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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stuff and such on a Tuesday evening

Good evening. I hope that everyone has had a couple of good days. We eventually got hungry again, after the Lebanese dinner yesterday. I would like to have that food again and soon, especially those desserts! There was one that was like a little pie but it had nuts and dates in it that was fabulous! Okay, I will quit talking about it!!! But we were talking in the coffee shop today about how great it would be to be able to get that food any time!! MMMM, little pies with nuts and dates in them......
We think we have the bathing situation well in hand over at Norma's now. We stopped by Hometown Medical before going out there yesterday, and got her a handle that clamps on the tub for her to hold onto. She didn't want to spend the money on it, at first (it was rather expensive), but after she got in and out of the tub three times with no problem, she gladly wrote me a check for it! And today we got a long handle bar for her to hold onto, also, so things are looking up in that department!! We also told her to take her phone into the bathroom with her, just in case she fell again, God forbid. But we feel a lot better now about everything.
My leg feels better during the day, but at night, it is excruciating! Tonight I was trying to go down to the basement and I could not put any weight on it and just screamed in pain, which startled the cats immensely. It is still throbbing, even though I am sitting down, so I do not know what is going on. I just do NOT need this at this time!
David is coughing a lot again, these days, but I am hoping that maybe some of it is caused by allergies, because I have started coughing some, too. The weather is kind of wonky lately, all humid and hot, and with a huge thunderstorm tonight. Things are starting to bloom that cause allergies, too, so that is what I hope it is. We go to the doctor on Friday and I think we are going to see if he will up the dosage of the Camptosar (wow, that is just not something I thought I would be advocating!) just enough to see if we can get this under control. But, and this is probably for the best, he is going to want to wait until after the next four weeks of treatment and then do a CT scan before he changes the dosage. And really, that probably is the way to go, for the moment. But David still will be going back to work on Monday, but it is going to be slow going for a while. He just gets tired so very easily and needs to rest. Luckily, we live fairly close to the casinos, so he will be able to come home for a bit, then go back to work. And the more he works, I think he will be able to build up his stamina, maybe not to the point that it was a few years ago, but certainly enough to allow him to do his job, and do it well. He said he is mentally ready to go back to work, too, which is a good thing. Everyone knows how David is, very upbeat and optimistic, so we will just see what happens!!!
Well, I am tired. And my leg is still throbbing. I bought a new magazine with pumpkins on the front of it today, so I think I will go climb into the bed and look at the pretty pictures!!!!!!
Everyone have a great Wednesday!!!!


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