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Monday, December 10, 2007

Today's paper

Charlie Mitchell, the editor of our local newspaper, was a very important part of the funeral arrangements for David. He painstakingly used his OWN mustache trimmer to trim David's, after he was brought in. He drove the hearse to the cemetery. He wrote the obituary. But today, in his column, he just went above and beyond - the whole column is a tribute to David. A friend of ours called and asked if we had gotten our paper yet, and since we hadn't, we jumped in the car and went to a convenience store to see what he was talking about. When we opened up the paper to the editorial page, we were just taken aback, and as we read the wonderful words Charlie had written, we just started crying, crying over a well deserved tribute, and crying for what we have lost. We so miss David. My heart aches to talk to him, to see him, to hold him, to laugh with him! And now I want to tell him about this! It is just so, and I know I have used this word a lot lately, but it is so surreal, this whole thing about David dying. How can that be? We were still fighting!
But we are slowly realizing that David is not coming home, he won't be calling me from the road, I won't be meeting him at the coffee shop, where we have hung his hat permanently, no more listening to music or going to antique stores to search for candlesticks! However, I am confident that David is doing just great! He is not in pain, he is in Heaven, where he is having the time of his afterlife! I won't say he is "counting the days" until we get there, because I'm pretty sure they don't have calendars in Heaven, but I know he will be waiting. He has always waited for me! He didn't want to do anything without me knowing or going with him. I do miss him.
All right. I will change the subject for just a moment - what is the deal with this 80 degree weather in December? Huh? Not a big fan of heat, you know!!
Have a great evening and go get a Vicksburg Post! It will be well worth it!!


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