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Friday, September 14, 2007

Today was chemo and as usual, David is kind of washed out, but he has a lunch date tomorrow with two of his friends, so hopefully, he will feel much better by then. I am hoping that my leg/hip pain will be better tomorrow, because according to the weather forecast, it is supposed to be just lovely, cool breezes, low humidity, just what I want to see. It may be me just sitting out on the deck if the leg/hip pain is no better, which will be nice (not the pain, though).
I found out where Scruffy is spending most of his time now. I stopped and picked him up this morning and brought him here to have some canned cat food. And tonight when I was on the phone, sitting on the deck, here he comes, running up the stairs. I got him some more canned cat food, he ate, looked up, and then took off down the stairs, into the street, and was gone, in a flash! He may have been startled by the football game going on at the stadium. I know I was. I was standing in the front yard and all of a sudden "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN" and I just about jumped out of my skin, which didn't help my leg/hip very much. And that's the thing - I really can't tell if it is my hip or if it is my leg. All I know is that it almost makes me burst into tears when it hits, which is becoming more frequent as the day wears on. I may have to break down (which I am pretty sure I am doing!) and go to the doctor. I mean, I have to be able to walk.
So, it's just been another day of moonbeams and unicorn farts over here. I am sorry, I saw something or read something using that term and it is just so silly, I had to steal it.
Now I am going to try to go to sleep. I was awake until 2 this morning, then slept in the chair until 6ish, knowing we had to get to chemo early. It has taken its toll.


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