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Monday, September 10, 2007

The latest from Reidville

Good news, Norma did not break anything in her fall last night. And the doctor is changing some of her medicine that may be the cause of her legs swelling so much and hurting so badly. GREAT!! We were so glad to hear it. And she was very upbeat after her doctor's appointment. Maybe she will be all right.
David has been sluggish today. We have figured out that the day after chemo, with this regimen, he feels great, it's those second and third days that really hit him hard. We have to work around that after he starts back to work. I am really concerned about that, but things will work out, hopefully.
We had a good time, though, this afternoon at the coffeeshop. Daniel and Leslie had been gone for a week to Santa Fe, so it was good to see him back where he belongs, PLUS it is his birthday today, so that was nice, too. We visited with some folks and then came home, after running by the drugstore and picking up three of our medicines. I am extremely tired right now, though, and really need to be in the bed.
Have a great evening and we'll see you soon.


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