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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Home again, home again!

David got to come home yesterday afternoon! Linda and I went over yesterday morning and he was waiting for Dr. Graham to come in, to talk to him and to sign the discharge papers. Well, Dr. Whitehurst, the infectious disease doctor came in, and told him that she had prescribed the antibiotics in pill form, and then she talked about how Dr. G told her about the Duane Allman carving on the hill!! She said that she and her brother had seen it numerous times and loved it, and that her brother would be so excited that she met one of the carvers!! Then Dr. G came in and after we got the medical stuff out of the way, he asked that if we DID meet Greg Allman, could we get him an autograph, or "better yet, just shake his hand, don't wash it, then come to the house and shake MY hand!". Do we not have the greatest doctor ever, or what???? We (Linda and I) ended up eating lunch over there in the cafeteria while David ate in his room, and got home close to 2:30. I got his medicine filled and he took it extremely easy yesterday. Last night he was worried that he wouldn't be able to breathe, but he was fine. In fact, I did something I cannot remember doing in ages, I stayed in that soft wonderful bed for twelve hours! I was EXHAUSTED!! I finally just got up a few minutes ago to eat something and get a cup of coffee. I have to admit, I will miss the cafeteria and their bacon, eggs, grits, and biscuit every morning, but I am pretty sure I would be pushing 500 pounds if I kept that up too long!!! Back to Nature Valley granola bars!!!
I have tried to get the house in order, cleaning litter boxes, trying to organize the table, things that just have not been done for the last week and a half. In fact, it feels like October started and someone reached down and just plucked us out of our lives for ten days!! Like that Twilight Zone episode,where the people became the playthings of that giant alien child? Well, you get the idea!! More than ever am I glad we had that new mattress to sleep on, too. After that slab o'stone they call a couch, and even after the hospital bed, we needed some comfort and I am happy to say, the mattress filled the bill!!!!! Today I need to run to a store to pick up milk and bread, things I bought that haven't even been opened, but am afraid that they may have passed their expiration date. Scruffy has been a no-show, but I hope that he will bring his big headed, no necked, long legged self up here sometimes today. I need to hug Scruffles!!! All other cats have been accounted for, thank goodness. I will be so distressed if Scruffy doesn't come back, but I will survive.
There are so many people that really need to be thanked for their concern and help. The Murrays, from the coast, came up Friday morning, and sat with David while Linda and I ran home, plus they were such comfort and support to me. I have to admit, we probably got a little loud Friday night, laughing and telling jokes in the room! But dingblast it, it sure felt good to laugh!! Of course, David was not laughing or anything, it was just us, and when he all of sudden got very nauseated from a drip he was getting, it sure brought us back to reality. But they were there for us, right away! Thanks, dear friends!! AND since we missed the high school reunion, several of those people either came to the hospital or called to check on David. He had many "mini-reunions", which made him feel very appreciated and loved! Linda, my sister, was there for us all of the time, "thanks" doesn't even begin to cover what all she did. I need to buy her a couple of tanks of gas!!! Carl helped out tremendously, sitting with David, bringing me home one day so I could pay bills, and he bought me lunch, which was very sweet! Erica flying home was such a blessing. It was good to lean on her for a couple of days, and just having her here lightened the load. And she got me a massage, something that really rubbed me the right way!! Cheryl came and took all of our dirty clothes to her house and washed them. Thank you, because I don't know when or how I could have gotten that done. Dessie brought us some Popeye's chicken last night which I scarfed down like a starving animal!! Lynda G. kept everyone informed about David's condition, and another classmate gave us a monetary gift, something VERY appreciated since we really don't know when regular paychecks will start up again. David had started back to work, you know, and had no more sick leave, so this may have been time off without pay. We really do not know. And of course, the disability payments ended on September 30. Of course, David goes into the hospital on October 4!!! But he is here and home, that is what is more important. After that first doctor's gloom and doom, we feel positively giddy with how things turned out! David will have another CT scan in a couple of weeks, too, to make sure the infection and inflammation are gone. Maybe the cancer will be gone, too? OOH, wouldn't that be magnificent!!!???? It could happen!!
It's like I have said, we feel that we are going up a hill, David is better, and then BAM, someone grabs our ankles and just jerks us back down the hill! But on the bright side, this just added another chapter to my book!!!!!!!!!!
Well, it is kind of late in the morning. Another cup of Folger's keeps calling my name, so I need to respond.
Thanks again, friends, for all of the kind words, prayers, and comments. Oh, and by the way, don't stop!!!! We need to keep 'em comin'!!!!!!!!


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