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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Well, Christmas is over.....

Morning, all. This day starts with the news of a major political figure being assassinated, so, so much for "peace on earth, goodwill to men", or in this case, a woman. Too bad that this will cause repercussions in the coming year. There always seems to be something bad that happens in the world during the holidays.
But, in the Reid household, we actually had a fairly decent Christmas! Christmas Eve found us visiting my mother-in-law for a while, then my mother. Linda and her family were over there, too, so we convinced our mother to go out to eat with us, AND SHE DID! THAT is a Christmas miracle! I really don't think she has eaten in a restaurant since spring! Good Mexican food,mmmm, possibly a new Christmas Eve tradition!! Then everyone went their separate ways and we opened our presents. And yes, I had some bad moments, how could I not? I missed David being there, being all excited about the gifts, and I missed his excitement of giving me my gift! But I composed myself and enjoyed the evening. Afterwards, I did kind of have a mini breakdown, but again, I got all right. On Christmas morning, we went to Mass, and yes, tears flowed there, too, but in a good way, a cleansing cry, of sorts. We put a poinsettia on David's grave (those are harsh words, aren't they?) and then had a wonderful Christmas brunch at Waffle House!! I really did enjoy that, and then off we went to the new theater in Madison. We got there, the parking lot was packed, lots of people go to movies on Christmas, apparently! We saw "Enchanted", a movie that did live up to my expectations, and one I highly recommend to everyone! It was great! Since we had some time before the other movie, we ventured out looking for a place to eat. Nothing was open. So, our Christmas dinner consisted of movie hot dogs, popcorn, pretzels, and pizza, washed down with huge soft drinks. And you know what? It was fantastic!!!! Before our movie started, we looked up and there were Daniel and Lesley, going to see another movie, so that was a bonus. And then we saw "Walk Hard". Y'all, I laughed so hard, it was so preposterous! And if you go, be warned, there is male frontal nudity in it, which to be honest, caused me to double over in laughter even more. David would have loved both of these movies, the hot dogs, the Waffle House, everything we did (okay, maybe not the "grave" part!) so I feel that we celebrated in the way he would have wanted us to. Now on to the rest of our lives!
Erica and Fuzzy are back in Chicago now, too. We went over to Jackson a little early yesterday, to cash in gift certificates, and to return a couple of things. After we got them deposited at the airport, Christopher, Katie, and Ian and I ate at one of their favorite restaurants, and had a very good time. Today, Ian is going to come over here, and I have my first session of physical therapy and the MRI is scheduled after that. I hope that we find a solution, because the pain is getting worse, not better, and that really scares me. I canNOT be unable to do what needs to be done while in pain! And after everyone leaves on Saturday, I am tossing all of the junk food in this house! I just ate a donut for breakfast!! WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!
Oh, and I am going to rip Woofer's head off, too! He barked all night long. There was activity on the street when he started it, but I didn't see anything at 3 a.m. when he started it up again!! I do not want the yp's in my face again EVER, so I have to find a solution. If I heard it, well I KNOW everyone else did too. That is not a good thing. He is a little too exuberant!
That's it for now. I hope everyone got what they wanted and had a great holiday. New Year's isn't such a big holiday for me, but The Twilight Zone marathon is on the SciFi channel, so that will be what I will be doing, plus E and F gave me the DVD of Project Runway, so that will also be some New Year's viewing. I hope that 2008 will be a better year for us, even a GREAT year for us! I wish the same for everyone reading this, too!! Eat some blackeyed peas for good luck!


  • At Thursday, December 27, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Don't you just love Project Runway??!! the clothes are sometimes so bizarre to me!
    I am glad you had a decent Christmas. I called and left our greetings-I knew ya'll had gone to the picture show. Ours was quiet.
    I hope you find what is wrong with your leg and that the treatment is bearable.

  • At Friday, December 28, 2007, Blogger Pam said…

    Sounds like y'all had a special Christmas with a twist! I love it. For all the good and the tough moments, I'm just so glad your family was able to be home with you..Your enthusiasm for going to the movies is making me want to start going back! Somewhere along the line, Gene and I have pretty much stopped going to movies, and I'm starting to miss it! We used to go every week, but you know how work seems to creep in there and change things..Maybe it's time for us to get back to the big screen! haha I wish you and I lived closer, and we could hit the Madison Plaza once a week and stop by Mom and Dad's and drink coffee!! Good times!


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