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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Voted!

Yep, I sure did! The new electronic ballot is pretty good, although I never had a problem with connecting he arrow!! It has turned cold today,it is breezy, so they had the big doors shut at the fire station where we vote and asked if we would come in through the office, with two sets of stairs. I did that, and then asked if David could come into the big doors when I brought him in. They said sure, come on. I went to the car, drove up to the doors, and the woman had the door open, waiting for us!! How nice!!! I helped David vote, and she ran over and opened the door again, and ironically, I stumbled! She said "NOW DON'T YOU FALL!!" and I explained that I was extremely hungry, and she said "GO EAT!!". But David had to rest, since we had gone to the chiropractor before voting. I am so hungry, I just at one of those "go tarts", the little pop tarts. I ate a chocolate chip one. MMMMM good, seriously.
The chiro is feeling much better today and really gave him a workout, but said that if he was still hurting so badly by the end of the week, that she would send us to a neurologist in Jackson. Lord, people. Another doctor. Another trip to Jackson. I am just so tired, myself, but I will do what I need to do to help David.
And then there's Puffy. She ate a little bit this morning, and since it turned cold last night, I put an extra blanket in the kennel with her, but she is not even attempting to get out. She sleeps continually. I just don't know what is up with her. I do hope keeping her up will help her eventually, and I put something in front of the cage to keep the raccoons away. It apparently worked, since nothing was disturbed. Those raccoons are a determined lot!
That's all for now. I managed to get another load of clothes washed, so I guess it is a good thing I didn't put them out with the trash today ! Now I need to drag out the sweatshirts, since it is so chilly. But it's November, it is SUPPOSED to be chilly!!! It is absolutely beautiful, with the breeze blowing the leaves that are finally starting to change color. Now we have to get David feeling better, so we can enjoy the beautiful weather!
Have a great afternoon!! Oh, I know I have probably used their picture before, but these two beautiful boys are my babies, Campbell and Rudy! They are so precious!!


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