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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Doctor report

Well, it wasn't good. When Dr. G walked in and looked at me, I beat him to the punch, and he was like, you knew, huh? and I said yes, I did. He wanted to put David back on that horrific Vectibix chemo that he was on at the first of the year, and when we reminded him how it did nothing and almost killed him, he agreed with us. So, we are going to be starting back on the Camptosar and Erbitux. I asked if he was positive that the Camptosar was what caused the lung problem, and he said no, he thought it was an outside infection, PNEUMONIA, so since there is nothing else that has done this good, why not go back on it? David will continue to take the steroids to fight inflammation, so I think we will be doing okay on this. The back/leg pain is NOT caused by the cancer, so that was GREAT news, so he will be getting treatments from a chiropractor for that. Hopefully, I can hop on that chiro-train, too, because I tell ya, today, helping him in and out of the car, driving in that crazy Jackson traffic, well that certainly didn't help my back any, that's for sure!! And now that we are plunging headfirst into the holiday season, I have GOT to get this taken care of, to take care of everything else!!!!
So, that's it. We didn't get back until almost 6 this evening and I haven't eaten, so, I am off to eat a gourmet sandwich!!! Have a great Friday!
OH, Dr. Graham was thrilled over his Gregg Allman autograph! He was so excited and showing everyone the picture of David and the others in the papers! I took him both copies, and he said he was going to get the articles framed and hang them up!! What a good guy!!!!!! He is going to do everything in his power to keep David around, so that gives me hope!


  • At Friday, November 02, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At Friday, November 02, 2007, Anonymous Dan Telfer said…

    Camptosauruses were herbivores, so I'm sure if David is on one it will take good care of him. They look like they have good riding shoulders:

    I hope you two get relief soon! You're in Victoria and mine's thoughts.


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