANYONE wants to deal with, at the moment! I do have to get out for a little bit this afternoon, but the heater works in the car and I do not plan to stand outside at all. Then, I will get back, and stay toasty and drink hot tea, for the rest of the evening. Sounds like a plan. One of David and my favorite Simpson quotes is "I feel like a warm toasty cinnamon bun". That is what I plan to feel like tonight!

Yesterday, I got some results from the Human Resource person. FINALLY!! They are correcting some mistakes and sending me the information about the COBRA insurance. And then Linda and I went to the coffee shop, where it felt like stepping back into my living room. I was glad to be back there. Then we went to Billy's. Notice a familiarity of these places? It was weird to not have David there, but not a "bad" weird. Just a regular old normal weird. Linda decided to spend the night, so while we were watching some more episodes of "Bones", the phone rang. It was 10:45. It was Cecil, Norma's brother,(David's uncle), calling because he couldn't reach Norma. Now, Norma and I had a great lunch yesterday and she left here around 2:30, so I hadn't tried to find her. He had been calling for hours and her line was busy and he was very worried. I called her number, sure enough, the line was busy, so we called him back and he was getting ready to drive to Vicksburg!!! Well, luckily Linda was here, so we got our coats and shoes back on and made our way over there in the cold rain. We knocked on the door and Norma asks who it is, and opened the door, looking just fine and dandy!! I told her about Cecil and she picked up her phone, it was working, so she called Cecil and practically had to defend herself about the phone! We figure that a line got crossed up or something because of the bad weather! And she didn't know anything was wrong, because she hadn't tried to call anyone. Of course, her phone didn't ring while Cecil was trying to call her, but hey, it is sometimes a blessing to not have a ringing phone, so she didn't think anything about it! Lordy. So, we left around 11:30, even though I think she would have been happy for us to stay a lot longer. Did I already say "Lordy"? How much easier would that have been if SHE WOULD BUY THE YP'S HOUSE!!!!????? It would be great for everyone, including the yp's and they can just get on the road to wherever the hell they are going a lot sooner!! I mean, the other night I fell in the dog yard while I was putting Woofer in his kennel. Every other dog was howling and barking, but he wasn't, he was asleep in the dog house!! I was so upset and angry, I just started crying at how unfair it was that there are THREE rottweilers that howl and bark and are on chains right behind our houses, yet she goes on and on about how I "neglect" my dogs and my "dog pound", when my dogs EACH have their own Dogloo doghouse, they EACH have a chair to get into, there are trees, there are birds, there are squirrels, and they have so much room to run and play!! I have never had anyone hate me like this. I mean, I hope NO ONE has ever hated me, but the viciousness and cruelty that the female yp has shown to me is mind boggling. And I think her husband is embarrassed by it, but has to back her up. So, the first step to solving the problem is that "for sale" sign. Now, we need to get people in there to buy it. I have to have some peace of mind and feel comfortable again, in the neighborhood. Let's hope that their house will be sold very soon to very nice people, okay?

Congratulations to Grady and Melissa Buford Dixon on the birth of their new daughter, Delia Claire, on January 17. And congrats to the new "nana" and "poppy"!! Times, they are a' changin', aren't they?

Well, I need to go pick up some medicine for my mother. You know, the drugstore delivers, but she always waits until she HAS to have it NOW! Same with groceries and cat/dog food. We have told her over and over to have a "master" list, one that she can write on everyday when she realizes she is running low, Linda or I could pick it up, and then she would never run out, and we wouldn't be made to feel guilty if we can't go get it at the drop of a hat. But she is resisting doing that, so today, Linda has a list of stuff to get her, and I have a list of stuff to get her!! Lordy.

Have a great afternoon and Sunday. I am actually going to watch BOTH big football games tomorrow. It is going to be cold, the games should be good, so I am really looking forward to just kicking back and enjoying. I don't even understand all the rules in football, it is just very comforting to have on, these days!
Stay warm!!


  • At Saturday, January 19, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Is there a "list phobia" with our mother's generation, or what? We gave up on that master list 3 years ago. It's nutsy, I tell ya.
    I'm glad the wierd at the coffee shop was a regular weird and not a bad weird. Love, Jennifer and Barry

  • At Monday, January 21, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…



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