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Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday, Monday

Here it is, a beautiful Monday morning. If you didn't hear the notes in the above title, it is "Monday, Monday" by the Mamas and the Papas. Now you hear it, right??
I need to pay bills, wash dishes, take care of the animals, so I am sitting in front of the computer reading about last night's episode of "The 4400" (Billy Campbell is so good looking!), reading about the Emmy Awards, which never crossed my mind to actually watch, drinking coffee, eating granola bars, you know, essential things!
So, I guess I need to get this week started. Hopefully, no young man blogger will die (Adam Finley, last week), no cat will die (Billy Bob, last week), no mother-in-law will fall out of the tub (Norma, last week), my hip/leg will feel better - it just needs to be a better week, all around! Here's hoping for a great one!!!
My front yard did get cut yesterday, so it looks really great, but the backyard? Well, let's just say that when one of the cats crouches down to pounce on a wild leaf or blade of grass, you can only see their ears! I am afraid that I will be stepping on a snake, or something, which would NOT, I repeat, NOT be a good way to start the week!!! Hopefully, the snakes are elsewhere today!!! Unfortunately, "snake in the grass" actually could mean a REAL snake in the grass!!!! I will just have to hope that my "Croc knockoffs" would scare them away!!!!! Ooh, I just creeped myself out. Kittens, puppies, moonbeams, unicorns, yeah, that's better!!!!!!
Have a great great day, everybody!!!!!
Isn't that a cute turtle, chowing down?


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