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Friday, December 21, 2007

My Thursday

Here is a rundown of what Thursday, December 20 was like:
1) I went to the doctor about my leg/hip/back pain. He thinks I have a herniated disk. Isn't that just great? I had an x-ray, and I start physical therapy AND have an MRI next Thursday. He did give me a prescription and I DID sleep last night, although I had a bad dream about David. So, mixed blessings there...

2) My brother-in-law, Don, had a "wing" party at Hooters last night. I have never been to a Hooters, nor am I a big fan of chicken wings. And Christopher is a vegetarian. So, of course, we went. The wings were so greasy, I couldn't eat them, but we got some carrot sticks and celery, plus I got a salad, so we didn't starve. It was nice to be out in a holiday setting, though, and we had a good time. The worst part was sitting on a stool with my newly discovered herniated disk. Yeah, that was comfy. After we left there, and after I had THREE cokes, we went to a few stores. I didn't buy anything, but I certainly got very familiar with their restrooms. THREE COKES???? WHAT was I thinking? They were tasty, though.

3) We got home and listened to some music, and the spirit of David was certainly very evident. I tried to go to bed several times, but the music kept drawing me back into the living room. David would literally stand in front of the cd player, intentionally playing more and more music to keep whoever was here from going to bed! That was just one of the many quirks that we love about him!

4) And that brings us to today, Friday. I have an eye doctor appointment this afternoon. I cannot see, so that is one of the things that is going to be fixed on me. And tomorrow the kids' spouses will be in and it is Christopher's 31st birthday!
So, we are going to have a good time.

5) Everyone else, have a great day tomorrow, too!!

6) Later.


  • At Friday, December 21, 2007, Blogger Crescent said…

    I'm thinking about you guys a lot today. Hooters is hell on earth and I commend you for going!

    Have a wonderful holiday and know that your family and the honesty you all share has changed Christmas for a lot of people in a beautiful way.

    I will be saying thanks for you this Christmas as strange as that sounds. Your strength has inspired me and I'm sure many others. Knowing that kind of abundant love exists makes us all better off.

    Happy Holidays.

  • At Friday, December 21, 2007, Anonymous Cheryl said…

    I love my cocker spaniel ornament!!!! It is so Cocoish! And, I love the Christmas coasters - I really need them with Josh and Joe in the house this weekend. I am glad that the doctor has finally made a diagnosis about your back - hopefully, it is the right one. The girls will be here tomorrow (Saturday) and Joe will be here whenever, probably Sunday. I plan to come over Sunday or Monday with your gift. I will call first, ok? Glad you got out for a while, even if the wings were greasy. Talk to you later. Love, Cheryl

  • At Friday, December 21, 2007, Anonymous Dan Telfer said…

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Tricia! Victoria, the mini Telfer and I all send our love and best wishes!

    I'm really glad you're taking care of your back!

    I'm a vegetarian and pretty ashamed that Hooters exists and I went to Hooters once. It was like having my faith in humanity slowly boiled on a filthy stovetop.

  • At Saturday, December 22, 2007, Blogger Pam said…

    I am so glad you finally went to the doc and found out what the problem is..maybe now you can get some relief..You have been so strong and haven't even given in to a lot of that pain you have been going through..I hope your biggest Christmas gift this year is to be totally (and finally) pain free..
    I will be thinking about y'all a lot this holiday..In so many ways, because of you, David and your family, my family's Christmas will be even more meaningful..David's precious spirit has touched all of us more than you will ever know..I love y'all.. Pam


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