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Monday, September 10, 2007

What a night!

So, where did we leave off? Oh yeah, I was going to bed. Which I did, but I was having stomach pains and realized, hey, I didn't eat any supper!! So, I got up and ate some jello, drank some juice, read the news, then took 3 Benadryls, 2 ibuprofens, and headed back to bed. I was brushing my teeth again, when David started yelling that the phone was ringing. We figured it was a wrong number. WE were wrong, it was Norma, sobbing into the phone that she had fallen out of the bathtub, could we come over. It is 11:45. I told her yes, but it would be a few minutes, because David had been dead asleep and I had just "drugged" up for the night. So, off we go, at midnight. Oh, we saw the elusive Scruffy, licking his leg on the sidewalk of Polk Street. It was good to see that he was still alive.
Back to the story - we get there and she has managed to pull on her nightgown and turned on the light and unlocked the door, all by scooting across the floor. We couldn't get her up, so we called the fire department and about 25 to 30 minutes later, here they are. She was just dead weight and they had to just lift her straight up, something that David and I would not be able to do, especially with David's hip/back hurting him so badly lately. They got her into a chair and proceeded to tell her that, since she had fallen twice in four days, she needed to get the Life Alert monitor. Now I had sent off for the info last year and both she and my mother had no interest in it whatsoever, so I was so pissed off, I just threw the whole kit and kaboodle away. I told the firemen that, too, and they understood my frustration. Maybe NOW, they will listen and consider it. If they want to live alone, they HAVE to have it. What if this had happened last Sunday night? We were in Gulfport!! And, I hate to say this, but it's out there, if David doesn't get any better and the worst happens, I am not going to be mentally or physically capable of being their main contact if they fall. And the fireman kept saying, what if you had broken your hip, you wouldn't have been able to scoot to a phone!! Pretty much, folks, if David doesn't survive, I, myself, will be sprawled out on the floor, unable to get up! I won't be much help to anyone else, I guarantee it!
We left 2ish and then as tired as I was, I couldn't sleep. I started thrashing around in the bed, then went to the recliner, then finally took a sleeping pill at 4, which always makes me feel very groggy the next day. We thought that we were going to have to take Norma to the doctor this morning, but she apparently went by herself, but I expect her to come by here after she leaves there. And David isn't feeling well and is in the bed, and I have a million things to do, but I just cannot bring myself to start them. At least it isn't so hot outside.
We are the meat in the sandwich of the "sandwich" generation. But we aren't getting any younger, either, so what to do, what to do. I just feel like crying. Oops, I just did. I will be all right, though, so don't anybody worry about me. I can shake it off. I am not even spell checking this, nor rereading it, so typos may abound. Sorry.
Gotta go.


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