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Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday morning - the latest

So, here it is, Monday morning, the week before Thanksgiving. As I type, Erica is winging her way to Mississippi, thank God, and will be here until she flies to Austin to meet up with Fuzzy next week at his folks' house for the holiday. As sorry as I am to take her out of her home, I am so relieved to know she will be here soon. It will be so nice to not have to do everything when my mind is absolutely full to the rim (that reminds me, I need more coffee!). David is better - he is getting around easier now, but I think it is because of the pain killers, which make him kind of loopy, but he is not in as much pain, which is a good thing. He is at his desk working right now, but he will have to go rest soon for a while. The first physical therapy treatment is tomorrow, and I have high hopes for good results from that. Plus, Erica will be here. I just cannot tell you how that is going to help both of us. And hopefully, the MRI will show that this pinched nerve can be a quick fix, and he can start to rebuild his strength and stamina. I am praying that he can.

I did go see the Tran Siberian Orchestra yesterday. It was FABULOUS and something that I really needed. David didn't go, so Don, Linda's husband, came over to sit with him. Linda and her boys went in one car, and Carl, David's brother, came and got Norma and I. Carl's wife met us there and we just had a wonderful time, even though Norma did fall down some stairs! Luckily, a couple of strong guys were sitting there and caught her, so nothing was hurt. The funny thing about the show was that during the fourth song, while all the lights and lasers were going, while the guitarists were playing their hearts out and it was toward the end of the song so they were really tearing it up, the power blew and we hear "plink plink plink". The band just stopped looked at each other, and Al, the main guitarist and musical director said, "We'll be right back" and everyone clapped. Now, it wasn't pitch black dark in the coliseum, there were a few lights still shining, and on stage there were a few blue and red lights, but they were virtually dead on stage. After a few minutes, Al walked back out and said "Oops! In the history of TSO, this is the first time, in Jackson, MS, that we blew out the power grid!!". Most everything came back on and they started the next song, but everytime the lights would dim, I would hold my breath because I was afraid that it had happened again! And when Tommy, one of the main singers came out, he asked "Where were you in the blackout of 2007? I was in the bathroom and couldn't find my way out!!" and everyone laughed. Because of the delay, they knocked out their intermission and then you know how at the end of the show they go off the stage and everyone claps, raises their lighters/cellphones, and stomps for the band to come back out? Well, Al said, since they had another show to do last night, they would just cut to the chase and they would do the last two songs, which I knew they would because they always end it with their signature performance of "Carol of the Bells". The whole show was absolutely wonderful and Carl and Mischell said they would definitely be back next year. Carl, Norma and I stopped and got some food in Clinton on the way home (M. went on home, she was in her car) and it just did me a world of good. And now Erica will be here! Yay!

On a sad note, I so miss Puffy. I just cannot believe that that kitty is gone, but she apparently had been losing weight for a while and I'm sorry, I've been a bit distracted lately, haven't I??!! I am taking her to the vet today for them to dispose of her. She will be missed. At least she was safe, warm and at home when she passed away. I would go out a few times a day to talk to her and pet her, so she had to know that she was loved. Ah, the circle of life......

Okay, that's all for now. Woofer is barking at a cat so I am going to have to go out there and calm him down before the neighbor, who is off today, goes out and screams at him, or worse yet, scream at ME! They so need to move away. Woofer is just an exuberant, happy dog!!
Okay, I gotta get the day going!! Keep praying - I DO think that is one of the reasons that David felt better yesterday! It works!!!


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