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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Of ALL the things to happen!

So, here it is, Sunday night. Jeremy, a long time family friend, and I are sitting in the office, having a very serious conversation. ALL OF A SUDDEN, we hear this LOUD crash outside! We jumped up, I looked, expecting to see raccoons dancing on the table on the deck or something, and I hear Dessie, my neighbor, call out my name and tell me that a tree fell. I looked in my backyard, and sure enough, there is a big ass tree, laying in the yard!! I look to make sure my dogs were not squished. They were okay, thank goodness. Marian, the neighbor who lives right next to us, ran out on her porch, too. We got a flashlight and boy hidey, is that tree down. I am so glad that I wasn't out there when it happened. I can just see me over there, trimming the azalea bushes, as I tried to do before all of the hospitalizations, and these huge limbs fall and kill me!! Wouldn't THAT have been a riot?
Jeremy and Fuzzy investigated and said they would do something with it tomorrow morning. Marian was very grateful it didn't fall on their four-wheeler. Now there is one more huge limb over our yard from the tree, a tree that Marian had work done on this summer, and was assured that the rest was safe. Okay. Maybe the tree cutters definition of "safe" and ours are two totally different things! Safe? I think not!
Isn't this just the perfect time for this? I mean, I have nothing else to distract me. I can just leisurely Christmas shop and not have a worry in the world. Yeah, THAT will happen! And now there is a tree in the yard. This is the kind of stuff that paralyzes me when I think of the future. WHAT am I supposed to do?
I am so angry that this is happening to David. It's like Erica said, we will get to talking and laughing about something, and then it hits us, that grief pang in the chest, about the OTHER world we are in. Christmas ads just seem so out of place. What are they talking about, it's Christmas? Our world is crumbling here, how can the rest of the world just keep on going? When I think about the kids being here, and when they leave, what that will mean, my mind is just overwhelmed! And a tree falls. Great.
I am hopeful that the radiation treatments will cut the pain. I hope that the tumors will take a break, but they probably won't. He still wants to be able to get back to his work in some capacity, which I think would be good for him. He doesn't just want to sit in the recliner until the end. That is not his way. I want to take him to the coffee shop again, go look at Christmas lights, maybe go to a movie, SOMETHING that will give him joy and give him something to look forward to. We HAVE to do that!
Y'all, I know you are praying, and I thank you with all of my heart. I know that God is listening. But the tree falling? Really? Why now? Seriously, I think my hair will be sticking straight up with everything that is constantly swirling around in my head!! David asked if any of the azaleas were hurt. Well, yeah, there's a tree on them!! I just can't be too worried about the azaleas!!! I do hope that my black outside cat, Scutter wasn't lounging under a bush, which she has been known to do. I guess we will find out tomorrow!! Oh, I'm pretty sure that even it would have made a sound, even if no one was around to hear it! You know that saying, "if a tree falls" blah blah blah, yada yada yada. This one made quite a spectacular sound.
Okay, gotta go. I am too tired to stay up any longer.
Later. Oh, we had a very nice visit today with the Bufords. Melissa is a lovely mother-to-be and I am glad I got to see her being all pregnant. It was good to see all of them.
Okay, now I am really going. Night.


  • At Monday, November 19, 2007, Anonymous Becky Carruth said…

    You are a remarkable woman and a part of an amazing family. Just sharing your thoughts and feelings is a blessing. I hope you really are writing a book because you truly have a gift. I am praying for David, you and the kids. I pray that every moment you will realize how precious it is to be together and love each other so much. Love you much, Becky Burtt Carruth

  • At Monday, November 19, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Trisha, you know it just wouldn't be a David & Trisha story without something like that tree falling to the ground thrown in the mix!! So typical! Please tell David that I love him and know I am thinking about all of you...Oh, and ask him why he thinks I think of him everytime I hear or think of that song..."Been to the desert on a horse with no name" One of my young "cousin memories" from the days at Carl & Ora Lee's! Was that his favorite song or something? :)



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