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Sunday, September 16, 2007

This weekend's festivities

Yesterday was gorgeous. That is the only way to describe the weather that we had. Cool, breezy, low humidity, bright blue sky, WOW, it was fabulous! David had been invited to have lunch with his friends, Tommy and John, so I was kind of left hanging. I mean, after six months of 24 hour a day togetherness, I didn't know what to do with myself!! And on such a beautiful day, I wanted to do something!! So, I called my sister, who I knew was also alone yesterday (the men in her family went to a movie) so she picked me up, we had a wonderful lunch of spaghetti at Billy's, walked around the outlet mall (sad, sad, empty stores!), then came home and sat on the deck for a couple of hours. It was so so nice!! Like she said, all she would have done was wash clothes, and really, there will just be more to wash later, so why NOT get out and enjoy and visit and commune with nature??
David got home just a few minutes after she left and while he had a good time, he had to rest up some. I stepped outside to bring in the cats and my good neighbor, Dessie was about to get in her car and so, more visiting and enjoying the weather. It is a small world - she works in the same place that my sister does!!! I called Linda and she was like "YOU ARE KIDDING!" which was about the same thing that Dessie said, too!!! So, I am really happy about that, another connection of friends and family. And Dessie told me she was getting married soon!! Big things a'happenin'! Now, if we could get a "For Sale" sign in another neighbor's yard......
A funny thing, while I was talking to Dessie, up strolls Scruffy, and she said that her grandson loved him and he liked to sit on her porch. I explained my partial ownership of him, that I had gotten him fixed, vaccinated, flea treated, doctored, and that I had put that pretty little tinkly collar on him! She has no problem with any of my animals, she said, but she is bothered by the house behind us. A family moved in there months ago, and they don't cut the grass very regularly, they have two vehicles up in their yard that he is working on, and they have toys spread all over the yard. I told her that yeah, it was kind of junky, but a few years ago it was a crack house, so I preferred who was living there now!!! She was about to go get Halloween decorations for her house, and I reminded her that Lurch and Fester were still up from last year, but hopefully, after Halloween this year, they will come down. I just cannot do it by myself, though, so maybe David will be able to help me, especially if he is back in the swing of things at work.
My leg, it is no better. I do not know what is wrong. It just feels like it "catches" and when it does, it takes my breath away. With that in mind, we ended up going to Norma's again last night because she needed help with something because she is still very sore from her fall, and her legs are so swollen she can hardly walk. While David helped her, I washed her dishes and wiped down the counter, and luckily, my hip or leg, whichever it is, didn't let me down. But today, even after another good night's sleep in the chair, it is really aching. I REALLY do not want to go to the doctor, I REALLY do not. And my mother told me that she needed to go to the doctor this week, and that I had to take her. okay. i will. So, with David's appointments, and my mother's and then possibly Norma's, there won't be time to fit a doctor's appointment in for me. So, three ibuprofens every few hours will just have to do the trick!!! And maybe I need to hook up with Ben Gay. I hear he's hot!
I just heard from Erica after her first night in their new apartment. She said they love it and it is just so huge, AND they have a washer/dryer combination and they have already washed four loads of clothes! She just loves it! The cats made the transition without much fanfare. As long as Erica and Fuzzy are around, Parker, Mustapha, and Latte really don't much care where they are!!! They are good grandcats!
And Christopher and Katie close on their new house this Friday. He is swamped at school, though, and is worried about not being there to help with work when his in-laws come in next weekend. I told him that I know he didn't know he would be buying a house a few weeks after school started when he decided to go to grad school, but he would have plenty of time to work on his house. Work on a house is NEVER done. But he and Katie are very excited about having their own place and they love the location. So, hopefully, Mokey and Doozer, their cats, will make the transition smoothly, too. I know Doozer will - he is one of the kittens from here and sat in Christopher's lap all the way up to South Carolina, just chillin'! I am hoping that maybe after the first of the year, David will have enough time built up and will feel up to it for us to go visit these new abodes of our children!
Well, that's it for now. It is so pretty outside, I think I will go out on the deck!!
Have a great afternoon!!

Update: We're going to Clinton!! David woke up with a craving for barbecue at Sonny's (a restaurant), so that works for me!! We will get our few groceries and the few for my mother over there, and hopefully, those three ibuprofens will kick in it will be a fun little excursion. Yay, for lovely weather!!!!


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