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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I am really ticked off, yet not surprised!

Okay, this has not been a good day for David, nor for me. The pain in both of our backs has been excruciating, so much so that David called me to pick him up at his van to take him to the doctor. I did. We went. We go back Friday or Saturday. Tomorrow we have a CT scan in Jackson, plus a visit to the oncologist, where we will present him with his "autographed by Gregg Allman" copy of the article that was in the paper. Hopefully, we will get some decent news. Send up some prayers!

But this is why I am ticked off - with both of us feeling so poorly, I just did not feel like hopping up and down to answer the door to the throngs of kids, and teenagers, in our neighborhood, trick or treating. Now, most of these people came via automobiles. They don't live anywhere around here. They just drive around getting what they can get. Every once in a while, you will see a nice family, but not very often. So, I put a bowl of candy and a note to please share, just take two pieces of candy per child. Now, I wasn't born yesterday, so you guessed it,and I'm not surprised, not once, but TWICE did someone dump the contents into one bag! I had just put the second bowl out and within two minutes, it was gone, and going up the road, I'm sure to their car, were about six big teenagers. I yelled to them that I know they took all the candy, and they were like, "oh no we didn't, blah blah blah we're good and really a lot younger than we look" kind of crap. All of these marauders were probably quite upset to find that most of the houses here were dark. In fact, I heard someone in the street screaming that "her baby wasn't going to get any candy" since all the houses are dark. Well, tough luck, lady. Your kid doesn't need to eat this junk anyway!!!! Go to Walmart tomorrow and buy it half price!!!
So, here's hoping that those teenagers get a really bad cavity or stomachache!!!
I didn't want any candy left over, don't get me wrong, I am just annoyed by the fact that I TRIED to provide treats for the CHILDREN, and as usual, in this town, at least, that is taken away by those who are old enough to know better, yet haven't been taught, or doesn't care, that it is wrong.
All right. I just had to vent. And my neighbors who read this will know of what I speak!
Scroll down to see the two pictures that the Vicksburg Post photographer took of the Gregg Allman meeting the other night. Pretty special evening......
Later. Happy November 1!

David giving Gregg A. the newspaper

gregg allman
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group with gregg allman

group with gregg allman
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This is the picture that was in the paper the day after the concert.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Eve!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Black cat story, FINALLY!!

Here is the set-up - a few days before David got sick and had to go into the hospital, a black cat showed up here, meowing for food. It looked to be the same size as a tomcat that had shown up here a few months ago, but had been chased off the yard by Scruffy. So, I mentioned to David that the tomcat was back. A few days later, David said, that's not a tomcat, that is a pregnant female, and sure enough, the sides of this cat were poking out very far, very indicative of a late stage pregnancy in a cat.
The cat took up residence here, sleeping in a basket outside my laundry room door, or in a cat bed that I have on the deck. Everyday I would pet it on the head, talk to it, and feed it. I think my other outside cats, including Scruffy, were pretty ticked off that this cat was here, but I just couldn't call Animal Control and have them come pick it up in their Deathmobile!
The days I would get to come home for a couple of hours while David was in the hospital, there was that cat, in the basket. All I could hope was that the kittens would be found, tamed, and given away at Christmas. ALL of my other cats are fixed and vaccinated, so this was another one I would have to take care of eventually.
After David got home, Scruffy was nowhere to be found, and as earlier posted, he is living up the street with a teenage boy. I guess he felt like this black cat had come to stay permanently! I just called this cat "Mama Cat", very original, I know, but I had to call it something, when I talked to it!!
So, Erica, Fuzzy, Sara, Erik, and Faelyn come to town on October 19. Erica said that she thought the cat was giving birth under the trampoline!! Well, sure enough, SOMETHING was happening! I called the vet and they told me that if a kitten was "stuck", we could gently pull on it. We decided to let nature take its course, so we went to the coffee shop. When we got home, the situation was the same, it looked like a kitten was in the process of being born, yet wouldn't come on out. My brave son-in-law got some latex gloves and I held the cat by the shoulders and he was going to do the gentle tugging. He jumped back and said "THIS CAT IS A BOY!!", and what we saw were his male parts, extremely swollen. Who knows why his stomach was so distended! We just let him go, he ate a little bit, and then went and lay down in the grass. It WAS that tomcat we had seen months ago, after all!!! Now, before you say, wow, how dumb are they to think a male cat is pregnant, you had to see this cat. His stomach was HUGE, and not in a fat way, plus he was ALWAYS in the basket when I saw him, just like a nesting pregnant female!
The next morning, he was no where to be found. We pretty much stayed home all day, sitting on the deck enjoying the gorgeous weather. Then I got a whiff. I went and looked and there he was, in the azalea bushes, having crossed "the Rainbow Bridge". We were going out to eat that evening, so after a great meal at Goldie's, Fuzzy and Erik (Fuzzy's name is Erik, also!), those two brave Eriks, got shovels and buried this poor little kitty, under a half-moon, late on a Saturday night!! We joked about that fact that Erik came to the South for the first time, and he had to bury a black cat at midnight!!!! They were pretty grossed out, but I am so thankful that they were here. David was not up to doing it, and I certainly couldn't have done it!!!! So, this picture is of them drinking some bourbon, after the deed was done! THANKS, GUYS!!!
So, that is my black cat Halloween story. And like Erica said, the kitty went to be with Cat Jesus. Of course, the next day we saw that dead owl in the tree at the family reunion. He had gone to be with Owl Jesus. Quite a weekend!!!
Have a great Monday!!!
Okay, I do NOT know why the pictures aren't full size. This is the biggest I can make it!!
Okay, now look below this post - it is a little bit bigger!!!

Erik and Fuzzy

Erik and Fuzzy
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Friday, October 26, 2007

Today's paper

THERE IS A PICTURE OF THE FOUR GUYS WITH GREGG IN THE PAPER TODAY!!!! This is so damn exciting!!!!!! Hopefully, I will be getting that picture to put online soon!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Nuff said

Isn't this a great picture?? Yes, that is Gregg Allman, in the flesh. The show was fabulous, absolutely wonderful! We got to Ameristar close to 6 and ate a scrumptious meal in the buffet, then went downstairs where we were taken to our RESERVED seats, right in front. We had been told that we were going backstage close to 7:15, but they didn't come get us until after 7:30. When we got to the door, the tour manager said that there wasn't much room, that only the guys could go back there. Well, Linda and I were disappointed, Denise, Dennis's wife, really couldn't have cared less, so we went to the bathroom! Like I told Linda, it was late, they wouldn't be back there very long, and it was important for THEM to meet Gregg, so we were okay with that. When we came out of the bathroom, here they were, already coming out, so we wouldn't have had time to say much of anything, plus our seats were so good, we were going to be able to see him up close and personal anyway!! Several pictures were taken and this is the one on our camera. Isn't it great? Apparently, Gregg's mother has a big framed picture of the carving that has been hanging in her living room for decades!! HOW COOL IS THAT??? Now Gregg has one of his very own, signed by the fellows. It is very surreal.
Gregg seemed kind of frail, but when he came on stage, the music certainly didn't reflect that! His voice was strong, the band was hot, the sound was loud, but not TOO loud, everything was just perfect!! There was a row with a table right at the stage, where the requisite drunk/loud people were, but mercifully, the worst one was down a few feet from us so we didn't have her big loud self blocking our view. Ameristar does it right - good crowd control, good security, so we didn't have to stand up at all to see everyone and everything that was happening on the stage. When it was over, a couple came over and asked David if we were kin to Gregg Allman, and he laughed and said no, and showed him the paper with the article in it. The guy remembered it and thought it was very good that this was happening. It was just a magical evening.
Carl called just a little while ago and was so glad that everything worked out the way we wanted it to. Like he said, this happened because everything metaphysically came together, Gregg coming here, the newspaper article, Len talking about the carving to the owner of Ameristar, Susan getting David those books on Duane Allman. Karma. It happens. Oh, and all of the music was great but they did an upbeat version of "Whipping Post" that was fantastic! It was just a great version. In fact, during "Midnight Rider", I believe it was, I leaned toward Linda and said "I LOVE CLASSIC ROCK!", and she totally agreed!!!!
Anyway, more pictures will come. The Vicksburg Post people were there and hopefully, there will be a follow-up picture of the guys with Gregg. I will certainly let you know!!
Now, unfortunately, the day must start!! Later!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another picture from the weekend

Problems with pictures

Okay, I tried to put a bunch of pics on here, but they didn't work. Then I put them on from the picture page, and they worked better. so, in honor of the fact that I have been sitting here for about an hour trying to do all of this, I thought a Halloween picture needed to be here now.
Scroll on down to see the pictures. Those posts showed up below the others, so, go figure. Just enjoy!!

The reunion visit

It is 48 degrees, at the moment. I kid you not. I love it! It is so dark and rainy, and we had to turn the heat on last night! Everytime I sat down, I had a cold cat on me, trying to cuddle. While that was nice, it did kind of get annoying because the little critters didn't want to let me get up for anything! It is nice and toasty in here right now. I just don't want to think about the gas bill for the winter, though!

Erica, Fuzzy, and their friends Erik, Sara, and Faelyn, got into town early Friday afternoon, bringing a ton of barbequed food and some catfish. Yummmy food, and we ate a lot of it, gave the dogs some rib bones, which they barely chewed, and got everyone settled in. There was the "thing" about the black cat, but that is for another post. We went to the coffee shop, met up with the Nosser women, and had a great time. Now my back and leg were just killing me, so I couldn't be as cheery as I wanted to be, and I hate that, but I think everyone understood. For supper, everyone but David went to McAllister's to get a baked potato. They were out of baked potatoes. While we were eating our substitute food (I just got chips and rotel dip. Supper of champions!), poor little Faelyn, who was exhausted, fell out of the high chair, so while Sara cared for her outside, we finished up pretty quick to get her back home so she could go to bed.
Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day, cool breezes, blue skies, and Erica fixed a scrumptious HUGE breakfast that we ate on the deck. Lovely! They ran to the Catfish Art Park for a while during the day, and when they came back, the guys took naps and we girls sat on the deck just talking all afternoon. Very very nice and relaxing. That night, all of us but David, AGAIN, went to the Riverfront Park, then on to Goldie's where we got some absolutely delicious food. Sara told Randy, the owner, that it was some of the best food she had ever put in her mouth! Of course, being at a table of comedians, someone said, "as opposed to the best food you have ever put on your head". Ah, good times.... Then there was the cat issue - coming soon, really. It deserves a separate post.
The next day was the reunion over in Jackson. David got up feeling decent and made his famous garlic cheese grits, and off he and I went. The others were going to leave for the airport mid afternoon, so they were having to get everything ready to go, so they were a few minutes behind us. But when they got there, there was still food left, and everyone had a great time walking around the beautiful park and visiting with friends and relatives. I think that Erik and Sara liked being in the South, and we certainly hope they come back soon! They got back to Chicago that evening, we got back here, and we pretty much collapsed into bed.
Oh, this picture of the dead owl was taken at the reunion. There it was, dead in a tree, which made me wonder how in the world something like that would happen! Carl said that the owl just miscalculated, but come on, Owl, it's a tree! It reminded me of that witch decoration with the witch slammed into the tree. In fact, Erica said that is what it was, a Halloween decoration (no, it was a real dead owl), but we will just call it a decoration. It is happier.
Okay, so I tried to put the pictures on here, but they came out as little thumbnail pictures and you couldn't see them. I will try later.

Sara and Erik at Highway 61 Coffee

Faelyn was running around somewhere!

David, Susan, Carl, and Kyle

The four Reid siblings at the 2007 family reunion.


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Here is the poor dead owl.

Father and Daughter, laughing

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend Update

What a weekend we have had! Erica, Fuzzy, Sara, Erik, and Faelyn all came to visit Friday afternoon! It was so good to have them here, although both David and I weren't exactly the models of health! David, well you all know what he is fighting, and me, I hurt in just about every part of my body! My leg that has been hurting feels like a knife is stabbing it, my back feels like someone has me stretched on the rack (although that really might feel pretty good!) and my emotions are just on my sleeves, these days. I think I have tried to hold it together for so long, that it is coming out in physical ailments, plus my eyes keep leaking!! But it was great to have everyone here, and having a baby in the house was quite exciting! She is at that age where everything is new, and being here, she was thrilled to see kitties and doggies and new play pretties! Really precious!
But, we just got home from the family reunion, which was great, by the way. David said it was so wonderful to have so many people care about him, that the support from the family means so much to him, and for all of the prayers and well wishes that are being sent his way. He even managed to get through the game of Frisbee golf, even though he said his score was low! I do NOT think anyone cared what his score was, in the least!!!
So, I am about to go soak in the tub. But stay tuned for future posts about:
(1) a "pregnant" cat
(2) Fuzzy and Erik and the almost midnight burial of the cat
(3) the dead owl in the tree (there is a theme here, just in time for Halloween)
(4) more about the reunion
(5) more Gregg Allman stuff

Okay, that's it for now. Have a good Monday! OH, according to the AccuWeather forecast, the high on Tuesday is 59!! FIFTY NINE DEGREES!!!!! LAWSY, won't that feel good???? I am so looking forward to getting out my long, cotton duster. I always feel good when I wear that!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Scruffy is okay!!!!

All right, today my nephew, Matthew, and I went to the grocery store. On the way back, I told him I wanted to drive up Polk to see if Scruffy was there. Matthew saw him and I stopped, went up to where he was being played with by a teenage boy. Now here is the great part - the boy is my neighbor Marian's grandson!!!!!!! He said that Scruffy had been up there for quite a while, that he leaves but sleeps there during the day, and even used to go into their house, until they got this big dog. Well, actually, his aunt let Scruffy in, but now Carl and his mom are there and THEY have the big dog. Scruffy is not too fond of the big dog. Anyway, he is fine, still healthy, and I brought him home for a while to love on him and to eat, but he wasn't too happy so I took him back. He let me play with him for a few minutes and then I came back home, since I have work to do and it is 1000 degrees outside.
So, mystery solved! And I am relieved that he is with a family who loves him, and now they even know his name!!!! Whew!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A few thoughts on a rainy afternoon

First off, where is autumn? It has been so hot here, and according to the AccuWeather forecast, it is supposed to be 91 degrees tomorrow! I guess it really IS global warming!
Okay, here are my thoughts:
1. If you are a pregnant woman, know a pregnant woman, or one day may BE a pregnant woman, PLEASE be careful when you are riding in a car with airbags. An absolute tragedy occurred here over the weekend, involving a classmate of mine from first grade on, and her daughter, who is the same age as Erica and took dancing with her for many years. They were traveling home, after an afternoon of baby supply shopping, when a drunk driver hit them head on. The airbags deployed, the baby (the mother was six months pregnant)was killed, and on top of that horror, they had to do an emergency hysterectomy. I cannot comprehend what that girl is going to have to deal with, in the coming months and years. I know they say that short people and children should not ride in the front seat, and I do seem to remember that if you are pregnant, you should have the seat pushed way back, to keep this very thing from happening. So, everyone, be warned. Or sit in the back seat! You will still get wherever you are going! If you are driving, is there a way to disable the airbag? I drive a 1992 POS, so I don't have airbags, so I don't know, but it seems that there should be a way to do this. Anyway, don't let this happen to you or anyone you love.

2. It seems that we ARE going to get to meet Gregg Allman! Pretty exciting, don't you think? Now, I don't think we'll be going for drinks and become lifelong friends, or anything, but a handshake, a conversation, well, that is pretty neat to be happening after over 34 years!! Only the guys are all "comped" for the concert, due to the fact that the "comper" didn't think about the fact that these are no longer 19 year old college students, they are husbands with wives who ALSO want to see and meet Gregg Allman!! They are trying to work that out now, I believe. Sounds like a night to remember!! And so many people have contacted David since the article was in the paper Monday. That has made him feel really good, which makes me feel really good!

3. Scruffy has yet to come home. I am concerned that something happened to him while we were in Jackson. You know how "Scruffy-centric" I am, so I had to mention it.

4. What is up with the fact that MY BACK IS KILLING ME??? Yesterday morning, I got out of bed and the pain was, and still is, excruciating! I do know that my back "goes out" during times of stress, and it doesn't take a psychiatrist to know that the last couple of weeks have been extremely stressful, not to mention the last few years. But, we are having a house full of company Friday and I need to clean! I need to change litter boxes, vacuum, dust, clean the bathrooms, all stuff that I would have started doing last week if Mr. David Reid hadn't been in the hospital!!!!!!!! I will just have to do what I can, but dang, it hurts!!! I can't do very much!

5. Wouldn't you think that a grown woman, one who calls herself "a professional", would know that if you scream at dogs EVERY time you are outside, those same dogs are going to bark EVERY time you GO outside??!! And it is not just my dogs, who she really has a hatred for, it is EVERY dog around here. Plus, with a squeaky voice, it just gets them to barking more!! And I heard this while I was inside my house, doors and windows shut, with the television on! Who is the one who needs to wear the shock collar, I ask to no one in particular?!!! I do so wish someone would offer them a better job - hey, they could become millionaires - some where far far away. Maybe in a corn field....

6. And that brings us to the conclusion of this post. I am actually going to hobble into the kitchen, find some clean pots and pans, and actually cook something!! I kind of miss the hospital cafeteria, though. Just go down the elevator, turn left, pick out food and pay for it, get back on the elevator, and Bob's your uncle ("in" joke!), you are back at the room!! It has been so weird, too, that I wake up in the middle of the night, not knowing where I am. One night I positively heard the sounds in the hall of the hospital, yet I was in my own bedroom! It took me a few minutes to get myself oriented to where I actually was, which is odd, since I was only there 8 nights and here, 8 years! But the mind really can play tricks on you, after something traumatically stressful. It is getting better though, but then there is the very painful back issue. Hmmmm. At least no one came into the room at 4:30 flipping the light switch on!! Rest in a hospital? I think not!!

7. Take care.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Remember Duane Allman

Go to Vicksburg Post online and you will get to read an article about the Remember Duane Allman carving that David, Don, Dennis, and Len did on February 3, 1973! The V Post wanted to do a story about it, tying it into Greg Allman coming to Ameristar in a couple of weeks. David going into the hospital threw a big kink into it, but luckily, everything fell into place yesterday afternoon and everyone converged on our deck at five o'clock for pictures and interviews. It was so exciting! The one thing that is NOT in the article online is the great picture of them now, but believe me, it is a wonderful picture, especially since we were so concerned over the latest of David's health issues. This is kind of like an "icing on the cake" that this happened the day after he comes home!!!
So, YAY!!!!! We are just happy as can be!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Home again, home again!

David got to come home yesterday afternoon! Linda and I went over yesterday morning and he was waiting for Dr. Graham to come in, to talk to him and to sign the discharge papers. Well, Dr. Whitehurst, the infectious disease doctor came in, and told him that she had prescribed the antibiotics in pill form, and then she talked about how Dr. G told her about the Duane Allman carving on the hill!! She said that she and her brother had seen it numerous times and loved it, and that her brother would be so excited that she met one of the carvers!! Then Dr. G came in and after we got the medical stuff out of the way, he asked that if we DID meet Greg Allman, could we get him an autograph, or "better yet, just shake his hand, don't wash it, then come to the house and shake MY hand!". Do we not have the greatest doctor ever, or what???? We (Linda and I) ended up eating lunch over there in the cafeteria while David ate in his room, and got home close to 2:30. I got his medicine filled and he took it extremely easy yesterday. Last night he was worried that he wouldn't be able to breathe, but he was fine. In fact, I did something I cannot remember doing in ages, I stayed in that soft wonderful bed for twelve hours! I was EXHAUSTED!! I finally just got up a few minutes ago to eat something and get a cup of coffee. I have to admit, I will miss the cafeteria and their bacon, eggs, grits, and biscuit every morning, but I am pretty sure I would be pushing 500 pounds if I kept that up too long!!! Back to Nature Valley granola bars!!!
I have tried to get the house in order, cleaning litter boxes, trying to organize the table, things that just have not been done for the last week and a half. In fact, it feels like October started and someone reached down and just plucked us out of our lives for ten days!! Like that Twilight Zone episode,where the people became the playthings of that giant alien child? Well, you get the idea!! More than ever am I glad we had that new mattress to sleep on, too. After that slab o'stone they call a couch, and even after the hospital bed, we needed some comfort and I am happy to say, the mattress filled the bill!!!!! Today I need to run to a store to pick up milk and bread, things I bought that haven't even been opened, but am afraid that they may have passed their expiration date. Scruffy has been a no-show, but I hope that he will bring his big headed, no necked, long legged self up here sometimes today. I need to hug Scruffles!!! All other cats have been accounted for, thank goodness. I will be so distressed if Scruffy doesn't come back, but I will survive.
There are so many people that really need to be thanked for their concern and help. The Murrays, from the coast, came up Friday morning, and sat with David while Linda and I ran home, plus they were such comfort and support to me. I have to admit, we probably got a little loud Friday night, laughing and telling jokes in the room! But dingblast it, it sure felt good to laugh!! Of course, David was not laughing or anything, it was just us, and when he all of sudden got very nauseated from a drip he was getting, it sure brought us back to reality. But they were there for us, right away! Thanks, dear friends!! AND since we missed the high school reunion, several of those people either came to the hospital or called to check on David. He had many "mini-reunions", which made him feel very appreciated and loved! Linda, my sister, was there for us all of the time, "thanks" doesn't even begin to cover what all she did. I need to buy her a couple of tanks of gas!!! Carl helped out tremendously, sitting with David, bringing me home one day so I could pay bills, and he bought me lunch, which was very sweet! Erica flying home was such a blessing. It was good to lean on her for a couple of days, and just having her here lightened the load. And she got me a massage, something that really rubbed me the right way!! Cheryl came and took all of our dirty clothes to her house and washed them. Thank you, because I don't know when or how I could have gotten that done. Dessie brought us some Popeye's chicken last night which I scarfed down like a starving animal!! Lynda G. kept everyone informed about David's condition, and another classmate gave us a monetary gift, something VERY appreciated since we really don't know when regular paychecks will start up again. David had started back to work, you know, and had no more sick leave, so this may have been time off without pay. We really do not know. And of course, the disability payments ended on September 30. Of course, David goes into the hospital on October 4!!! But he is here and home, that is what is more important. After that first doctor's gloom and doom, we feel positively giddy with how things turned out! David will have another CT scan in a couple of weeks, too, to make sure the infection and inflammation are gone. Maybe the cancer will be gone, too? OOH, wouldn't that be magnificent!!!???? It could happen!!
It's like I have said, we feel that we are going up a hill, David is better, and then BAM, someone grabs our ankles and just jerks us back down the hill! But on the bright side, this just added another chapter to my book!!!!!!!!!!
Well, it is kind of late in the morning. Another cup of Folger's keeps calling my name, so I need to respond.
Thanks again, friends, for all of the kind words, prayers, and comments. Oh, and by the way, don't stop!!!! We need to keep 'em comin'!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Good news!!!

Well, if David has a good night tonight, he can come home tomorrow!!! He has been fever free for about three days, yet has still been on oxygen and iv antibiotics and other treatments. HOWEVER, today, they switched everything to pill form, and said that if he needs oxygen, he will prescribe it. But it wouldn't be needed continually. We go back for another CT scan on October 25 so the doctor can compare all of the ones taken during this little expensive vacation. I came home tonight because I don't think my back could take one more night on that slab of a couch!! I am going to eat something, then soak in a hot tub, and hit MY SOFT NEW MATTRESS!!!
So, thanks for all of the kind words and well wishes. This was scary and it shows just how fast something can go terribly wrong. I think it has taught him, too, that he is not going to be able to ignore his body's warnings, and we need to jump on them to keep them from getting this far. Next time, we may not be so lucky! But we are shocked that he had to stay for so long! Even some of the nurses were like, you're still here? We have had a screaming lady in the room next to us for a couple of days, so that will not be missed!!! Most all of the staff has been extremely nice, and I hate that I won't get to say goodbye to some of them, but hey, I'll get over it!!!
Well, my gourmet meal of chicken pie and juice just got ready!!
Later!!! OH, and this weather is absolutely fabulous!! I am glad that David will be out tomorrow, maybe he can sit on the deck for a few minutes! That should cure him!!!!! Hopefully Scruffy will come up soon - I haven't seen him in over a week!!!
Happy Saturday, everybody!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Okay, here is the deal, as of noonish on October 10 - David is still in the hospital, but OUR doctor is back now, thank GOD!! With him back in charge, we feel much much better, and feel a lot more optimistic about everything. He visited with David for almost an hour yesterday afternoon. I wasn't there because my wonderful daughter flew in from Chicago yesterday morning and spirited me away to a spa where I had the most wonderful massage ever! It was so nice, relaxing, and while it didn't take my mind off of things, it certainly went a long way in making me feel better. Then she and I ate quiche at the restaurant downstairs from the spa. Heaven!
So, Dr. Graham ordered another CT scan, which he had this morning. He is also getting an infection specialist in (I DO hope he is in our insurance network!!!) to review all of the films and try to figure out what is going on. Dr. G. does NOT believe that the cancer is causing this, contrary to what that idiot doctor told us the other day. In fact, David told him what the guy had said and he just shook his head. I hope Dr. Q gets jacked up for how he treated someone else's patient! Anyway, he also ordered strong steroid to be injected straight into David's chemport, to try to get some immediate improvement. The bad thing is that no chemo can be done while he is still running this fever. Hopefully, things won't go too crazy while he is healing from the pneumonia/infection. Last night David sweated quite a bit, so maybe it is doing what it is supposed to do. Erica and I came home for a couple of hours to take care of kitties, feed doggies, and to just unwind a bit. She leaves very early tomorrow morning, to get back to finish out this DaDa show. I am glad she came home, I really and truly needed her. And then next week, she and Fuzzy and their friends will be back here. We are hoping that David is doing fine by that time. That being said, we have NO idea when we are going to get to come home. I certainly hope tomorrow, but if Dr. G. thinks he needs to stay a little while longer, well that's why we're paying him the big bucks!
So that's it. Thanks for all of the prayers and calls and visits. It is nice to know that so many people really do care! I will keep you updated when I am near a computer again!

Friday, October 05, 2007


David got very sick on Wednesday and was admitted Thursday to St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson with pneumonia. He had a CT scan today to determine what all is involved. His regular doctor is out of town, so the one that is filling in for him has the bedside manner of an ox, scared us to death, pretty much dismissed us as "hopeless". Hours later, we have come to the realization that this guy just looked at the chart, the x-ray, how long we have been fighting this, and just blasted in with his gloom and doom. He does NOT know David, nor has he seen how David is, an optimistic fighter who won't take "hopeless" for an answer! Dr. Graham will be back Monday, thank goodness, and David has already shown improvement from last night! So we have decided to just take this other doctor's "diagnosis" with a grain of salt, hard as it might be.
So, please send up some extra prayers for David. My sister, Linda is staying at the hospital with us, and we just came back home to shower, feed the animals, regroup, then we are heading back this afternoon. I am tired, sore (from trying to sleep on the floor, a story for another blog), and have to go feed the animals, so this is all for now.
I will update soon.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another pic of Norma

Memaw Reid
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It just dawned on me that I had a closer single picture of Norma. Erica and Fuzzy's wedding pictures!!! So, here is another picture of the birthday girl!!

Happy Birthday, Norma!

Erica and Mamaw Reid
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This is a picture of Erica and David's mother, Norma, last Thanksgiving. Today is her 81st birthday!! I hope she has many more!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Well, here it is, Tuesday, the second day of October. And what a beautiful day it is, too. Not as warm (for the moment, at least), it is breezy, and party cloudy. I have done a little bit of yard work, but had to stop because my arms are shaking! I was trying to trim the bushes and holding the loppers up that long, well, fatigue set in pretty quickly, I am so out of shape!! We are going to try to get the yard done before it gets completely out of control, or before a snake comes up and thanks me, but David won't let me even get the mower out until he is here. And I agree with that. I am not familiar with this lawn mower operation, and I don't want to break it. We have time, though, since rain is not in the forecast for a few days.
So, David DID go back to work as planned yesterday. He had tons of paperwork, lots of phone calls, even had to go to one of the casinos yesterday. When his workday was done,however, he had to lie down for a little while, and we hit the bed pretty early last night. This morning, he got up at 6!! I got up shortly after, because I was so danged hungry, and feel really weird that he isn't here now!! I just talked to him and he said he could tell when his medicine wore off, he took more, and is now feeling better. I told him that he HAD to eat, though, so I don't know if he is coming home or eating at the casino. Like I said, it is weird to have him back at work. I have pretty much been with him 24/7 for the past 6 months!! I have plenty to do, but this afternoon, I may just enjoy the deck for a few minutes, just relax. It hasn't been a particularly easy last six months!!!! I don't have to get everything done all at once.
I think someone dumped a pregnant cat here on Sunday. I went outside and there she was, meowing, tame, very pregnant. Lawsey. People shouldn't have pets if they don't get them "fixed"!! I don't want kittens around here anymore, but if I call Animal Control, they will take her to Jackson to be euthanized. I will NOT do that! When I walked out on the deck around 7 this morning, there she was, curled up in a cat bed, and she jumped up and meowed at me. So, what can I do? I am apparently keeping Yvette, Yvonne, and Tommy since the Paws Rescue home didn't pan out. I don't need anymore. And of course, this cat is black! They are a dime a dozen around here!! But I can't turn my back on a living creature in need, so...
Well, I am hungry so I must eat. And my arms are still shaking!!! Maybe if I did work like that everyday, I would be a lot fitter!! Nah, not gonna happen.
Have a good day!

Monday, October 01, 2007

You're kidding me! Really????

A study was announced last week that said that when a man has cancer, his wife suffers too. And the wife feels anxious, and doesn't get the support that the patient gets, but needs it just as much. What rocket scientist finally figured THAT out, I wonder!? Pretty soon there will be another breakthrough "study" saying that chemotherapy can cause side effects!! No WONDER our doctor bills are so high!!