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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Still on the coast!

So, good morning, all! I am on Rick's computer, which, by the way, is MUCH better than my computer. We have had a good time, eating way WAY too much food. I know I have probably put on some weight in the last two days. We went to the new Hard Rock Cafe in the new casino and ate a wonderful hamburger. Waddling out the door, we then stopped at Ben and Jerry's, where I ate, what I thought was a SMALL cup of ice cream, which was delicious. David got a milkshake and then finished up my ice cream, too! We walked around looking at the displays, but one of the most interesting ones was a glass case holding items that had been washed away by Katrina. You know, the Hard Rock Casino was due to open the day the storm hit, and so much of the memorabelia washed away. This case held what was was recovered, and also had a picture of the casino after the storm. Unbelievable.
In fact, it is still quite unbelievable down here. While there is lots of new construction, and some beautiful new houses, there are still lots of slabs, with steps leading to nowhere, with a number spray painted on them. There are lots of buildings you can see through, and although they are cleaned up, it still is very disheartening. There were a few houses still in the exact place that the storm left them, nothing has been done to move them, which makes you wonder who owns them and did they survive. Yet there are businesses coming back, too, and the beach was pretty busy yesterday, before we had a downpour of rain. After a little rest, we went to eat AGAIN, and I don't know why, but I was hungry at midnight! Oh, what a pig I am!!
Anyway, we are getting ready to go to IGT to talk with David's boss. The little kitten did well on the trip. It was extremely hot coming down. We went through about four or five very heavy thunderstorms, but when we would drive out of them, the sun was shining right in my window, which was very hot, especially holding a little black thing covered in fur and a blanket! Well, one time she started panting and then just peed all over my leg. Bless her heart. She has been very good on her little vacation and has spent most of the time under the bed that we slept on. But she isn't going to be happy about getting back in the car, although I hope that she sleeps all the way back. I hope the critter menagerie is fine back home. I left everyone enough food and water to last for these few days, and if they ate it all at once, well, that's just too bad!!!
Have a great day and we will see you later!!


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