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Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's quite different....

Last night was the first night that we slept on our new mattress. It was strange, where before the sheets would barely fit on the mattress, this time there was almost too much sheet! We tucked it in under the mattress, hoping that it would stay for the whole night. I cannot STAND to sleep on wrinkles! I am like the princess in "The Princess and the Pea", because I can feel everything that it out of place in a bed, a wrinkle, a piece of grit, and have actually made David get up so we can change sheets in the middle of the night. So, as we got into bed, David said, in regard to the now too big sheets, "let the complaining begin!". Yet, I did not complain! The bed is very firm now, and we don't roll over to the edges anymore, plus I liked the fact that it was lower, that I didn't have to put too much "oomph" to get on it! And this morning, I awoke fairly rested. Of course, the back, hip, and leg pains are still there, but I think that a few nights of sleeping on this will really make a difference there, too. My back had so much more support, which was nice, and because of that, I didn't have to go to the recliner to get comfortable. SO, I think it was a wise decision to go ahead and get this mattress situation taken care of now. Every little bit helps!
David is still recovering from his congestion that he got antibiotics for on Friday. He was running a bit of fever last night and today, but I think that today will be the turning point for that. I have found that after taking antibiotics for a couple of days, I feel much better on the third day. And since he is back on the clock tomorrow, it couldn't come at a better time!!
Today is a beautiful day. I sat on the deck for a while, and will probably go back later on this afternoon. It has gotten a little bit warm right now. But it sure is lovely, with a nice breeze, leaves gently gliding to the ground. And the sun angle is different, too, not quite as bright as just a few weeks ago, and filtering among the trees with slightly changing leaves, well, it is just breathtaking!! I do so love this time of year!! Dessie, one of my good neighbors, has a scarecrow on a bale of hay in front of her house. Marian, another good neighbor (oh, thanks for the use of your truck yesterday!) has her scarecrow sitting in a chair on her porch. I still have Lurch and Fester out behind the hedge from last year, but I am going to get some loppers and try to trim the hedges back and then put the spiderweb and spiders up, along with my Halloween flag, sometimes in the next week or so. I need to cut my grass - I am not sure that the neighbor who was doing that is still going to do it - and I think I will be ready for trick-or-treaters. I am so glad that daylight savings time will still be on for that day. I would prefer it to still be a little bit light while monsters are coming around to our front doors!!!!!
But before that, Erica and Fuzzy, plus Eric, Sara, and their daughter, Faelyn, will be coming to visit for a couple of days. I want it to be all decorated by then, so Faelyn will get to see it! She is only a year and a half old, so she will be seeing all of this for the first time, so I want it to be perfect.
October will be a busy month. Next weekend, Warren Central class reunion at Goldie's Restaurant. It ought to be a great time. Then the gang will be flying in here on the 19th, just in time for the family reunion on October 21. Unfortunately, they have to leave the reunion to catch their flight back to Chicago, but it will certainly be great to have them here, no matter how briefly. Then, October 26 and 27 will be Pigfest, across the river in Louisiana. Now Jean was planning to come, as she did last year, and I was so looking forward to her being here, just to "hang out" with a girlfriend, but she has family obligations and may not make it after all. I am disappointed, but I do understand.
But, all in all, October looks like it should be a lot of fun!! And on either October 7 or 10, I cannot remember which one, we will have lived in this house for 8 years!! Other than the cancer and the persnickety neighbors, it has been a great 8 years. One of the best things that we did was build our deck!! I hope that David and I both have many many more years to enjoy sitting out on it, watching the world go by and the seasons change!!
The picture today is of Ginny Hudspeth and her brand new baby boy, Weston Keith, born September 13. The proud papa is Brett, who is the "stepfather" of Buster, my beautiful black lab mix that he and Ginny adopted a couple of years ago, also pictured. Buster has a baby brother now, and I know he will be sweet and gentle as Weston grows. Congratulations, you two!!
I hope everyone has a nice Sunday evening and a good Monday morning!!


  • At Tuesday, October 02, 2007, Anonymous Sara and Faelyn said…

    Tricia! We are so excited to see you. Thank you again for opening your home to us! It will be our first trip to the south and we just can't wait. Faelyn is going to FLIP for the Kitties and Dogs and decor. She is just going to be in heaven. Maybe I will bring her Halloween costume so we can get some cute pics!!! I am so excited!
    MUCH LOVE!!!!


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