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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Things are not so great....

Wow. What a week. David has been in so much pain because of this pinched nerve. We went to the chiropractor, which helped temporarily. He had chemo on Thursday and apparently his white blood count is low, so he had to go back on Friday to get one of those shots that stimulates white blood cell production. We then went to our internist, who has set him up for physical therapy, to begin Tuesday, and an MRI on Wednesday, and he has chemo on Thursday. I admit it, I burst into tears in the doctor's office. I am so overwhelmed by all of this, so terrified, and he is so helpless. And just a few minutes ago, we discovered he is running fever, something that scares me after the pneumonia episode. He isn't eating very much, so has lost some weight, but thank goodness egg nog is in the stores now, because we had bought some last week. That has more calories than Boost!! We missed Mistletoe Marketplace, which makes me sad because we go every year, tomorrow is the Transiberian Orchestra concert, and he is not able to even think about attending that. And if his fever is still there, I just may not be going, either. Linda has pretty much taken Thanksgiving out of my hands, and to be honest, I am very relieved. Even though I still had in my mind, the perfect T'giving dinner, it just ain't gonna happen! I haven't even been able to muster up the energy to wash the dishes! How on EARTH would I be able to cook for several people??!! I can't even cook for us!! That will be helped when Erica is here. Another adult will be a blessing. I am having to help David do everything and am just totally exhausted. Of course, he plans to be back at work soon, and God, I hope so! I don't know how everything will get paid if he isn't! We are hoping that after a couple of the physical therapy treatments, he will be able to sit a lot better, and at least get some things done for work. It is literally, hour to hour around here.
And Puffy is barely alive. She has not eaten since she collapsed last Sunday and has only gotten up to drink a couple of times. She is semi-conscious - I know that because I touched her today and said her name and she opened her mouth to meow. I lost it then, just sat and sobbed on my knees on the deck, over everything. I am so terrified of losing David, yet I'm not stupid, I don't need Dr. Qu telling me what could happen. And with Puffy dying, it just makes me feel so helpless, basically having to deal with Puff and everything else myself. I mean, how ironic that a few weeks ago, Fuzzy and Eric buried a stray cat in our yard, yet my own cat dies and I can't bury her, nor can David. I am just so exhausted, too, and yes, I know I have mentioned that, but y'all, this is absolutely marrow drainingly exhausting!
Okay, I need to go get David some jello now. We need some extra shout outs to the big Man upstairs! They are certainly appreciated.


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