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Monday, November 05, 2007

It's MONDAY again. hiphiphooray

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect, a great day to spend hours cleaning all of the litter boxes and the basement! Seriously. That is what I did. It is so much "fresher" now, but I am not sure the cats really give a dang about it, but I sure do! Too bad they will just mess it back up, and I will have to do it all over again!!!
Saturday morning, David had an appointment with the chiropractor. He is still in quite a bit of pain, but the x-rays from the tests on Thursday showed that the cancer was not causing the pain. That was something to be very happy about! We feel that with him being off for so long, and most of it immobile, he just jumped back into doing things too quickly. Hence, the chiropractor! We get there, she shows us the x-rays, then hooks his back up to this "tingly" thingy, then all of a sudden, she gets very dizzy. David told her that was the effect he has on women, she laughed, then tried to do something. She ran into the bathroom and threw up. Well, isn't that great. She came back out, apologized, then tried to do an adjustment. She ran back into the bathroom and threw up again. Well, you know us, we were making jokes about "how she was reaching down into her depths to give him the best treatment" and so on, she was laughing, but getting worse by the minute. She went and called her mama to come get her, bless her heart. and kept apologizing, but she couldn't help it! So we go back tomorrow. Hopefully, she will be feeling much better! We were concerned about a virus or something, but so far, so good.
David's problem is that he cannot sit down. So, of course we tried to go eat somewhere. He ended up in the car, with the seat put all the way back, leaving me AGAIN to eat inside by myself!! We then went to the grocery store, which really didn't do him any good, but he wanted to be out and about! I am discouraged.
BUT, MY back and leg are better. Now, granted, lugging litter bags and boxes out to the driveway, leaning down so many times I lost count, sweeping, mopping, getting on my hands and knees scrubbing, well yeah, I am a little "stove up" today, but I couldn't have done that just three days ago!! I may be getting better through osmosis from the visits to the chiropractor!!! Or it could be the castor oil I am rubbing on my back everyday. Whatever it is, until night, I can do pretty much anything, but by dark, which is an hour earlier now, the old leg starts flaring up and I have to get off of it. Which is fine - I can watch television and go to bed!!
Okay, I have another weird cat story. Puffy is a cat that I have had for several years. In fact, she is the mother of several of my other cats, so we have had a relationship for quite awhile now. She usually stays in the yard, or goes into the good neighbors' yards, but always ends up here on the deck or in the backyard. Well, she didn't come home Saturday night, which concerned me, nor was she out on the deck yesterday morning. What really bothered me was the fact that I was in and out of the back door dozens of times for those almost three hours and not ONCE did she come up. I called and called her. Nothing. I was worried. Late yesterday afternoon, I looked down and saw her sitting at the bottom of the steps, so I spoke to her, and she started SCREAMING. She was howling so loud that David, who was in our bedroom at the front of the house, the radio was on, the fans were on, he could hear her, all the way from the back yard! I ran down the steps, she walked a couple of feet, then flat dab collapsed, belly down, legs out, head down!! I grabbed her and she was totally limp, but still breathing. I put her in a cat cage that I have on the deck that had a pillow in it, and she was asleep within a minute. Later on, I went out to check on her and she was still asleep, so I dragged up this HUGE kennel that I had in the carport, cleaned the spider webs out, and put her and her pillow in it, with a pad and some food and water. She struggled for a couple of seconds, then immediately went back to sleep. This morning the pad had been pulled through the front grate, raccoons probably, but she is still just sleeping on the pillow. She did get up to eat a little bit, but not much. So, what is up with that? I do NOT have the money to take her to the vet, unfortunately. With the doctor bills and medicine we have to get, I cannot possibly run up a vet bill of several hundred dollars. I am just going to watch her and keep her in the kennel, and maybe she will be all right. David mentioned that maybe she was poisoned, I wonder if she got bumped by a car, or attacked by a dog, we just don't know. Never a dull moment around here, is it???
Well, I need to get this day started. I have had a granola bar, a cup of coffee, talked to my sister, fed the dogs, and written this blog post. So, it has already started, now it just needs to "continue"!!!!! Have a good one!!!!


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