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Monday, October 29, 2007

Black cat story, FINALLY!!

Here is the set-up - a few days before David got sick and had to go into the hospital, a black cat showed up here, meowing for food. It looked to be the same size as a tomcat that had shown up here a few months ago, but had been chased off the yard by Scruffy. So, I mentioned to David that the tomcat was back. A few days later, David said, that's not a tomcat, that is a pregnant female, and sure enough, the sides of this cat were poking out very far, very indicative of a late stage pregnancy in a cat.
The cat took up residence here, sleeping in a basket outside my laundry room door, or in a cat bed that I have on the deck. Everyday I would pet it on the head, talk to it, and feed it. I think my other outside cats, including Scruffy, were pretty ticked off that this cat was here, but I just couldn't call Animal Control and have them come pick it up in their Deathmobile!
The days I would get to come home for a couple of hours while David was in the hospital, there was that cat, in the basket. All I could hope was that the kittens would be found, tamed, and given away at Christmas. ALL of my other cats are fixed and vaccinated, so this was another one I would have to take care of eventually.
After David got home, Scruffy was nowhere to be found, and as earlier posted, he is living up the street with a teenage boy. I guess he felt like this black cat had come to stay permanently! I just called this cat "Mama Cat", very original, I know, but I had to call it something, when I talked to it!!
So, Erica, Fuzzy, Sara, Erik, and Faelyn come to town on October 19. Erica said that she thought the cat was giving birth under the trampoline!! Well, sure enough, SOMETHING was happening! I called the vet and they told me that if a kitten was "stuck", we could gently pull on it. We decided to let nature take its course, so we went to the coffee shop. When we got home, the situation was the same, it looked like a kitten was in the process of being born, yet wouldn't come on out. My brave son-in-law got some latex gloves and I held the cat by the shoulders and he was going to do the gentle tugging. He jumped back and said "THIS CAT IS A BOY!!", and what we saw were his male parts, extremely swollen. Who knows why his stomach was so distended! We just let him go, he ate a little bit, and then went and lay down in the grass. It WAS that tomcat we had seen months ago, after all!!! Now, before you say, wow, how dumb are they to think a male cat is pregnant, you had to see this cat. His stomach was HUGE, and not in a fat way, plus he was ALWAYS in the basket when I saw him, just like a nesting pregnant female!
The next morning, he was no where to be found. We pretty much stayed home all day, sitting on the deck enjoying the gorgeous weather. Then I got a whiff. I went and looked and there he was, in the azalea bushes, having crossed "the Rainbow Bridge". We were going out to eat that evening, so after a great meal at Goldie's, Fuzzy and Erik (Fuzzy's name is Erik, also!), those two brave Eriks, got shovels and buried this poor little kitty, under a half-moon, late on a Saturday night!! We joked about that fact that Erik came to the South for the first time, and he had to bury a black cat at midnight!!!! They were pretty grossed out, but I am so thankful that they were here. David was not up to doing it, and I certainly couldn't have done it!!!! So, this picture is of them drinking some bourbon, after the deed was done! THANKS, GUYS!!!
So, that is my black cat Halloween story. And like Erica said, the kitty went to be with Cat Jesus. Of course, the next day we saw that dead owl in the tree at the family reunion. He had gone to be with Owl Jesus. Quite a weekend!!!
Have a great Monday!!!
Okay, I do NOT know why the pictures aren't full size. This is the biggest I can make it!!
Okay, now look below this post - it is a little bit bigger!!!


  • At Monday, October 29, 2007, Blogger Erica said…

    I have never in my life prayed for an animal to die, and boy did I that night. That was one sick kitty. And I swear, not only was its stomach huge, but it was also moving around--there was something living in there. Poor thing. Cat Jesus is taking care of him now, rest his soul.

  • At Monday, October 29, 2007, Blogger Mom. said…

    At least he isn't sufferring anymore.!!!!!

  • At Monday, October 29, 2007, Anonymous Dan Telfer said…

    Owl Jesus... lol.


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