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Friday, September 28, 2007

Doctor visit

So, because I knew that we had to be in Jackson for an 8:50 appointment, I took a sleeping pill last night. Sure enough, I went to sleep, BUT I woke up around 2:30 and stayed awake the rest of the night! I finally just gave up about 6:30 or so, after tossing and turning, and just got up, drank coffee, and started doing my pet chores. We actually got there on time, which I couldn't believe, since the traffic is usually so bad in the morning.
One of the things that we were extremely concerned about was David's cough. It has come back with a vengeance in the last couple of weeks, plus he has been running higher than normal fever. He has been very pragmatic about it, stating the obvious, that this could be a turn for the worse. And I know this. I am not dumb. So, I was actually THRILLED to hear that he had wheezing in his chest!!!! Dr. Graham said that he felt like it was something that can be cleared up with a steroid shot, which he got, and some antibiotics. Then Dr. Graham started filling out all of the paperwork that the insurance company had sent him about David going back to work. He got a letter typed up for us, filled out the paperwork - one of the questions was "can patient lift one hundred pounds over his head?" and Dr. Graham said "can I lift one hundred pounds over MY head?!", laughing over the ridiculousness of some of the questions. And y'all, he has just gotten so comfortable with us. He had gone online after the last visit and printed out the Duane Allman carving article and now has it in David's "permanent" file. Then he told us about taking one of his sons (college age) and six of his friends to a rock concert recently, where the opening act was "Doctor Dog"! He said they were good!! We were there a couple of hours while they did all that, with David laying up on the bed. That is a nice bunch of folks, angels on earth, for all that they do. I am really grateful to know them.
One thing that wasn't good was the cancer marker number. It had gone up quite a bit within a month's time, but you know, we just went, eh, okay, that isn't surprising, let's talk about rock and roll!!!!
OH, and speaking of rock and roll, we have to get a new mattress. Rock and roll, you may be asking yourself, what does a mattress have to do with that? Okay, David has been having very bad hip pain, and that was another concern that we wanted to ask the doctor about. And of course, my leg has been killing me lately, too. He said that we probably need a new mattress. Good thing we have been looking! So, yesterday, we were looking at mattresses at a local furniture store and the salesman's phone started to ring and he said it was his wife. The song was "FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS" by Queen. I looked at him and said, "YOU HAVE FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS AS YOUR WIFE'S RINGTONE?". He said yeah, he loved his fat bottomed girl!! Well, we are going to buy a mattress from him, but can you imagine? Although I know that we fat bottomed girls DO make the rockin' world go 'round!!!
We are buying a low end mattress, however. The one we like, well yeah, it is great, but it is several hundred dollars more than what we can afford. And buying a new mattress is not something that I want to be doing now, but I think it would behoove us to have more support when we sleep. And just a few years ago, we DID buy a high end mattress and it was no good within a couple of years, so, who knows? This one may last for decades! I hope WE do, too!!
So tomorrow we go get the new mattress, and I cannot wait to sleep on it tomorrow night! It will be interesting to see how fast our aches and pains diminish, because I KNOW when I sleep in the recliner, I don't hurt near as bad as I do on that horrible mattress. I really want to get some new sheets to go on it, and would have today, but totally forgot about it. I have plenty of sheets, though. I just wanted some new ones!!!!!
We ended up having a nice day in Jackson, but with me being awake since 2 a.m., I just kind of ran out of fuel pretty early on. And it was extremely hot, more so since I was wearing black jeans. I am just so ready for cool weather, although in the shade it was nice and it is very pleasant outside right now. I am just tired of sweating, though, you know? We looked all over the place for hunter green miniblinds, but apparently no one makes them anymore. We had no trouble finding them when we moved into this house 8 years ago, but now you can only find white ones. Well, we have plenty of white ones, we want green ones!! I told David that we ought to just buy some of that spray paint that paints vinyl and plastic, but he doesn't want to do that. I cannot even find any online, that is how scarce they are!!! What's the deal? Did the green mini blind manufacturer go belly-up, or something? It is odd, I think.
I am tired and am going to go to bed now. Tomorrow will be an extremely busy day.
Oh, and Erica's play, DADA, was in another article in Chicago and her picture, along with three others, was in it. It is doing very well and getting very good reviews. We are very proud of her!!
And Christopher and Katie should be moving into their new home this weekend! That is so exciting, they are homeowners now!!! I can't wait to see it. And Erica and Fuzzy are getting settled into their new apartment, which they just love, too. My sister-in-law, Susan, and her family just moved into a new house this week, too. David's brother, Kyle, and his family, will be moving into THEIR new house within the next few weeks, too. Pretty exciting time for the Reid clan, don't you think? I just hope that none of them needs hunter green mini blinds. They will be out of luck!
Have a good Saturday!
Oh, and David will be going back to work Monday morning! I feel like I am sending off my kid to kindergarten all over again!!! But this time, the kid can drive!! I think it is going to be a good thing and by then, the antibiotics should have kicked in big time and he should be feeling pretty dang good! He will take it slowly, build up his stamina. That can ONLY be good, I think! But I would so appreciate it if everyone would send up a little "shout out" for him, kind of send him back into the workforce with little angels fluttering around him! Aw, that is such a sweet image!! Thanks for everyone's kind thoughts and prayers, because they do help, believe me!!


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