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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A few thoughts on a rainy afternoon

First off, where is autumn? It has been so hot here, and according to the AccuWeather forecast, it is supposed to be 91 degrees tomorrow! I guess it really IS global warming!
Okay, here are my thoughts:
1. If you are a pregnant woman, know a pregnant woman, or one day may BE a pregnant woman, PLEASE be careful when you are riding in a car with airbags. An absolute tragedy occurred here over the weekend, involving a classmate of mine from first grade on, and her daughter, who is the same age as Erica and took dancing with her for many years. They were traveling home, after an afternoon of baby supply shopping, when a drunk driver hit them head on. The airbags deployed, the baby (the mother was six months pregnant)was killed, and on top of that horror, they had to do an emergency hysterectomy. I cannot comprehend what that girl is going to have to deal with, in the coming months and years. I know they say that short people and children should not ride in the front seat, and I do seem to remember that if you are pregnant, you should have the seat pushed way back, to keep this very thing from happening. So, everyone, be warned. Or sit in the back seat! You will still get wherever you are going! If you are driving, is there a way to disable the airbag? I drive a 1992 POS, so I don't have airbags, so I don't know, but it seems that there should be a way to do this. Anyway, don't let this happen to you or anyone you love.

2. It seems that we ARE going to get to meet Gregg Allman! Pretty exciting, don't you think? Now, I don't think we'll be going for drinks and become lifelong friends, or anything, but a handshake, a conversation, well, that is pretty neat to be happening after over 34 years!! Only the guys are all "comped" for the concert, due to the fact that the "comper" didn't think about the fact that these are no longer 19 year old college students, they are husbands with wives who ALSO want to see and meet Gregg Allman!! They are trying to work that out now, I believe. Sounds like a night to remember!! And so many people have contacted David since the article was in the paper Monday. That has made him feel really good, which makes me feel really good!

3. Scruffy has yet to come home. I am concerned that something happened to him while we were in Jackson. You know how "Scruffy-centric" I am, so I had to mention it.

4. What is up with the fact that MY BACK IS KILLING ME??? Yesterday morning, I got out of bed and the pain was, and still is, excruciating! I do know that my back "goes out" during times of stress, and it doesn't take a psychiatrist to know that the last couple of weeks have been extremely stressful, not to mention the last few years. But, we are having a house full of company Friday and I need to clean! I need to change litter boxes, vacuum, dust, clean the bathrooms, all stuff that I would have started doing last week if Mr. David Reid hadn't been in the hospital!!!!!!!! I will just have to do what I can, but dang, it hurts!!! I can't do very much!

5. Wouldn't you think that a grown woman, one who calls herself "a professional", would know that if you scream at dogs EVERY time you are outside, those same dogs are going to bark EVERY time you GO outside??!! And it is not just my dogs, who she really has a hatred for, it is EVERY dog around here. Plus, with a squeaky voice, it just gets them to barking more!! And I heard this while I was inside my house, doors and windows shut, with the television on! Who is the one who needs to wear the shock collar, I ask to no one in particular?!!! I do so wish someone would offer them a better job - hey, they could become millionaires - some where far far away. Maybe in a corn field....

6. And that brings us to the conclusion of this post. I am actually going to hobble into the kitchen, find some clean pots and pans, and actually cook something!! I kind of miss the hospital cafeteria, though. Just go down the elevator, turn left, pick out food and pay for it, get back on the elevator, and Bob's your uncle ("in" joke!), you are back at the room!! It has been so weird, too, that I wake up in the middle of the night, not knowing where I am. One night I positively heard the sounds in the hall of the hospital, yet I was in my own bedroom! It took me a few minutes to get myself oriented to where I actually was, which is odd, since I was only there 8 nights and here, 8 years! But the mind really can play tricks on you, after something traumatically stressful. It is getting better though, but then there is the very painful back issue. Hmmmm. At least no one came into the room at 4:30 flipping the light switch on!! Rest in a hospital? I think not!!

7. Take care.


  • At Wednesday, October 17, 2007, Anonymous Sara and Fae said…

    We are really getting excited! And don't worry about us, we have cats and we have a toddler... our house is never perfect... okay? Take care of yourselves and the rest will fall into place.

    Its sooo cool about the article and meeting Greg Allman! Wow - who knew! We will be just fine... don't make s fuss and dont worry - we are just glad you are willing to open your home for a couple of days!

    Much love and hugs soon!


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