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Monday, September 24, 2007

I am so full, so very very full.

There is an expression that is used quite often down here in the South, one that I don't use too much, but is certainly apropos for today - I am full as a tick. Yuck, huh, but that is how I feel.
You see, we went to the Lebanese dinner (Actually it was "lunch", but everyone there called it dinner. Tonight's will be "supper".)and oh my goodness, was it tasty!! They give you a plate with, and forgive the spelling, since spell-check doesn't have Lebanese food in their spelling lists, four absolutely delicious cabbage rolls, a square of kibbee, unleavened bread (man, with butter and syrup that would have been a meal in itself!), tabouli, and green beans with a tomato concoction in it. LORDY, was it good! And David couldn't eat as much as I could, so I ate the rest of HIS cabbage rolls and kibbee! It is a good thing my jeans have an elastic waistband, because it was stretched to the breaking point! And then, AND THEN, Mrs. Nosser brings over this big "sweets" tray!! I brought home two small bags with baklava, sombuski(sp?), butterfingers (not the candy bar), something cakey that practically melted in your mouth and had a nut on top of it, and something else, I cannot even remember!! Lori Nosser was talking about how a cup of coffee would be so good with all of it. Well, YEAH, IT WOULD!!!! We are just too stuffed to eat it right now, though. In fact, David is taking a little rest and I am going to take a little Tums! We are going to go out to Norma's house to be there while she takes a bath, so we will take all of this with us. The whole "bath" thing is another story, but suffice it to say, she is not doing too well and needs us out there. But, back to the dinner!
Daniel had told us that we would see just about everyone in Vicksburg there, and he was just about right!! We sat with a couple that we had just seen a couple of weeks ago, the Cronias, but they were finishing up and they left, with us laughing about where we would see each other next! Michael Flanagan, a former co-worker of David's, and the guy who housesits for us when we are out of town for more than a couple of days, was there. Donna Farris Hardy was working there, looking great, but mopping her brow because of how muggy and hot it was in the kitchen, and we met her mother, who I had NO IDEA was her mother, but who I have been seeing all of my life. And of course, Joni Nosser was there, sweet as ever. There were other familiar faces there, some newer faces, and then the ones that have been in Vicksburg forever and ever, amen!! What gets me is the fact that all of these women working, cooking, serving get to do it all again tonight!!! And Mrs. Nosser said to me the other day that with as many Lebanese people in Vicksburg, why isn't there a Lebanese restaurant here? There is a market for it here, as evidenced by the hundreds of people who go to this every year. It would be nice to have another restaurant here anyway, and this would be something that would succeed, I think. Anyway, I am not going to want to eat anything until the next meal, that's for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, and Mr. Sunshine that I am married to? On the way home, out of the clear blue sky (although it is cloudy today), he says "if I am still poking around this time next year, I bet I will have to carry an oxygen tank" and I am like "WHAT???" because we were NOT talking about anything like that! He just felt like sharing, I guess, but that, and all of the sayings he wants on his tombstone, which he so considerately tells me right before bed, they kind of take a little chunk out of my heart each time. Some of the tombstone things are pretty funny, though, and I guess he will have to decide what he wants. But hopefully, that will be a LONG time from now, with or without an oxygen tank!!!!!!! But he sure picks some weird times to say these things to me!!!!
Well, I guess I had better get ready to go to Norma's. And we need to go look at a stove for MY mother. David and I always miss our dads, we wish they were around to advise us and talk to us, but at this time in our lives and our moms' lives, we REEEAALLLLY wish they were here to help us help the mothers!! I am not complaining, it is just wishful thinking. The couple that was finishing up their meal that we talked to? They are our parents' age, and they are just as spry and healthy and just go around and do whatever they like. There were quite a few elderly couples at the dinner, some more independent than others, but it was nice to see them. I hope that David and I will be there one day, too!!! Stuffing our faces with Lebanese food!!!!! We are sure going to try to make it happen!!!!!!


  • At Monday, September 24, 2007, Anonymous Cheryl said…

    I bet your are full from the sound of the menu and all they give you to eat. I haven't had that meal in so long. No one was selling the tickets at school this year, so I didn't even know it was today. And by the way, who won So You Think You Can Dance this year? I watched it a bunch this weekend on MTV (reruns) , but I fell asleep during the last results show, and now I don't know who won. I hope it was Sabra! Let me know, ok? Love you, Cheryl
    How is your leg doing today?

  • At Monday, September 24, 2007, Blogger Erica said…

    It WAS Sabra! She was great. It was a fun show.

  • At Tuesday, September 25, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What do you mean you are going to look at a stove for mom??? She nearly chewed me out just because I suggested having hers looked at!!!! Linda


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