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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend Update

What a weekend we have had! Erica, Fuzzy, Sara, Erik, and Faelyn all came to visit Friday afternoon! It was so good to have them here, although both David and I weren't exactly the models of health! David, well you all know what he is fighting, and me, I hurt in just about every part of my body! My leg that has been hurting feels like a knife is stabbing it, my back feels like someone has me stretched on the rack (although that really might feel pretty good!) and my emotions are just on my sleeves, these days. I think I have tried to hold it together for so long, that it is coming out in physical ailments, plus my eyes keep leaking!! But it was great to have everyone here, and having a baby in the house was quite exciting! She is at that age where everything is new, and being here, she was thrilled to see kitties and doggies and new play pretties! Really precious!
But, we just got home from the family reunion, which was great, by the way. David said it was so wonderful to have so many people care about him, that the support from the family means so much to him, and for all of the prayers and well wishes that are being sent his way. He even managed to get through the game of Frisbee golf, even though he said his score was low! I do NOT think anyone cared what his score was, in the least!!!
So, I am about to go soak in the tub. But stay tuned for future posts about:
(1) a "pregnant" cat
(2) Fuzzy and Erik and the almost midnight burial of the cat
(3) the dead owl in the tree (there is a theme here, just in time for Halloween)
(4) more about the reunion
(5) more Gregg Allman stuff

Okay, that's it for now. Have a good Monday! OH, according to the AccuWeather forecast, the high on Tuesday is 59!! FIFTY NINE DEGREES!!!!! LAWSY, won't that feel good???? I am so looking forward to getting out my long, cotton duster. I always feel good when I wear that!!!


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