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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I am really ticked off, yet not surprised!

Okay, this has not been a good day for David, nor for me. The pain in both of our backs has been excruciating, so much so that David called me to pick him up at his van to take him to the doctor. I did. We went. We go back Friday or Saturday. Tomorrow we have a CT scan in Jackson, plus a visit to the oncologist, where we will present him with his "autographed by Gregg Allman" copy of the article that was in the paper. Hopefully, we will get some decent news. Send up some prayers!

But this is why I am ticked off - with both of us feeling so poorly, I just did not feel like hopping up and down to answer the door to the throngs of kids, and teenagers, in our neighborhood, trick or treating. Now, most of these people came via automobiles. They don't live anywhere around here. They just drive around getting what they can get. Every once in a while, you will see a nice family, but not very often. So, I put a bowl of candy and a note to please share, just take two pieces of candy per child. Now, I wasn't born yesterday, so you guessed it,and I'm not surprised, not once, but TWICE did someone dump the contents into one bag! I had just put the second bowl out and within two minutes, it was gone, and going up the road, I'm sure to their car, were about six big teenagers. I yelled to them that I know they took all the candy, and they were like, "oh no we didn't, blah blah blah we're good and really a lot younger than we look" kind of crap. All of these marauders were probably quite upset to find that most of the houses here were dark. In fact, I heard someone in the street screaming that "her baby wasn't going to get any candy" since all the houses are dark. Well, tough luck, lady. Your kid doesn't need to eat this junk anyway!!!! Go to Walmart tomorrow and buy it half price!!!
So, here's hoping that those teenagers get a really bad cavity or stomachache!!!
I didn't want any candy left over, don't get me wrong, I am just annoyed by the fact that I TRIED to provide treats for the CHILDREN, and as usual, in this town, at least, that is taken away by those who are old enough to know better, yet haven't been taught, or doesn't care, that it is wrong.
All right. I just had to vent. And my neighbors who read this will know of what I speak!
Scroll down to see the two pictures that the Vicksburg Post photographer took of the Gregg Allman meeting the other night. Pretty special evening......
Later. Happy November 1!


  • At Wednesday, October 31, 2007, Blogger Erica said…

    That sucks, but that's kind of what I was like at the All Candy Expo. Ah well.

  • At Thursday, November 01, 2007, Anonymous Cheryl said…

    I totally understand your gripe! My house has been dark for the past 11 Halloweens! Even if I did have a doorbell, I wouldn't have answered it. Well, my plumbing problems are fixed now - to the tune of around $1000. That's a nightmare story I will tell you later. Let me know how the dr's visits turn out. As always, you both are in my prayers. Love you!


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