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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The reunion visit

It is 48 degrees, at the moment. I kid you not. I love it! It is so dark and rainy, and we had to turn the heat on last night! Everytime I sat down, I had a cold cat on me, trying to cuddle. While that was nice, it did kind of get annoying because the little critters didn't want to let me get up for anything! It is nice and toasty in here right now. I just don't want to think about the gas bill for the winter, though!

Erica, Fuzzy, and their friends Erik, Sara, and Faelyn, got into town early Friday afternoon, bringing a ton of barbequed food and some catfish. Yummmy food, and we ate a lot of it, gave the dogs some rib bones, which they barely chewed, and got everyone settled in. There was the "thing" about the black cat, but that is for another post. We went to the coffee shop, met up with the Nosser women, and had a great time. Now my back and leg were just killing me, so I couldn't be as cheery as I wanted to be, and I hate that, but I think everyone understood. For supper, everyone but David went to McAllister's to get a baked potato. They were out of baked potatoes. While we were eating our substitute food (I just got chips and rotel dip. Supper of champions!), poor little Faelyn, who was exhausted, fell out of the high chair, so while Sara cared for her outside, we finished up pretty quick to get her back home so she could go to bed.
Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day, cool breezes, blue skies, and Erica fixed a scrumptious HUGE breakfast that we ate on the deck. Lovely! They ran to the Catfish Art Park for a while during the day, and when they came back, the guys took naps and we girls sat on the deck just talking all afternoon. Very very nice and relaxing. That night, all of us but David, AGAIN, went to the Riverfront Park, then on to Goldie's where we got some absolutely delicious food. Sara told Randy, the owner, that it was some of the best food she had ever put in her mouth! Of course, being at a table of comedians, someone said, "as opposed to the best food you have ever put on your head". Ah, good times.... Then there was the cat issue - coming soon, really. It deserves a separate post.
The next day was the reunion over in Jackson. David got up feeling decent and made his famous garlic cheese grits, and off he and I went. The others were going to leave for the airport mid afternoon, so they were having to get everything ready to go, so they were a few minutes behind us. But when they got there, there was still food left, and everyone had a great time walking around the beautiful park and visiting with friends and relatives. I think that Erik and Sara liked being in the South, and we certainly hope they come back soon! They got back to Chicago that evening, we got back here, and we pretty much collapsed into bed.
Oh, this picture of the dead owl was taken at the reunion. There it was, dead in a tree, which made me wonder how in the world something like that would happen! Carl said that the owl just miscalculated, but come on, Owl, it's a tree! It reminded me of that witch decoration with the witch slammed into the tree. In fact, Erica said that is what it was, a Halloween decoration (no, it was a real dead owl), but we will just call it a decoration. It is happier.
Okay, so I tried to put the pictures on here, but they came out as little thumbnail pictures and you couldn't see them. I will try later.


  • At Wednesday, October 24, 2007, Anonymous Sara and Faelyn said…

    We had an awesome time! And for three days, we sure do have a lot of stories. Much love!


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