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Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Nuff said

Isn't this a great picture?? Yes, that is Gregg Allman, in the flesh. The show was fabulous, absolutely wonderful! We got to Ameristar close to 6 and ate a scrumptious meal in the buffet, then went downstairs where we were taken to our RESERVED seats, right in front. We had been told that we were going backstage close to 7:15, but they didn't come get us until after 7:30. When we got to the door, the tour manager said that there wasn't much room, that only the guys could go back there. Well, Linda and I were disappointed, Denise, Dennis's wife, really couldn't have cared less, so we went to the bathroom! Like I told Linda, it was late, they wouldn't be back there very long, and it was important for THEM to meet Gregg, so we were okay with that. When we came out of the bathroom, here they were, already coming out, so we wouldn't have had time to say much of anything, plus our seats were so good, we were going to be able to see him up close and personal anyway!! Several pictures were taken and this is the one on our camera. Isn't it great? Apparently, Gregg's mother has a big framed picture of the carving that has been hanging in her living room for decades!! HOW COOL IS THAT??? Now Gregg has one of his very own, signed by the fellows. It is very surreal.
Gregg seemed kind of frail, but when he came on stage, the music certainly didn't reflect that! His voice was strong, the band was hot, the sound was loud, but not TOO loud, everything was just perfect!! There was a row with a table right at the stage, where the requisite drunk/loud people were, but mercifully, the worst one was down a few feet from us so we didn't have her big loud self blocking our view. Ameristar does it right - good crowd control, good security, so we didn't have to stand up at all to see everyone and everything that was happening on the stage. When it was over, a couple came over and asked David if we were kin to Gregg Allman, and he laughed and said no, and showed him the paper with the article in it. The guy remembered it and thought it was very good that this was happening. It was just a magical evening.
Carl called just a little while ago and was so glad that everything worked out the way we wanted it to. Like he said, this happened because everything metaphysically came together, Gregg coming here, the newspaper article, Len talking about the carving to the owner of Ameristar, Susan getting David those books on Duane Allman. Karma. It happens. Oh, and all of the music was great but they did an upbeat version of "Whipping Post" that was fantastic! It was just a great version. In fact, during "Midnight Rider", I believe it was, I leaned toward Linda and said "I LOVE CLASSIC ROCK!", and she totally agreed!!!!
Anyway, more pictures will come. The Vicksburg Post people were there and hopefully, there will be a follow-up picture of the guys with Gregg. I will certainly let you know!!
Now, unfortunately, the day must start!! Later!


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