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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Scruffy is okay!!!!

All right, today my nephew, Matthew, and I went to the grocery store. On the way back, I told him I wanted to drive up Polk to see if Scruffy was there. Matthew saw him and I stopped, went up to where he was being played with by a teenage boy. Now here is the great part - the boy is my neighbor Marian's grandson!!!!!!! He said that Scruffy had been up there for quite a while, that he leaves but sleeps there during the day, and even used to go into their house, until they got this big dog. Well, actually, his aunt let Scruffy in, but now Carl and his mom are there and THEY have the big dog. Scruffy is not too fond of the big dog. Anyway, he is fine, still healthy, and I brought him home for a while to love on him and to eat, but he wasn't too happy so I took him back. He let me play with him for a few minutes and then I came back home, since I have work to do and it is 1000 degrees outside.
So, mystery solved! And I am relieved that he is with a family who loves him, and now they even know his name!!!! Whew!!!!


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