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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday night

Well, we got the new mattress and donated the other one to a rescue mission here. So, I will let you know if it feels better. It isn't one of those really thick ones, so the sheets and comforter fit a whole lot better. And now I won't feel like I need to leap up to get on the bed. Although, the highest bed I ever saw was one Cheryl got a few years ago. I literally DID try to leap on it, but it was just too high. I think she sent it back for something not quite so nose-bleed inducing!!! And I honestly felt like Goldilocks in the furniture store, laying on the beds, trying to find the one that was "just right". I halfway expected there to be some porridge on the dining tables they had for sale there, too!! But that is what is happening, new bed, hopefully restful sleep. If not, there is always the recliner.
I just watched the season premiere of "The Office" tonight. That show is just so great and for those of you who do watch it, weren't Jim and Pam just precious? But one of the funniest lines was Michael (Steve Carell) saying that he wasn't "superstitious", he was just "a little stitious". David was laying on the bed (new mattress!!) and even he started laughing, just hearing it. Erica, we must discuss it soon!!!! Poor, poor Sprinkles........
Well, I am going to go to my new bed!! I hope I just leap out of the bed tomorrow morning, raring to go, after a great night's sleep!! And I hope you do too!!!
Night night!!!


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