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Friday, November 30, 2007


This has been an extremely hard day. David slept most of the day. We are kind of losing it, the grief is overwhelming. I can't believe that this is happening. I can't eat, I am afraid to sleep. There has been a steady stream of loved ones in today, even though David didn't know they were here. But I am so tired. Erica is so tired. Christopher has gone into the "take charge" mode, thank God. Katie, Fuzzy, and Jeremy will be here tomorrow. Linda has been a godsend, I do not know what I would do if she weren't here. Why oh why is this happening? I do not understand.
The preacher came today and we had a good meeting. David told him that he hadn't done enough for Jesus in his life, and the preacher replied "who has?". That made David feel better. David's life has been such an example of a godly, loving man, they will just usher him on through the Pearly Gates, I am sure. God, I am going to miss him.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


The "new" post today was actually posted last night, but due to a glitch, it got taken off until today. So, here is the latest update.
David had a better night last night, but is barely awake now. We try to wake him up for him to drink something, but it is getting harder and harder to do so. His breathing is becoming labored, so much so that there have been times that we literally are holding OUR breaths until he breathes again. He did wake up enough today to tell Christopher that he "thought he was on the way out". We think he is, too. The good thing is that he doesn't seem to be in any pain, that he is just going to drift off. The bad news is that we are having to stay behind and let him go. The tears are flowing pretty freely around here, because we know it can be any time. There were other people he wanted to see, but even if they came, I doubt he would know that they were here. Maybe on some level he would, though. I don't know. As I told him last night, this is new territory for both of us, he's never died before and I have never lost my husband before. It is so surreal.
To top it off, it is a gorgeous day today. It is really mind boggling that the whole world isn't dark and bleak over this. And while we wonder how and why this has to happen, he has had a good life, and has touched so many people. He is leaving such a legacy of love, family commitment, work ethic, love of rock music and good movies, and friendships that have spanned decades. You just cannot ask for more than that. His memory will live on for many many years, as a person who did make a difference while he was in this world. Who could ask for more?
Okay, the tears are flowing and I can't see.

Not the greatest of days

Things in the Reid household are not getting any better, I hate to say. David was so exhausted after his treatment yesterday, and then just became incoherent. We gave him some oxygen, but it didn't get any better. We had a rough night last night, but this morning, he didn't even have the energy to go to treatment. When I called the Cancer Center to tell them that we would not be in this morning, the nurse immediately called our hospice nurse and she was here in a flash. She stayed quite a while, talking to David privately, then talking to us. David has realized that he is not going to get better, and that was very disturbing to him. He has always been so optimistic, even in the face of grave news. But now he feels weaker by the minute, and now the time is even more precious. He can barely stay awake over a few minutes now, and when he has had visitors, he just goes to sleep. The nurse ordered a hospital bed to be brought here so now it is set up in our bedroom. Last night, Erica and I slept in the bed, David was in his recliner, and Christopher slept on the couch near us, but tonight I think we will all sleep in the bedroom. I am not even caring too much what people see when they come in the room. If they care that there are clothes on the floor or dust bunnies in the corners, well, what are they doing here anyway?
And I had my first session with a counselor today. It was good to be able to talk to someone who is removed from the situation, who can offer a fresh perspective to what is going on. It was quite nice, actually, and yes, I cried several times, but I also laughed a few times, too. I go back Monday, if nothing stops me, and I am looking forward to that. It is good.
David asked one of our friends to sing at his service. And then Daniel, one of our best friends and owner of the Hwy 61 coffee shop, came by and offered many words of wisdom to me. He is going to accompany Lee during his song during the service. And the other day when he was more lucid, he asked a long time friend to sing a medley of hymns at the service. Wow. I cannot believe that I am actually talking about my husband's funeral service. It is so surreal. I cannot believe that it is actually happening. Yet, it is and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.
And y'all, I do not know what I would do without my children. They are so wonderful. They are doing everything to help David, too, especially when I am just paralyzed and cannot move to help him myself. And like we were just talking about, it is making us stronger than we EVER thought we would be. We are doing things we NEVER thought we would be doing. We will not be the same, I am sure. We will now know that we are capable of doing much more than we thought. That has to be for the better.
And family and friends who are coming by are just so caring, so wonderful. Even though David is not able to stay awake to visit long, he knows they are here and it makes him feel so loved. He knows the time is short, he can feel it. It is hard, especially at this time of year, of family celebrations and holiday sights and sounds. But we will survive. Oh, nobody be offended if you don't get Christmas cards this year, I'm kind of busy. I know you understand.
Well, I am exhausted and need to try to get some sleep. Keep praying. God is our strength right now. How could anybody go through this without Him?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I really don't have the energy to write much tonight. Fuzzy left this evening, so I went with them to the airport, just to get out of the house, plus I didn't want Erica to drive home alone. I am really tired.
But David is not doing very well, and he even acknowledged that he is getting weaker, not stronger. He doesn't want to leave and I am just furious that this is happening to him.
That's all I can say for now. It is just too hard.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving 2007 has come and gone. Mixed emotions abound. We are thankful, but wondering "why". We are happy that it is the holiday season, but are fearful for what it may bring. Lots of smiles and laughter, lots of tears and sad talking about the future. But we were all together as family, and it doesn't get much better than that, does it?
SO, here are a couple of pictures that Fuzzy took of our family this weekend. Katie left for South Carolina today. Hopefully, this rain won't be on her the whole trip back. Fuzzy leaves on Tuesday evening, which will make Erica unhappy, but the good thing is, both of them will be back by Christmas, and HOPEFULLY, we will all still be here!! I cannot think any other way. And we have started decorating, and it is absolutely beautiful! This is my favorite time of year, and I plan to enjoy it.
David is eating us out of house and home, though, which is good. He was losing too much weight, but hopefully, his newfound appetite will nip that in the bud! The radiation treatments are working to help alleviate the pain, which is a relief to both him and us. There are a couple of other issues that the hospice nurse is addressing and we hope that she will be bringing us some answers when she comes by here tomorrow. And we have had lots of visitors - David is extremely well-loved!
Everyone, have a wonderful Sunday afternoon! I plan to do just that, myself!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The "Cat and the Blanket" video

I am terribly sorry if anyone was offended by this video. I thought it was funny, and God knows, I haven't been laughing too much lately, and really, I have a cat who looks just like that and loves blankets, too. But apparently it was supposed to look like "cat porn" and I am sorry if anyone took offense. So, it's gone now.
Have a great Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Dr. Zachow and the radiation treatments

Okay, my post was going to be about the doctor visit this afternoon and how nice Dr. Zachow was. BUT, as soon as I started it, I heard a beep, went and investigated, and apparently my toaster oven has been on for who knows HOW long, the whole area is so hot, and there was a towel and several drugstore bags very near it!! The house could have caught on fire! And to be honest, we probably couldn't get David out fast enough, much less all of my critters! So, we are kind of freaked out, at the moment!!! Something I am noticing, though, I think the devil is trying to undermine our faith, right now. First, Puffy died. Then the prognosis. Then the tree. Oh, and my mother-in-law fell the other night and is all sore and bruised up. Today she was going to pay a bill and her car won't start. And Cheryl, who washed our clothes a couple of weeks ago and has offered to do so again, well her dryer quit working!!! And on top of everything else, Teddie, the handicapable kitten, has been having digestive problems. Use your imagination! I want to yell "ENOUGH ALREADY!!". We will just have to keep on keeping the faith, regardless. And, pray that Christopher and Katie get here safely and that everyone who is traveling this week and next will be safe. We are expecting lots of visitors from out of town. We want to see them!
Okay, back to the visit. David was in quite a bit of pain this afternoon. Jeremy ended up going to the clinic with us, because his flight was delayed, so they got a chance to say goodbye (he is coming back in a couple of weeks, though). That gave some pain meds a chance to kick in, although moving him around caused severe pain. BUT, they did the first treatment and he actually could sit up a few minutes longer this evening, a little bit straighter in the recliner! Praise God! He will have daily treatments for about 3 weeks, Dr. Z said. Okay, works for me! And I know David felt a little better tonight because he kind of ticked me off a little!!!!!! There's a little bit more fire in him!! He went on to sleep fairly early, due to tomorrow's appointment, and I really should be asleep very soon, myself. Sleeping pill, here I come.
Oh, and all of this pain I am having? It coincides with the area where David is in pain. Why does that surprise me? We think the same thoughts, finish each other's sentences, know when each other is going to call. OF COURSE I am feeling his pain!! So, if he is in less pain, maybe I will be, too.
Anyway, Dr. Zachow was very very compassionate, listened to what we said, and just treated us with the utmost respect. I have a good feeling about him. And Sara, who works on the chemo side of the Cancer Clinic, is the only one working there this week, so she and I had a lot of time to talk, to sob, to talk some more, to cry some more. They absolutely love David Reid, and it just breaks their heart that this has happened. Hopefully, he will be able to walk again soon, and he can go over and visit with them. They have truly become friends, and I will so miss the support and humor that we looked forward to every week. They are what made chemo bearable. In fact, when David found out he was getting no more chemo, he immediately thought of the staff, and how he will miss them. This is just so hard, y'all.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments, too. They mean the world to me and the rest of the family. I feel that I have to write about this, it has been so very therapeutic, and it is so nice that it means something to someone else. I am truly blessed by the kind words.
Okay, tomorrow will be here way too soon. Oh, and I am going to have to wash this granny gown soon. It will soon be "grannyin'" without me before long!!!!! I really just want to wear it everywhere! It's green and red, it would fit in with the season!
Night, we'll talk soon.

Update on the tree

WELL, thanks to Fuzzy and Jeremy, and a pretty good chain saw, the tree is almost gone! They chopped it up and moved it to the side of the driveway, out of the way of any walking path. Jeremy has to leave for the airport in a few minutes, so he will get to rest on the flight to San Diego. It has been so wonderful for him to be here, and he says he will be back later on. He has a ticket to go see Trans Siberian Orchestra tonight, so I can't wait to hear his opinion of it. I am sure he will be blown away!! Okay, back to the tree. We are going to see if someone wants to come get the wood to use as firewood, and see if they will carry the brush off, too. I have put limbs out for the trash and they just about biodegrade before they are picked up, so I don't have any high hopes of them picking this one up any time soon!!

We had a kind of up and down night, but we actually got some sleep (thanks to a sleeping pill for me!) for a few hours in the early morning. It was very nice.

The hospice nurse just left a few minutes ago, also. We have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so we are going to swing by the hospice office and pick up some stuff. They are wonderful. I will be saying that a lot, I'm sure.
And our neighbor, Marian, brought over a delicious breakfast pizza a few minutes ago. It really came at a perfect time, because we were trying to figure out what to eat. David seems to be a little hungrier today, so keep your fingers crossed that this is a good sign.
Okay, that is it for now. I wish I could wear this green, red, and white granny gown to the doctor's office, it is so comfy!! I just may have to pick me up a few more. It is perfect to wear, even with company! If it doesn't bother them, it sure isn't going to bother me!!!!
Have a great day!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Of ALL the things to happen!

So, here it is, Sunday night. Jeremy, a long time family friend, and I are sitting in the office, having a very serious conversation. ALL OF A SUDDEN, we hear this LOUD crash outside! We jumped up, I looked, expecting to see raccoons dancing on the table on the deck or something, and I hear Dessie, my neighbor, call out my name and tell me that a tree fell. I looked in my backyard, and sure enough, there is a big ass tree, laying in the yard!! I look to make sure my dogs were not squished. They were okay, thank goodness. Marian, the neighbor who lives right next to us, ran out on her porch, too. We got a flashlight and boy hidey, is that tree down. I am so glad that I wasn't out there when it happened. I can just see me over there, trimming the azalea bushes, as I tried to do before all of the hospitalizations, and these huge limbs fall and kill me!! Wouldn't THAT have been a riot?
Jeremy and Fuzzy investigated and said they would do something with it tomorrow morning. Marian was very grateful it didn't fall on their four-wheeler. Now there is one more huge limb over our yard from the tree, a tree that Marian had work done on this summer, and was assured that the rest was safe. Okay. Maybe the tree cutters definition of "safe" and ours are two totally different things! Safe? I think not!
Isn't this just the perfect time for this? I mean, I have nothing else to distract me. I can just leisurely Christmas shop and not have a worry in the world. Yeah, THAT will happen! And now there is a tree in the yard. This is the kind of stuff that paralyzes me when I think of the future. WHAT am I supposed to do?
I am so angry that this is happening to David. It's like Erica said, we will get to talking and laughing about something, and then it hits us, that grief pang in the chest, about the OTHER world we are in. Christmas ads just seem so out of place. What are they talking about, it's Christmas? Our world is crumbling here, how can the rest of the world just keep on going? When I think about the kids being here, and when they leave, what that will mean, my mind is just overwhelmed! And a tree falls. Great.
I am hopeful that the radiation treatments will cut the pain. I hope that the tumors will take a break, but they probably won't. He still wants to be able to get back to his work in some capacity, which I think would be good for him. He doesn't just want to sit in the recliner until the end. That is not his way. I want to take him to the coffee shop again, go look at Christmas lights, maybe go to a movie, SOMETHING that will give him joy and give him something to look forward to. We HAVE to do that!
Y'all, I know you are praying, and I thank you with all of my heart. I know that God is listening. But the tree falling? Really? Why now? Seriously, I think my hair will be sticking straight up with everything that is constantly swirling around in my head!! David asked if any of the azaleas were hurt. Well, yeah, there's a tree on them!! I just can't be too worried about the azaleas!!! I do hope that my black outside cat, Scutter wasn't lounging under a bush, which she has been known to do. I guess we will find out tomorrow!! Oh, I'm pretty sure that even it would have made a sound, even if no one was around to hear it! You know that saying, "if a tree falls" blah blah blah, yada yada yada. This one made quite a spectacular sound.
Okay, gotta go. I am too tired to stay up any longer.
Later. Oh, we had a very nice visit today with the Bufords. Melissa is a lovely mother-to-be and I am glad I got to see her being all pregnant. It was good to see all of them.
Okay, now I am really going. Night.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

And so it begins......

Well, we are now with Providence Hospice. It is so surreal, all the conversations about stuff that nobody wants to talk about, yet it is an important part of life. To ignore it certainly won't prevent it. And it will make things, not so much "easier", but less complicated when the time comes and it will be needed. The nurses that came to the house were just angels, very loving, very compassionate. One gave me the paperwork to fill out, the other assessed David's condition. When she came out of the room, she had tears in her eyes, and said she was so impressed with the kind of man that David was, a man who was strong in his faith, reassured of where he was going, and was devoted to his family. Wow. What a legacy. NO one can be prouder than I am of David Reid. He is a wonderful husband, a fabulous father, and a kind and giving friend. And those friends are now showing him how much he means to them. We have had many phone calls today, many visitors, and this week we should probably just put in a revolving door, there are so many people planning to come by. He is trying to stay focused to visit with everyone, and we are going to do some cleaning up (Lawsey, everyone is coming into my bedroom!!! The horror!!) so everyone can be comfortable while visiting. We have already gotten a lot of delicious food, because let's face it, we're not going to cook. It is impossible to think about that. And yes, we have cried many tears, but we have also laughed some, too, and hopefully, that will continue for quite a while. While Erica is here, she is going to make ME go to the various doctors to get checked out, because I have not been able to do so for the last year, basically putting myself on the back burner. When I protested, David said he didn't want me joining him anytime soon, and I responded with, well don't GO anywhere any time soon!! If only it were that easy!!
Fuzzy is due in tonight. Erica needs him desperately. Jeremy, our "extra" son, is due in tomorrow and will stay one night, then come back later. Christopher and Katie will be in Wednesday, at some point. After the Thanksgiving week, Fuzzy and Katie will be going back to their respective homes, and our children will be staying here for the duration. It's odd, isn't it, it will be back to our little family of four, our family that has had so many good times, so much love, so many stories! We will be able to reminisce and, oh yeah, there will be sobbing, I have no doubt, but I also know that we will also have times of knee-slappin', doubled over, face hurting laughter! We have had some fun in this family!!
So, everyone, grab your loved ones, don't put off saying things that need saying. That is one thing about the Reids, we have always said what we feel, in fact, we just can't say them enough! Believe me, decades fly by just like THAT (snapping finger sound effect there). Enjoy, don't let stupid, petty things get in the way. It is not worth it.
I hope everyone will not tire of my posts in the next few weeks. I am going to write about what is going on, good and bad. Be warned. But know that I feel that this time should be recorded. Oh, and I guess the ending of my book won't be as hopeful as I wanted it to be. But who knows? Miracles DO happen and this is the season OF miracles! There is a Great Physician who CAN make things better and we certainly have called to make an appointment with him!!! There is still hope!
Have a great Sunday and know that I love you all and could not get through this without your prayers and support. Thank you.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

We're very sad....

The doctor gave us grim news today. David is coming home tomorrow, and they are going to be calling hospice to make him as comfortable as possible. All of a sudden, the last three and a half years have flown by, but you know, we did all that we could. I know I have to go on, and I will, but we have been married for almost 33 years. His absence will be unbearable. I cannot imagine not being able to call him, we pick up on each other's vibes, we finish each other's sentences, we are each other's best friend. I cannot imagine living without him, but I guess I must. And I guess I will actually survive. Eventually, I will have a new kind of life.
All the kids and spouses will be here next week. Our Thanksgiving will be the start of an early Christmas. We are going to fill the house with music, Christmas music, Christmas movies, love, laughter, peace, and joy. He deserves it so very much.
Don't stop praying, though. Pray that this transition will be easy on him. He so doesn't want to see the people he loves be so sad, he is so much more than that. So, let's celebrate David Reid every day.
Thank you everyone, for your love and support. Now comes the hard part, saying goodbye. But we WILL be joining him later, that's a fact, and he will no longer be sick. I take such comfort in knowing that.
Good night.

"Stretchy Cat" picture to the tenth power

David has been terribly sick for the last few days, last night especially. We have just gotten home (midnight) from the emergency room at River Region, where he was admitted. Some of the tests that were run did not have good results, so tomorrow we contact Dr. Graham to see what the next step is. He is very weak, but is getting some relief from his pain. Erica and I have shed some tears this evening, but we are girding ourselves with God's love and power and are not going to give up hope. But tonight, after hardly sleeping last night, we came home to get some rest, since David is in good hands. Dr. Wooten will be in to see him in the morning and we will decide where to go from there.
Your prayers are appreciated.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We had a rough night, BUT WATCH THIS! It's FUNNY!!!

Cutie Bumblesnatch in Chicago's hilarious, live game show, "Don't Spit the Water"!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday morning - the latest

So, here it is, Monday morning, the week before Thanksgiving. As I type, Erica is winging her way to Mississippi, thank God, and will be here until she flies to Austin to meet up with Fuzzy next week at his folks' house for the holiday. As sorry as I am to take her out of her home, I am so relieved to know she will be here soon. It will be so nice to not have to do everything when my mind is absolutely full to the rim (that reminds me, I need more coffee!). David is better - he is getting around easier now, but I think it is because of the pain killers, which make him kind of loopy, but he is not in as much pain, which is a good thing. He is at his desk working right now, but he will have to go rest soon for a while. The first physical therapy treatment is tomorrow, and I have high hopes for good results from that. Plus, Erica will be here. I just cannot tell you how that is going to help both of us. And hopefully, the MRI will show that this pinched nerve can be a quick fix, and he can start to rebuild his strength and stamina. I am praying that he can.

I did go see the Tran Siberian Orchestra yesterday. It was FABULOUS and something that I really needed. David didn't go, so Don, Linda's husband, came over to sit with him. Linda and her boys went in one car, and Carl, David's brother, came and got Norma and I. Carl's wife met us there and we just had a wonderful time, even though Norma did fall down some stairs! Luckily, a couple of strong guys were sitting there and caught her, so nothing was hurt. The funny thing about the show was that during the fourth song, while all the lights and lasers were going, while the guitarists were playing their hearts out and it was toward the end of the song so they were really tearing it up, the power blew and we hear "plink plink plink". The band just stopped looked at each other, and Al, the main guitarist and musical director said, "We'll be right back" and everyone clapped. Now, it wasn't pitch black dark in the coliseum, there were a few lights still shining, and on stage there were a few blue and red lights, but they were virtually dead on stage. After a few minutes, Al walked back out and said "Oops! In the history of TSO, this is the first time, in Jackson, MS, that we blew out the power grid!!". Most everything came back on and they started the next song, but everytime the lights would dim, I would hold my breath because I was afraid that it had happened again! And when Tommy, one of the main singers came out, he asked "Where were you in the blackout of 2007? I was in the bathroom and couldn't find my way out!!" and everyone laughed. Because of the delay, they knocked out their intermission and then you know how at the end of the show they go off the stage and everyone claps, raises their lighters/cellphones, and stomps for the band to come back out? Well, Al said, since they had another show to do last night, they would just cut to the chase and they would do the last two songs, which I knew they would because they always end it with their signature performance of "Carol of the Bells". The whole show was absolutely wonderful and Carl and Mischell said they would definitely be back next year. Carl, Norma and I stopped and got some food in Clinton on the way home (M. went on home, she was in her car) and it just did me a world of good. And now Erica will be here! Yay!

On a sad note, I so miss Puffy. I just cannot believe that that kitty is gone, but she apparently had been losing weight for a while and I'm sorry, I've been a bit distracted lately, haven't I??!! I am taking her to the vet today for them to dispose of her. She will be missed. At least she was safe, warm and at home when she passed away. I would go out a few times a day to talk to her and pet her, so she had to know that she was loved. Ah, the circle of life......

Okay, that's all for now. Woofer is barking at a cat so I am going to have to go out there and calm him down before the neighbor, who is off today, goes out and screams at him, or worse yet, scream at ME! They so need to move away. Woofer is just an exuberant, happy dog!!
Okay, I gotta get the day going!! Keep praying - I DO think that is one of the reasons that David felt better yesterday! It works!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes
Puffy passed away during the night. Rest in peace, precious Puffy.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Things are not so great....

Wow. What a week. David has been in so much pain because of this pinched nerve. We went to the chiropractor, which helped temporarily. He had chemo on Thursday and apparently his white blood count is low, so he had to go back on Friday to get one of those shots that stimulates white blood cell production. We then went to our internist, who has set him up for physical therapy, to begin Tuesday, and an MRI on Wednesday, and he has chemo on Thursday. I admit it, I burst into tears in the doctor's office. I am so overwhelmed by all of this, so terrified, and he is so helpless. And just a few minutes ago, we discovered he is running fever, something that scares me after the pneumonia episode. He isn't eating very much, so has lost some weight, but thank goodness egg nog is in the stores now, because we had bought some last week. That has more calories than Boost!! We missed Mistletoe Marketplace, which makes me sad because we go every year, tomorrow is the Transiberian Orchestra concert, and he is not able to even think about attending that. And if his fever is still there, I just may not be going, either. Linda has pretty much taken Thanksgiving out of my hands, and to be honest, I am very relieved. Even though I still had in my mind, the perfect T'giving dinner, it just ain't gonna happen! I haven't even been able to muster up the energy to wash the dishes! How on EARTH would I be able to cook for several people??!! I can't even cook for us!! That will be helped when Erica is here. Another adult will be a blessing. I am having to help David do everything and am just totally exhausted. Of course, he plans to be back at work soon, and God, I hope so! I don't know how everything will get paid if he isn't! We are hoping that after a couple of the physical therapy treatments, he will be able to sit a lot better, and at least get some things done for work. It is literally, hour to hour around here.
And Puffy is barely alive. She has not eaten since she collapsed last Sunday and has only gotten up to drink a couple of times. She is semi-conscious - I know that because I touched her today and said her name and she opened her mouth to meow. I lost it then, just sat and sobbed on my knees on the deck, over everything. I am so terrified of losing David, yet I'm not stupid, I don't need Dr. Qu telling me what could happen. And with Puffy dying, it just makes me feel so helpless, basically having to deal with Puff and everything else myself. I mean, how ironic that a few weeks ago, Fuzzy and Eric buried a stray cat in our yard, yet my own cat dies and I can't bury her, nor can David. I am just so exhausted, too, and yes, I know I have mentioned that, but y'all, this is absolutely marrow drainingly exhausting!
Okay, I need to go get David some jello now. We need some extra shout outs to the big Man upstairs! They are certainly appreciated.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Chemo and chiropractor today

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wha? Wha's Happenin' ?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Voted!

Yep, I sure did! The new electronic ballot is pretty good, although I never had a problem with connecting he arrow!! It has turned cold today,it is breezy, so they had the big doors shut at the fire station where we vote and asked if we would come in through the office, with two sets of stairs. I did that, and then asked if David could come into the big doors when I brought him in. They said sure, come on. I went to the car, drove up to the doors, and the woman had the door open, waiting for us!! How nice!!! I helped David vote, and she ran over and opened the door again, and ironically, I stumbled! She said "NOW DON'T YOU FALL!!" and I explained that I was extremely hungry, and she said "GO EAT!!". But David had to rest, since we had gone to the chiropractor before voting. I am so hungry, I just at one of those "go tarts", the little pop tarts. I ate a chocolate chip one. MMMMM good, seriously.
The chiro is feeling much better today and really gave him a workout, but said that if he was still hurting so badly by the end of the week, that she would send us to a neurologist in Jackson. Lord, people. Another doctor. Another trip to Jackson. I am just so tired, myself, but I will do what I need to do to help David.
And then there's Puffy. She ate a little bit this morning, and since it turned cold last night, I put an extra blanket in the kennel with her, but she is not even attempting to get out. She sleeps continually. I just don't know what is up with her. I do hope keeping her up will help her eventually, and I put something in front of the cage to keep the raccoons away. It apparently worked, since nothing was disturbed. Those raccoons are a determined lot!
That's all for now. I managed to get another load of clothes washed, so I guess it is a good thing I didn't put them out with the trash today ! Now I need to drag out the sweatshirts, since it is so chilly. But it's November, it is SUPPOSED to be chilly!!! It is absolutely beautiful, with the breeze blowing the leaves that are finally starting to change color. Now we have to get David feeling better, so we can enjoy the beautiful weather!
Have a great afternoon!! Oh, I know I have probably used their picture before, but these two beautiful boys are my babies, Campbell and Rudy! They are so precious!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

It's MONDAY again. hiphiphooray

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather was absolutely perfect, a great day to spend hours cleaning all of the litter boxes and the basement! Seriously. That is what I did. It is so much "fresher" now, but I am not sure the cats really give a dang about it, but I sure do! Too bad they will just mess it back up, and I will have to do it all over again!!!
Saturday morning, David had an appointment with the chiropractor. He is still in quite a bit of pain, but the x-rays from the tests on Thursday showed that the cancer was not causing the pain. That was something to be very happy about! We feel that with him being off for so long, and most of it immobile, he just jumped back into doing things too quickly. Hence, the chiropractor! We get there, she shows us the x-rays, then hooks his back up to this "tingly" thingy, then all of a sudden, she gets very dizzy. David told her that was the effect he has on women, she laughed, then tried to do something. She ran into the bathroom and threw up. Well, isn't that great. She came back out, apologized, then tried to do an adjustment. She ran back into the bathroom and threw up again. Well, you know us, we were making jokes about "how she was reaching down into her depths to give him the best treatment" and so on, she was laughing, but getting worse by the minute. She went and called her mama to come get her, bless her heart. and kept apologizing, but she couldn't help it! So we go back tomorrow. Hopefully, she will be feeling much better! We were concerned about a virus or something, but so far, so good.
David's problem is that he cannot sit down. So, of course we tried to go eat somewhere. He ended up in the car, with the seat put all the way back, leaving me AGAIN to eat inside by myself!! We then went to the grocery store, which really didn't do him any good, but he wanted to be out and about! I am discouraged.
BUT, MY back and leg are better. Now, granted, lugging litter bags and boxes out to the driveway, leaning down so many times I lost count, sweeping, mopping, getting on my hands and knees scrubbing, well yeah, I am a little "stove up" today, but I couldn't have done that just three days ago!! I may be getting better through osmosis from the visits to the chiropractor!!! Or it could be the castor oil I am rubbing on my back everyday. Whatever it is, until night, I can do pretty much anything, but by dark, which is an hour earlier now, the old leg starts flaring up and I have to get off of it. Which is fine - I can watch television and go to bed!!
Okay, I have another weird cat story. Puffy is a cat that I have had for several years. In fact, she is the mother of several of my other cats, so we have had a relationship for quite awhile now. She usually stays in the yard, or goes into the good neighbors' yards, but always ends up here on the deck or in the backyard. Well, she didn't come home Saturday night, which concerned me, nor was she out on the deck yesterday morning. What really bothered me was the fact that I was in and out of the back door dozens of times for those almost three hours and not ONCE did she come up. I called and called her. Nothing. I was worried. Late yesterday afternoon, I looked down and saw her sitting at the bottom of the steps, so I spoke to her, and she started SCREAMING. She was howling so loud that David, who was in our bedroom at the front of the house, the radio was on, the fans were on, he could hear her, all the way from the back yard! I ran down the steps, she walked a couple of feet, then flat dab collapsed, belly down, legs out, head down!! I grabbed her and she was totally limp, but still breathing. I put her in a cat cage that I have on the deck that had a pillow in it, and she was asleep within a minute. Later on, I went out to check on her and she was still asleep, so I dragged up this HUGE kennel that I had in the carport, cleaned the spider webs out, and put her and her pillow in it, with a pad and some food and water. She struggled for a couple of seconds, then immediately went back to sleep. This morning the pad had been pulled through the front grate, raccoons probably, but she is still just sleeping on the pillow. She did get up to eat a little bit, but not much. So, what is up with that? I do NOT have the money to take her to the vet, unfortunately. With the doctor bills and medicine we have to get, I cannot possibly run up a vet bill of several hundred dollars. I am just going to watch her and keep her in the kennel, and maybe she will be all right. David mentioned that maybe she was poisoned, I wonder if she got bumped by a car, or attacked by a dog, we just don't know. Never a dull moment around here, is it???
Well, I need to get this day started. I have had a granola bar, a cup of coffee, talked to my sister, fed the dogs, and written this blog post. So, it has already started, now it just needs to "continue"!!!!! Have a good one!!!!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday morning

Well, I don't know what these babies are saying, but I wholeheartedly agree with them!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Well, it is an absolutely beautiful day today. I am taking David to the doctor at 10, then I HAVE to go to the store for a few things. I figure we will spend a pretty quiet weekend, recovering from the week. David had his first chemo in six weeks yesterday, and all I can say is, thank GOD for anti-nausea drugs. They do work!! We have high hopes that he will start to "pink up" by tomorrow, and will be feeling better, as well. I think I am going to just throw away our clothes, instead of washing them. I just don't have the energy. No, if it is only a few pieces at a time, that will have to do, and MAYBE they will eventually all get washed!! But still, disposable clothes doesn't sound half bad!!
Okay, I know Halloween is over, but I just had to put this little kitty's picture on here. Isn't he precious?
Have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Doctor report

Well, it wasn't good. When Dr. G walked in and looked at me, I beat him to the punch, and he was like, you knew, huh? and I said yes, I did. He wanted to put David back on that horrific Vectibix chemo that he was on at the first of the year, and when we reminded him how it did nothing and almost killed him, he agreed with us. So, we are going to be starting back on the Camptosar and Erbitux. I asked if he was positive that the Camptosar was what caused the lung problem, and he said no, he thought it was an outside infection, PNEUMONIA, so since there is nothing else that has done this good, why not go back on it? David will continue to take the steroids to fight inflammation, so I think we will be doing okay on this. The back/leg pain is NOT caused by the cancer, so that was GREAT news, so he will be getting treatments from a chiropractor for that. Hopefully, I can hop on that chiro-train, too, because I tell ya, today, helping him in and out of the car, driving in that crazy Jackson traffic, well that certainly didn't help my back any, that's for sure!! And now that we are plunging headfirst into the holiday season, I have GOT to get this taken care of, to take care of everything else!!!!
So, that's it. We didn't get back until almost 6 this evening and I haven't eaten, so, I am off to eat a gourmet sandwich!!! Have a great Friday!
OH, Dr. Graham was thrilled over his Gregg Allman autograph! He was so excited and showing everyone the picture of David and the others in the papers! I took him both copies, and he said he was going to get the articles framed and hang them up!! What a good guy!!!!!! He is going to do everything in his power to keep David around, so that gives me hope!


"Please let me go to the game. I won't break curfew again!"