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Sunday, December 30, 2007


So, I survived the night. I cried quite a bit, couldn't go to sleep, so I got up to check everything. Of course, I heard thumps and whams and bumps all during the night, but with as many critters as I have, that's just the normal noises around here. I bought a book the other day, about a woman whose husband was killed in a car wreck and her journey afterward. Surprisingly, it was comforting to read, and after a few chapters, I was able to go to sleep. But this morning it was weird, knowing that my coffee wasn't going to get made unless I made it, that "Tunes 'Til Two" wasn't going to be turned on until I turned it on, that if I want something to eat, it will be ME fixing it, and not David, standing in his robe at the counter making me toast, as he has done on Sundays for decades. Of course, the last couple of years he did sleep late on Sundays, but a lot of times he would get up and fix the toast, then go back to bed and I would sit in the recliner and talk to him. Changes. It will take time to get used to my new life, so I shouldn't expect to just jump up and do something today. Even reading the paper was hard, I didn't have to give the funnies and The Parade to David to read (the only part he DID read!). And here it is, almost noon, and I have yet to go downstairs to let the cats out or feed them or any of those things that need to be done. I am still in my gown!! The sun is shining, so I may sit outside for a little while, even though it is kind of nippy out there! Who knows? I need to go through cards and make sure thank you notes have been written for things. Erica did the lion's share of the note writing, but more stuff has come in and honestly, I just put it down somewhere. But I just may not do that today. Be assured, thank you notes WILL come your way, I just don't know when!
And Wonder Girl, maybe we could meet at the coffee shop when you are in town this week. That would be a great place to visit, and you could bring the kids, or you could not bring the kids, it would be up to you. I would enjoy that.
Well, the cats downstairs actually have weight falling off of them, apparently, because I hear them screaming my name to come feed them!! I gave the dogs some old rolls today, so they are quiet for the moment. And seriously, if anyone wants a sweet kitty, fixed, vaccinated, litter trained, and loving, I can hook you up! Let me know!
Have a great Sunday afternoon. And thanks for the words of encouragement. They do help.


  • At Sunday, December 30, 2007, Blogger Pam said…

    I'm really glad you're writing down your feelings and sharing with us.. I have always liked to write and find that it helps so much just to get all those many thoughts down on paper and get them out of your system..I know your day to day functioning right now is seeming strange and off-and just plain painful, but believe it or not, all these little steps are actually necessary and are getting you somewhere..Now, don't get me wrong, that doesn't make it any easier, but it's kind of like riding a roller might feel like you're just going in circles and not getting anywhere, but with every hill you climb and each low dive you might take, it's all getting you to that point where eventually, you will pull back into the station..I admire you so much and how strong and authentic you are...take care of yourself..we love you...


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