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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Monday!

Ginny and Weston

Ginny and Weston
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I finally had to move this picture to Flickr! So, here it is, Ginny and Weston Hudspeth!

Okay, here is an update

When I tried to post the picture of Ginny and her new baby, it wouldn't let me do it! So, there is the picture of Buster. Hopefully, Blogger Dashboard will fix whatever is happening now and I can put the picture of them on here some time today. I am annoyed.

It's quite different....

Last night was the first night that we slept on our new mattress. It was strange, where before the sheets would barely fit on the mattress, this time there was almost too much sheet! We tucked it in under the mattress, hoping that it would stay for the whole night. I cannot STAND to sleep on wrinkles! I am like the princess in "The Princess and the Pea", because I can feel everything that it out of place in a bed, a wrinkle, a piece of grit, and have actually made David get up so we can change sheets in the middle of the night. So, as we got into bed, David said, in regard to the now too big sheets, "let the complaining begin!". Yet, I did not complain! The bed is very firm now, and we don't roll over to the edges anymore, plus I liked the fact that it was lower, that I didn't have to put too much "oomph" to get on it! And this morning, I awoke fairly rested. Of course, the back, hip, and leg pains are still there, but I think that a few nights of sleeping on this will really make a difference there, too. My back had so much more support, which was nice, and because of that, I didn't have to go to the recliner to get comfortable. SO, I think it was a wise decision to go ahead and get this mattress situation taken care of now. Every little bit helps!
David is still recovering from his congestion that he got antibiotics for on Friday. He was running a bit of fever last night and today, but I think that today will be the turning point for that. I have found that after taking antibiotics for a couple of days, I feel much better on the third day. And since he is back on the clock tomorrow, it couldn't come at a better time!!
Today is a beautiful day. I sat on the deck for a while, and will probably go back later on this afternoon. It has gotten a little bit warm right now. But it sure is lovely, with a nice breeze, leaves gently gliding to the ground. And the sun angle is different, too, not quite as bright as just a few weeks ago, and filtering among the trees with slightly changing leaves, well, it is just breathtaking!! I do so love this time of year!! Dessie, one of my good neighbors, has a scarecrow on a bale of hay in front of her house. Marian, another good neighbor (oh, thanks for the use of your truck yesterday!) has her scarecrow sitting in a chair on her porch. I still have Lurch and Fester out behind the hedge from last year, but I am going to get some loppers and try to trim the hedges back and then put the spiderweb and spiders up, along with my Halloween flag, sometimes in the next week or so. I need to cut my grass - I am not sure that the neighbor who was doing that is still going to do it - and I think I will be ready for trick-or-treaters. I am so glad that daylight savings time will still be on for that day. I would prefer it to still be a little bit light while monsters are coming around to our front doors!!!!!
But before that, Erica and Fuzzy, plus Eric, Sara, and their daughter, Faelyn, will be coming to visit for a couple of days. I want it to be all decorated by then, so Faelyn will get to see it! She is only a year and a half old, so she will be seeing all of this for the first time, so I want it to be perfect.
October will be a busy month. Next weekend, Warren Central class reunion at Goldie's Restaurant. It ought to be a great time. Then the gang will be flying in here on the 19th, just in time for the family reunion on October 21. Unfortunately, they have to leave the reunion to catch their flight back to Chicago, but it will certainly be great to have them here, no matter how briefly. Then, October 26 and 27 will be Pigfest, across the river in Louisiana. Now Jean was planning to come, as she did last year, and I was so looking forward to her being here, just to "hang out" with a girlfriend, but she has family obligations and may not make it after all. I am disappointed, but I do understand.
But, all in all, October looks like it should be a lot of fun!! And on either October 7 or 10, I cannot remember which one, we will have lived in this house for 8 years!! Other than the cancer and the persnickety neighbors, it has been a great 8 years. One of the best things that we did was build our deck!! I hope that David and I both have many many more years to enjoy sitting out on it, watching the world go by and the seasons change!!
The picture today is of Ginny Hudspeth and her brand new baby boy, Weston Keith, born September 13. The proud papa is Brett, who is the "stepfather" of Buster, my beautiful black lab mix that he and Ginny adopted a couple of years ago, also pictured. Buster has a baby brother now, and I know he will be sweet and gentle as Weston grows. Congratulations, you two!!
I hope everyone has a nice Sunday evening and a good Monday morning!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday night

Well, we got the new mattress and donated the other one to a rescue mission here. So, I will let you know if it feels better. It isn't one of those really thick ones, so the sheets and comforter fit a whole lot better. And now I won't feel like I need to leap up to get on the bed. Although, the highest bed I ever saw was one Cheryl got a few years ago. I literally DID try to leap on it, but it was just too high. I think she sent it back for something not quite so nose-bleed inducing!!! And I honestly felt like Goldilocks in the furniture store, laying on the beds, trying to find the one that was "just right". I halfway expected there to be some porridge on the dining tables they had for sale there, too!! But that is what is happening, new bed, hopefully restful sleep. If not, there is always the recliner.
I just watched the season premiere of "The Office" tonight. That show is just so great and for those of you who do watch it, weren't Jim and Pam just precious? But one of the funniest lines was Michael (Steve Carell) saying that he wasn't "superstitious", he was just "a little stitious". David was laying on the bed (new mattress!!) and even he started laughing, just hearing it. Erica, we must discuss it soon!!!! Poor, poor Sprinkles........
Well, I am going to go to my new bed!! I hope I just leap out of the bed tomorrow morning, raring to go, after a great night's sleep!! And I hope you do too!!!
Night night!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Doctor visit

So, because I knew that we had to be in Jackson for an 8:50 appointment, I took a sleeping pill last night. Sure enough, I went to sleep, BUT I woke up around 2:30 and stayed awake the rest of the night! I finally just gave up about 6:30 or so, after tossing and turning, and just got up, drank coffee, and started doing my pet chores. We actually got there on time, which I couldn't believe, since the traffic is usually so bad in the morning.
One of the things that we were extremely concerned about was David's cough. It has come back with a vengeance in the last couple of weeks, plus he has been running higher than normal fever. He has been very pragmatic about it, stating the obvious, that this could be a turn for the worse. And I know this. I am not dumb. So, I was actually THRILLED to hear that he had wheezing in his chest!!!! Dr. Graham said that he felt like it was something that can be cleared up with a steroid shot, which he got, and some antibiotics. Then Dr. Graham started filling out all of the paperwork that the insurance company had sent him about David going back to work. He got a letter typed up for us, filled out the paperwork - one of the questions was "can patient lift one hundred pounds over his head?" and Dr. Graham said "can I lift one hundred pounds over MY head?!", laughing over the ridiculousness of some of the questions. And y'all, he has just gotten so comfortable with us. He had gone online after the last visit and printed out the Duane Allman carving article and now has it in David's "permanent" file. Then he told us about taking one of his sons (college age) and six of his friends to a rock concert recently, where the opening act was "Doctor Dog"! He said they were good!! We were there a couple of hours while they did all that, with David laying up on the bed. That is a nice bunch of folks, angels on earth, for all that they do. I am really grateful to know them.
One thing that wasn't good was the cancer marker number. It had gone up quite a bit within a month's time, but you know, we just went, eh, okay, that isn't surprising, let's talk about rock and roll!!!!
OH, and speaking of rock and roll, we have to get a new mattress. Rock and roll, you may be asking yourself, what does a mattress have to do with that? Okay, David has been having very bad hip pain, and that was another concern that we wanted to ask the doctor about. And of course, my leg has been killing me lately, too. He said that we probably need a new mattress. Good thing we have been looking! So, yesterday, we were looking at mattresses at a local furniture store and the salesman's phone started to ring and he said it was his wife. The song was "FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS" by Queen. I looked at him and said, "YOU HAVE FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS AS YOUR WIFE'S RINGTONE?". He said yeah, he loved his fat bottomed girl!! Well, we are going to buy a mattress from him, but can you imagine? Although I know that we fat bottomed girls DO make the rockin' world go 'round!!!
We are buying a low end mattress, however. The one we like, well yeah, it is great, but it is several hundred dollars more than what we can afford. And buying a new mattress is not something that I want to be doing now, but I think it would behoove us to have more support when we sleep. And just a few years ago, we DID buy a high end mattress and it was no good within a couple of years, so, who knows? This one may last for decades! I hope WE do, too!!
So tomorrow we go get the new mattress, and I cannot wait to sleep on it tomorrow night! It will be interesting to see how fast our aches and pains diminish, because I KNOW when I sleep in the recliner, I don't hurt near as bad as I do on that horrible mattress. I really want to get some new sheets to go on it, and would have today, but totally forgot about it. I have plenty of sheets, though. I just wanted some new ones!!!!!
We ended up having a nice day in Jackson, but with me being awake since 2 a.m., I just kind of ran out of fuel pretty early on. And it was extremely hot, more so since I was wearing black jeans. I am just so ready for cool weather, although in the shade it was nice and it is very pleasant outside right now. I am just tired of sweating, though, you know? We looked all over the place for hunter green miniblinds, but apparently no one makes them anymore. We had no trouble finding them when we moved into this house 8 years ago, but now you can only find white ones. Well, we have plenty of white ones, we want green ones!! I told David that we ought to just buy some of that spray paint that paints vinyl and plastic, but he doesn't want to do that. I cannot even find any online, that is how scarce they are!!! What's the deal? Did the green mini blind manufacturer go belly-up, or something? It is odd, I think.
I am tired and am going to go to bed now. Tomorrow will be an extremely busy day.
Oh, and Erica's play, DADA, was in another article in Chicago and her picture, along with three others, was in it. It is doing very well and getting very good reviews. We are very proud of her!!
And Christopher and Katie should be moving into their new home this weekend! That is so exciting, they are homeowners now!!! I can't wait to see it. And Erica and Fuzzy are getting settled into their new apartment, which they just love, too. My sister-in-law, Susan, and her family just moved into a new house this week, too. David's brother, Kyle, and his family, will be moving into THEIR new house within the next few weeks, too. Pretty exciting time for the Reid clan, don't you think? I just hope that none of them needs hunter green mini blinds. They will be out of luck!
Have a good Saturday!
Oh, and David will be going back to work Monday morning! I feel like I am sending off my kid to kindergarten all over again!!! But this time, the kid can drive!! I think it is going to be a good thing and by then, the antibiotics should have kicked in big time and he should be feeling pretty dang good! He will take it slowly, build up his stamina. That can ONLY be good, I think! But I would so appreciate it if everyone would send up a little "shout out" for him, kind of send him back into the workforce with little angels fluttering around him! Aw, that is such a sweet image!! Thanks for everyone's kind thoughts and prayers, because they do help, believe me!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


This picture is from the website, "Cute Overload". And this certainly is!

Whatcha wanna bet the dog had something to do with this?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stuff and such on a Tuesday evening

Good evening. I hope that everyone has had a couple of good days. We eventually got hungry again, after the Lebanese dinner yesterday. I would like to have that food again and soon, especially those desserts! There was one that was like a little pie but it had nuts and dates in it that was fabulous! Okay, I will quit talking about it!!! But we were talking in the coffee shop today about how great it would be to be able to get that food any time!! MMMM, little pies with nuts and dates in them......
We think we have the bathing situation well in hand over at Norma's now. We stopped by Hometown Medical before going out there yesterday, and got her a handle that clamps on the tub for her to hold onto. She didn't want to spend the money on it, at first (it was rather expensive), but after she got in and out of the tub three times with no problem, she gladly wrote me a check for it! And today we got a long handle bar for her to hold onto, also, so things are looking up in that department!! We also told her to take her phone into the bathroom with her, just in case she fell again, God forbid. But we feel a lot better now about everything.
My leg feels better during the day, but at night, it is excruciating! Tonight I was trying to go down to the basement and I could not put any weight on it and just screamed in pain, which startled the cats immensely. It is still throbbing, even though I am sitting down, so I do not know what is going on. I just do NOT need this at this time!
David is coughing a lot again, these days, but I am hoping that maybe some of it is caused by allergies, because I have started coughing some, too. The weather is kind of wonky lately, all humid and hot, and with a huge thunderstorm tonight. Things are starting to bloom that cause allergies, too, so that is what I hope it is. We go to the doctor on Friday and I think we are going to see if he will up the dosage of the Camptosar (wow, that is just not something I thought I would be advocating!) just enough to see if we can get this under control. But, and this is probably for the best, he is going to want to wait until after the next four weeks of treatment and then do a CT scan before he changes the dosage. And really, that probably is the way to go, for the moment. But David still will be going back to work on Monday, but it is going to be slow going for a while. He just gets tired so very easily and needs to rest. Luckily, we live fairly close to the casinos, so he will be able to come home for a bit, then go back to work. And the more he works, I think he will be able to build up his stamina, maybe not to the point that it was a few years ago, but certainly enough to allow him to do his job, and do it well. He said he is mentally ready to go back to work, too, which is a good thing. Everyone knows how David is, very upbeat and optimistic, so we will just see what happens!!!
Well, I am tired. And my leg is still throbbing. I bought a new magazine with pumpkins on the front of it today, so I think I will go climb into the bed and look at the pretty pictures!!!!!!
Everyone have a great Wednesday!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

I am so full, so very very full.

There is an expression that is used quite often down here in the South, one that I don't use too much, but is certainly apropos for today - I am full as a tick. Yuck, huh, but that is how I feel.
You see, we went to the Lebanese dinner (Actually it was "lunch", but everyone there called it dinner. Tonight's will be "supper".)and oh my goodness, was it tasty!! They give you a plate with, and forgive the spelling, since spell-check doesn't have Lebanese food in their spelling lists, four absolutely delicious cabbage rolls, a square of kibbee, unleavened bread (man, with butter and syrup that would have been a meal in itself!), tabouli, and green beans with a tomato concoction in it. LORDY, was it good! And David couldn't eat as much as I could, so I ate the rest of HIS cabbage rolls and kibbee! It is a good thing my jeans have an elastic waistband, because it was stretched to the breaking point! And then, AND THEN, Mrs. Nosser brings over this big "sweets" tray!! I brought home two small bags with baklava, sombuski(sp?), butterfingers (not the candy bar), something cakey that practically melted in your mouth and had a nut on top of it, and something else, I cannot even remember!! Lori Nosser was talking about how a cup of coffee would be so good with all of it. Well, YEAH, IT WOULD!!!! We are just too stuffed to eat it right now, though. In fact, David is taking a little rest and I am going to take a little Tums! We are going to go out to Norma's house to be there while she takes a bath, so we will take all of this with us. The whole "bath" thing is another story, but suffice it to say, she is not doing too well and needs us out there. But, back to the dinner!
Daniel had told us that we would see just about everyone in Vicksburg there, and he was just about right!! We sat with a couple that we had just seen a couple of weeks ago, the Cronias, but they were finishing up and they left, with us laughing about where we would see each other next! Michael Flanagan, a former co-worker of David's, and the guy who housesits for us when we are out of town for more than a couple of days, was there. Donna Farris Hardy was working there, looking great, but mopping her brow because of how muggy and hot it was in the kitchen, and we met her mother, who I had NO IDEA was her mother, but who I have been seeing all of my life. And of course, Joni Nosser was there, sweet as ever. There were other familiar faces there, some newer faces, and then the ones that have been in Vicksburg forever and ever, amen!! What gets me is the fact that all of these women working, cooking, serving get to do it all again tonight!!! And Mrs. Nosser said to me the other day that with as many Lebanese people in Vicksburg, why isn't there a Lebanese restaurant here? There is a market for it here, as evidenced by the hundreds of people who go to this every year. It would be nice to have another restaurant here anyway, and this would be something that would succeed, I think. Anyway, I am not going to want to eat anything until the next meal, that's for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, and Mr. Sunshine that I am married to? On the way home, out of the clear blue sky (although it is cloudy today), he says "if I am still poking around this time next year, I bet I will have to carry an oxygen tank" and I am like "WHAT???" because we were NOT talking about anything like that! He just felt like sharing, I guess, but that, and all of the sayings he wants on his tombstone, which he so considerately tells me right before bed, they kind of take a little chunk out of my heart each time. Some of the tombstone things are pretty funny, though, and I guess he will have to decide what he wants. But hopefully, that will be a LONG time from now, with or without an oxygen tank!!!!!!! But he sure picks some weird times to say these things to me!!!!
Well, I guess I had better get ready to go to Norma's. And we need to go look at a stove for MY mother. David and I always miss our dads, we wish they were around to advise us and talk to us, but at this time in our lives and our moms' lives, we REEEAALLLLY wish they were here to help us help the mothers!! I am not complaining, it is just wishful thinking. The couple that was finishing up their meal that we talked to? They are our parents' age, and they are just as spry and healthy and just go around and do whatever they like. There were quite a few elderly couples at the dinner, some more independent than others, but it was nice to see them. I hope that David and I will be there one day, too!!! Stuffing our faces with Lebanese food!!!!! We are sure going to try to make it happen!!!!!!

I know I am early, but.......

I just couldn't resist!! You KNOW I've got a million of 'em!!! And I know how to use them!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

Good afternoon, all, on this autumnal equinox. It is still really hot and muggy, but I am hoping that after the rain that is forecast for our area moves on out, we will have some bonafide, fall weather! I just love the colors, the crispness of the air, the blue of the sky, Halloween decorations, I JUST LOVE IT!
I am knocking on wood as I type this, but, BUT, I think my leg may be a tad bit better! It still hurts, but I haven't had to scream out in the last twenty four hours, NOR has it almost buckled under me. So, I still am thinking that it is a pulled muscle, from where the pain is and the fact that when I am off of it, there is absolutely no pain at all. Because I have not been in such agony, I have actually gotten lots done, clothes washed and actually put away, dishes washed and partly put away, gathered up the garbage and taken it out. Now, I would be lying if I said that walking up and down the stairs didn't hurt, but again, it is so much better, I have high hopes that in the next few days, it will be just fine. I am even going to try to cut the backyard sometimes this week, but I am not sure how that will go since it is so high. In fact, I was looking for my black and white kitty last night, and she was just crouched down in the grass, only the tips of her ears showing!!! It was so cute, but WRONG, because I am really afraid that an anaconda, or a garden snake, will run across my feet, and then, Bob's your uncle, I will drop dead!!!
Yesterday, David pretty much slept all day long, but he did have chemo on Friday, so that was to be expected. I was still hobbling around and decided to get a pot down from my pot rack and a Calphalon lid, very heavy, fell and hit me on the chin, where I now have a bump and a bruise! I am just very thankful that it didn't hit my teeth, my nose, or broke my glasses!!! And the stuff I ended up cooking? It wasn't great. Another reason to eat out!!!!!
Friday afternoon, Carolyn B., who has been living in North Carolina for the past year, was in town on her birthday, so she met me at the coffee shop for a little visit. Odds are that they won't be coming back to Vicksburg next year, as they had planned. I wasn't surprised at all, by that news. But it was good to see her, however briefly.
I just had a nice conversation with Lynda G. Lynda, we must talk again, and yes, David will call you later and was thrilled with your news! Ah, inside information..... sorry 'bout that, everyone else!!!
While I was talking to Lynda, I was out on the deck and IT IS SO HOT AND MUGGY!!! But it is lovely, I'll give it that. An anaconda waved his head at me from the yard, though. I flipped him off. He, having no arms, couldn't respond.
Tomorrow is the Lebanese dinner. Now, I have never gone to one, but David is really itching to go, PLUS Mrs. Nosser called and wants us to come when she will be there. So, we will be eating lunch there. I will let you know how it goes. I am a fried chicken kind of girl, so I don't know how much I will like this food, but I am willing to give it a try. It is similar to the food that I have eaten at Christopher's and Katie's favorite restaurant in Columbia, so I am kind of familiar with it.
Speaking of Christopher and Katie, they are now homeowners!! They signed the papers on Friday and he is so excited. He is busy in school, but his in-laws came down from Cape May (ah, Cape May) and they are painting today and doing some electrical work. They got a washer and dryer yesterday, a new bathroom sink, and it just sounds wonderful! I cannot wait to see it!!!!
Well, there is a loose dog walking around. My dogs, the rottweilers, and various other dogs are going berserk because of this dog. I don't know where a couple of outside cats are, so I hope they are just hiding now. I didn't let my other cats out today, though, because the male yp was in his yard. I just didn't need the aggravation.
I guess I had better go see what to do about this dog. Lawsey, it's always something in this neighborhood!!!!
The above picture was taken last Saturday at John Black's house, where he, David, and Tommy Terry had lunch. Tommy is in the middle, John on the right, and of course, David is on the phone, talking to the "fourth muskateer", J. W. Hellums. A good time was had by all.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cats on drugs

Friday, September 21, 2007


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Yes, this is my son-in-law. He didn't win "Impress These Apes", but dang it y'all, he is wearing a banana suit! I just called Erica to tell her how happy I would be if he wore it to the family reunion in October!!!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reflections on today

So, today is September 20. My niece, Lace, turns five today. Happy Birthday, Lace! But, on this date in 2004, David underwent life changing surgery, at St. Dominic in Jackson. They removed the cancer, found a little more, removed that, too! It was a very scary day, but we were surrounded by family and friends. Erica and I stayed at a hotel near the hospital, while he was in ICU. When he was moved to a private room, I switched kids and Christopher and I stayed in the room with him, both of us sleeping on a fold out bed. We were told they got it all, the margins were "clean", and the chemo he would need would essentially be "mop up". Sadly, that's not what it turned out to be. Unbeknownst to us, even then, there was cancer growing in the lungs, that the readers of the tests all missed. We feel that was divine intervention, though, because our doctor said that had he known about the lung nodules, he wouldn't have done the surgery and would have hit him hard with chemo. David and I both feel very very strongly that he would not have survived, had they done that. The pain from the original tumor had to be addressed, too, so we feel that things happened for the best. I mean, here he is, 3 years later, and after quite a bit of a setback, one in which we weren't sure he would come out of, planning to go back to work in a little over a week!!! We don't know how that will work out, but he is excited about seeing his co-workers and getting back into the middle of the exciting world of slot machines! I will police him, if he needs to take a nap, well, then, he has to take a nap. They know that he is not going to be able to work 10 hours every day, as he did a few years ago, and I think that they want to do everything they can to keep him. Besides wanting to be back at work for working's sake, he really has to because of insurance. Cancer ain't cheap!! But everyone seems genuinely glad to have David coming back to work, after all of this time. I think it will do him a world of good, and, hopefully, he will be able to work for years, without another setback. Of course, we recognize problems now, and they can be addressed more promptly, hopefully getting the proper treatments earlier. And I think the oncologist has made David a high priority, calling him "remarkable" and a "miracle". He, and the nurses here at the Cancer Clinic, will jump at the first sign of a major problem. And unfortunately, we NOW know about the SHINGLES!!!!! He is still taking medicine to keep that from coming back.

And, speaking of which, we have a doctor's appointment in a little over an hour. Speaking of insurance, our insurance company sent us a letter stating that this doctor was not in network, that they were not reconsidering payment, blah blah blah, yada yada yada, and my sister went to the website, found the doctor's name that he WAS in the PPO network system!! So, I faxed that information, plus the squinky little letter to our case manager, who, if she hadn't been on a "secure and recorded line for quality purposes" would have really liked to tell me what she thought of all of this!! She hasn't gotten back to us yet, but COME ON insurance company, pay the damn claim!! And they have started kicking out his chemo claims, saying that we have to submit the chemo drugs to the prescription drug plan! Yeah, like we can call up the drugstore and ask for Camptosar, Erbitux, a bag of Benadryl, and hey, could you throw in some Aloxi for nausea, while you are at it? Yeah, thanks, here is 10,000 dollars!!!!!!!!! I am hoping that Jackson Oncology is taking care of that while we are trying to straighten up the other insurance mess. Stay tuned.
Gotta go let the menagerie out now!!! Have a great day!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Celia's birthday present

My friend, Celia Rivenbark, in Wilmington, North Carolina, had her 51st birthday on Sunday. This is her birthday present. I told her that I could send her a picture of me with my '92 Subaru Legacy with the broken passenger door handle, but I didn't want to make her jealous!
And y'all, doesn't she look great?? AND she has a daughter in the fifth grade!! Maybe THAT is what is keeping her so young!!


Okay, this leg thing is causing me the worst "intermittent" pain! It's like I am walking alongside, Matt Roloff, star of TLC's "Little People, Big World". We are just walking along, and then WHAM, he slams a knife into my thigh, then twists it, I cry out, almost fall to the ground, then he takes it out, and we continue walking a few feet, then WHAM, he does it again! What is up with that? Does that sound like a pulled muscle? I really do not know! My back is hurting more, could it be a pinched nerve? I don't know! I wish I could just stay in the recliner today, not do anything and see if rest would help it, but we have that appointment with Social Security today, and David is not feeling very well, so I will need to be with him. But if I have to drive, I don't know, it is my right leg!!! I've put heat on it, some cream on it (icy hot like stuff), rubbed it, and it is the strangest thing. When it is not hurting, IT REALLY IS NOT HURTING!!! But when it is, wow, I burst into tears last night, trying to get off the couch! So, what does this sound like to all of you "doctors" at home? Any suggestions? And yeah, I do need to go to the doctor, but David has an appointment Thursday, chemo on Friday, I really would like to try any alternatives at home before I head to the doctor, because you know they will have to do x-rays and all and I just do not have the time, nor the patience, for all of that foofarol. Is that how you spell "foofarol"? It's not in "spellcheck"!
And someone left an odd comment on my Jewish cat post. I think it may be spam, because I don't think it is a regular reader of my "column". If he or she was, they would realize that I just wanted to put a cute Jewish cat picture up, not debate the history of Rosh Hashonna,and I probably just totally spelled that so very wrong. Again, spellcheck doesn't have that word in it.
Well, I can't put off the day any longer. My granola bar is gone, my coffee is almost gone, animals are starving, so I had better be on my merry, yet painful, way!
HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!! Oh, and any suggestions for abovementioned leg would really be appreciated!!! I need everyone's feedback on what to do. Thanky much!!

UPDATE: So, we have been to the SS office and have to go back to take the pathology report from David's last CT scan. Boy, is IT filled with good news. Anyway, I am reporting that my leg is a teensy weensy bit better! Of course, I am filled with ibuprofen, but when I took care of the critters today, I actually didn't scream and fall to the ground!! Last night was the worst of the pain, and I guess, and I HOPE, that that was the worst of it, and it will continue to improve daily. YAY! I was really getting tired of it and really was worried I would just fall down in a store, or something. I hope that I am not jinxing it by mentioning that it is better, though. I need to go knock on some wood!!! I did. I'm safe.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday, Monday

Here it is, a beautiful Monday morning. If you didn't hear the notes in the above title, it is "Monday, Monday" by the Mamas and the Papas. Now you hear it, right??
I need to pay bills, wash dishes, take care of the animals, so I am sitting in front of the computer reading about last night's episode of "The 4400" (Billy Campbell is so good looking!), reading about the Emmy Awards, which never crossed my mind to actually watch, drinking coffee, eating granola bars, you know, essential things!
So, I guess I need to get this week started. Hopefully, no young man blogger will die (Adam Finley, last week), no cat will die (Billy Bob, last week), no mother-in-law will fall out of the tub (Norma, last week), my hip/leg will feel better - it just needs to be a better week, all around! Here's hoping for a great one!!!
My front yard did get cut yesterday, so it looks really great, but the backyard? Well, let's just say that when one of the cats crouches down to pounce on a wild leaf or blade of grass, you can only see their ears! I am afraid that I will be stepping on a snake, or something, which would NOT, I repeat, NOT be a good way to start the week!!! Hopefully, the snakes are elsewhere today!!! Unfortunately, "snake in the grass" actually could mean a REAL snake in the grass!!!! I will just have to hope that my "Croc knockoffs" would scare them away!!!!! Ooh, I just creeped myself out. Kittens, puppies, moonbeams, unicorns, yeah, that's better!!!!!!
Have a great great day, everybody!!!!!
Isn't that a cute turtle, chowing down?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Is this just not the cutest thing?

This weekend's festivities

Yesterday was gorgeous. That is the only way to describe the weather that we had. Cool, breezy, low humidity, bright blue sky, WOW, it was fabulous! David had been invited to have lunch with his friends, Tommy and John, so I was kind of left hanging. I mean, after six months of 24 hour a day togetherness, I didn't know what to do with myself!! And on such a beautiful day, I wanted to do something!! So, I called my sister, who I knew was also alone yesterday (the men in her family went to a movie) so she picked me up, we had a wonderful lunch of spaghetti at Billy's, walked around the outlet mall (sad, sad, empty stores!), then came home and sat on the deck for a couple of hours. It was so so nice!! Like she said, all she would have done was wash clothes, and really, there will just be more to wash later, so why NOT get out and enjoy and visit and commune with nature??
David got home just a few minutes after she left and while he had a good time, he had to rest up some. I stepped outside to bring in the cats and my good neighbor, Dessie was about to get in her car and so, more visiting and enjoying the weather. It is a small world - she works in the same place that my sister does!!! I called Linda and she was like "YOU ARE KIDDING!" which was about the same thing that Dessie said, too!!! So, I am really happy about that, another connection of friends and family. And Dessie told me she was getting married soon!! Big things a'happenin'! Now, if we could get a "For Sale" sign in another neighbor's yard......
A funny thing, while I was talking to Dessie, up strolls Scruffy, and she said that her grandson loved him and he liked to sit on her porch. I explained my partial ownership of him, that I had gotten him fixed, vaccinated, flea treated, doctored, and that I had put that pretty little tinkly collar on him! She has no problem with any of my animals, she said, but she is bothered by the house behind us. A family moved in there months ago, and they don't cut the grass very regularly, they have two vehicles up in their yard that he is working on, and they have toys spread all over the yard. I told her that yeah, it was kind of junky, but a few years ago it was a crack house, so I preferred who was living there now!!! She was about to go get Halloween decorations for her house, and I reminded her that Lurch and Fester were still up from last year, but hopefully, after Halloween this year, they will come down. I just cannot do it by myself, though, so maybe David will be able to help me, especially if he is back in the swing of things at work.
My leg, it is no better. I do not know what is wrong. It just feels like it "catches" and when it does, it takes my breath away. With that in mind, we ended up going to Norma's again last night because she needed help with something because she is still very sore from her fall, and her legs are so swollen she can hardly walk. While David helped her, I washed her dishes and wiped down the counter, and luckily, my hip or leg, whichever it is, didn't let me down. But today, even after another good night's sleep in the chair, it is really aching. I REALLY do not want to go to the doctor, I REALLY do not. And my mother told me that she needed to go to the doctor this week, and that I had to take her. okay. i will. So, with David's appointments, and my mother's and then possibly Norma's, there won't be time to fit a doctor's appointment in for me. So, three ibuprofens every few hours will just have to do the trick!!! And maybe I need to hook up with Ben Gay. I hear he's hot!
I just heard from Erica after her first night in their new apartment. She said they love it and it is just so huge, AND they have a washer/dryer combination and they have already washed four loads of clothes! She just loves it! The cats made the transition without much fanfare. As long as Erica and Fuzzy are around, Parker, Mustapha, and Latte really don't much care where they are!!! They are good grandcats!
And Christopher and Katie close on their new house this Friday. He is swamped at school, though, and is worried about not being there to help with work when his in-laws come in next weekend. I told him that I know he didn't know he would be buying a house a few weeks after school started when he decided to go to grad school, but he would have plenty of time to work on his house. Work on a house is NEVER done. But he and Katie are very excited about having their own place and they love the location. So, hopefully, Mokey and Doozer, their cats, will make the transition smoothly, too. I know Doozer will - he is one of the kittens from here and sat in Christopher's lap all the way up to South Carolina, just chillin'! I am hoping that maybe after the first of the year, David will have enough time built up and will feel up to it for us to go visit these new abodes of our children!
Well, that's it for now. It is so pretty outside, I think I will go out on the deck!!
Have a great afternoon!!

Update: We're going to Clinton!! David woke up with a craving for barbecue at Sonny's (a restaurant), so that works for me!! We will get our few groceries and the few for my mother over there, and hopefully, those three ibuprofens will kick in it will be a fun little excursion. Yay, for lovely weather!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Today was chemo and as usual, David is kind of washed out, but he has a lunch date tomorrow with two of his friends, so hopefully, he will feel much better by then. I am hoping that my leg/hip pain will be better tomorrow, because according to the weather forecast, it is supposed to be just lovely, cool breezes, low humidity, just what I want to see. It may be me just sitting out on the deck if the leg/hip pain is no better, which will be nice (not the pain, though).
I found out where Scruffy is spending most of his time now. I stopped and picked him up this morning and brought him here to have some canned cat food. And tonight when I was on the phone, sitting on the deck, here he comes, running up the stairs. I got him some more canned cat food, he ate, looked up, and then took off down the stairs, into the street, and was gone, in a flash! He may have been startled by the football game going on at the stadium. I know I was. I was standing in the front yard and all of a sudden "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN" and I just about jumped out of my skin, which didn't help my leg/hip very much. And that's the thing - I really can't tell if it is my hip or if it is my leg. All I know is that it almost makes me burst into tears when it hits, which is becoming more frequent as the day wears on. I may have to break down (which I am pretty sure I am doing!) and go to the doctor. I mean, I have to be able to walk.
So, it's just been another day of moonbeams and unicorn farts over here. I am sorry, I saw something or read something using that term and it is just so silly, I had to steal it.
Now I am going to try to go to sleep. I was awake until 2 this morning, then slept in the chair until 6ish, knowing we had to get to chemo early. It has taken its toll.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

One of life's mysteries, solved

This has been an absolutely crappy week, no way around it, just not great. So, today, in the rain from the hurricane, we had to go to the Social Security office so David may ONE day qualify for long-term disability. That is what we were told to do by Met Life: the case manager said he would definitely be turned down, but if he ever needs the long-term disability, and he may, with the supplemental payments that they will make when he has to miss because of chemo and/or doctor's appointments, they have to see that he has made an official request with Mississippi Social Security. Okay. The office is across the street from McAlister's, so we decided to pop in and get a baked potato before we go to the S.S. office. We are ordering and we hear a familiar voice saying, "I'll get that" and we turn around and LO AND BEHOLD, there is Ian, working behind the counter. We were delighted to see him and he said he would join us at our table in a few minutes. So, here he comes, and proceeds to tell us that he had been working in Vicksburg for several weeks, he thought we knew (we had NO clue) and he wondered why we hadn't been in there before now. We explained the "no clue" part and then he said, are you ready for this? "I left that jug of iced tea by your backdoor the other day" and we looked at each other and said "YOU LEFT IT? WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO?" He said he had left a note (nowhere to be found), but didn't know we had gone out of town, plus he left it by the laundry room door, because he thought we would have gone in that way instead of the deck (we don't) and after he saw my post about the tea, he didn't know what to say so he didn't say anything!!!!! We are relieved!!! And he said, sorry, it was sweet tea!!! Now, did we jump to conclusions? Yes, we did. Do we still think that this could have been a trick by certain individuals, especially since we weren't home? Yes, I wouldn't be surprised at anything that they would do. You read about it all of the time. I am very glad that it was a friend who left the tea, but these days, you just cannot be too careful. So, mystery solved!!! Whew!!!! Thanks, Ian!!
Now, I just have to cheer up. I have been so down, so weepy, I just feel drained. It really worries me about David going to work, because he gets so very very tired after just a little exertion, but I am hoping that getting back into the swing of things, being back with co-workers, just having to do something, will help sustain him throughout the workday. I just honestly feel overwhelmed, tired, and honestly this week, I just haven't felt like I can keep on keeping on, if you know what I mean. I would love to sleep 24 hours straight, but I am lucky if I can get 5 hours straight, and then I wake up every hour during that. So, I know fatigue is part of the problem. But I want to do something and not worry about David, medicine, money, or anything, just do something fun!! And something that doesn't cost anything, too!!! I would love to go to Jackson and just walk around the antique shops, not worry about getting home and who needs what and what needs to be picked up at what store. But, such is life. At least it has cooled off! That is a wonderful change.
That's all for now. Nice to know the truth behind the tea, huh?

For the record, I am not "enjoying" any self pity. I don't want ANYONE to think that I am sitting around here, going poor poor pitiful me. That is the farthest from the reality of what goes on in this house. And I know that everyone has problems, I am not wanting anyone to think that I feel that mine are more important, because they certainly aren't. The reason I started this blog was to be able to write about what was going on. I think I have been upbeat, optimistic, and one of David's biggest cheerleaders, but I AM overwhelmed. I am only human. It is hard to be over here dealing with this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every waking moment dealing with cancer, finances, and the future, or the lack thereof. I DO want to do something fun, I can't help it. This is MY life, too, as Erica told me once, and I am only one person, dealing with this, the mothers, and at the moment, the most severe pain I have ever had in my leg, which is very uncomfortable. But let me repeat, I do NOT sit around feeling sorry for myself, and if it came out that way, well then I didn't mean for it to. I was just writing what I felt. And I DO wish I could sleep for 24 hours because I know I would feel better if I could get some rest. But as soon as my head hits the pillow, BOOM, my brain is in high gear, which is why there are blog posts occasionally at 2 in the morning. Sleeping pills don't help.
This HAS been a crappy week, starting with the midnight call from Norma sobbing for us to come over because she had fallen out of the bathtub - David not getting out of the bed for a few days,because he just didn't have the energy - my leg, the fact that every step I take it feels like it is going to buckle out from under me. The fact that I am having to juggle the finances in order to get all of the medicine refilled, get groceries, and oh, wait, we got the car insurance bill today, due in two weeks, that's just great. Insurance is balking at paying several hundred dollars for some doctor visits, even though it has been proven that the doctor is in network, the mortgage is due, utilities are due, and I have to find the money to pay all of it. It gets to be a bit much at times, you know, and I wrote about it. This week I HAVE been weepy. I HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH THIS FOR OVER THREE YEARS!! I think I have the right to get a little down, once in a while.
So forgive me. I won't do it again.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

To my Jewish friends.....

Happy Rosanne Rosannadanna!!!! Oh, wait! I think I totally spelled that wrong! I mean, Happy Rosh Hashanah!!!
It is so cloudy today, and so cool. FINALLY, a fall day has arrived!!! THAT cheers me up!
Have a great one!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday news

Well, today is the anniversary of the terrorist attacks. I didn't watch anything about it, because it is still very fresh in my mind, after 6 years. There is a big yellow ribbon with American flags on a hill just outside the National Military Park as you come into town, which was a very nice gesture. Thanks to all that put it out there. It was a nice, nonviolent reminder of a horrible day.
Also, late this afternoon, I saw my neighbor, Marian, and I asked her how she was. Not good, she said, Billy Bob died today. Now Billy Bob is her precious little bobtailed cat. Yes, he hissed at me a few times, but I forgave him! He had been sleeping a lot more lately, so much so that last week I called Marian to check on him, because I thought he was a little too still. As soon as she came out, he jumped up and I was relieved, so I was totally surprised at her news today. But he was fourteen years old, and he really had been sleeping all day lately. He will be missed around here. I hope he crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is playing on the other side. I don't mean that to be maudlin, I mean it to be optimistic, I really do.
The weather has turned gorgeous, still very hot during the day, but MAN OH MAN, it is absolutely perfect tonight!! I would go sit out on the deck and just enjoy the cool breeze, but I am tired and really think it would behoove me to go to bed now. So that is what I am going to do now.
Have a great evening!!

Picture of Billy Bob by Marian Phillips

Monday, September 10, 2007

The latest from Reidville

Good news, Norma did not break anything in her fall last night. And the doctor is changing some of her medicine that may be the cause of her legs swelling so much and hurting so badly. GREAT!! We were so glad to hear it. And she was very upbeat after her doctor's appointment. Maybe she will be all right.
David has been sluggish today. We have figured out that the day after chemo, with this regimen, he feels great, it's those second and third days that really hit him hard. We have to work around that after he starts back to work. I am really concerned about that, but things will work out, hopefully.
We had a good time, though, this afternoon at the coffeeshop. Daniel and Leslie had been gone for a week to Santa Fe, so it was good to see him back where he belongs, PLUS it is his birthday today, so that was nice, too. We visited with some folks and then came home, after running by the drugstore and picking up three of our medicines. I am extremely tired right now, though, and really need to be in the bed.
Have a great evening and we'll see you soon.

The day just keeps getting better....

So, I always go to the blog website of TV Squad, everyday. I have a few favorite writers, and I comment quite often on their posts. Today, there is a tribute to one of the writers, 30 year old Adam Finley, who got hit by a bus while riding his bicycle on Thursday! He was one of the most enjoyable writers, I knew he was Christopher's age, and I believe that Adam and his wife were expecting their first child. You know, the term "hit by a bus" is often bandied about as a cliche, but DAMN, this kid was hit by a bus and died!! I am really depressed. I need something to cheer me up. The Prize Patrol driving into my driveway, and not just to turn around, would be a nice pick-me-up, don't you think?
Anyway, everyone: BE CAREFUL!!!!! I can't get any more depressed today, so y'all all stay safe, okay?

Update: Apparently Adam was not the blogger that was married. But he was one of the funniest bloggers on the TvSquad website. He was hit by a school bus on Thursday morning but had no identification on him, only some keys and his iPod. They traced his identity through his iPod registration and identified him Saturday afternoon. His parents had been trying to reach him for those days, and were very worried, as well they should be. And since I have a child this age, my heart just aches for them.

What a night!

So, where did we leave off? Oh yeah, I was going to bed. Which I did, but I was having stomach pains and realized, hey, I didn't eat any supper!! So, I got up and ate some jello, drank some juice, read the news, then took 3 Benadryls, 2 ibuprofens, and headed back to bed. I was brushing my teeth again, when David started yelling that the phone was ringing. We figured it was a wrong number. WE were wrong, it was Norma, sobbing into the phone that she had fallen out of the bathtub, could we come over. It is 11:45. I told her yes, but it would be a few minutes, because David had been dead asleep and I had just "drugged" up for the night. So, off we go, at midnight. Oh, we saw the elusive Scruffy, licking his leg on the sidewalk of Polk Street. It was good to see that he was still alive.
Back to the story - we get there and she has managed to pull on her nightgown and turned on the light and unlocked the door, all by scooting across the floor. We couldn't get her up, so we called the fire department and about 25 to 30 minutes later, here they are. She was just dead weight and they had to just lift her straight up, something that David and I would not be able to do, especially with David's hip/back hurting him so badly lately. They got her into a chair and proceeded to tell her that, since she had fallen twice in four days, she needed to get the Life Alert monitor. Now I had sent off for the info last year and both she and my mother had no interest in it whatsoever, so I was so pissed off, I just threw the whole kit and kaboodle away. I told the firemen that, too, and they understood my frustration. Maybe NOW, they will listen and consider it. If they want to live alone, they HAVE to have it. What if this had happened last Sunday night? We were in Gulfport!! And, I hate to say this, but it's out there, if David doesn't get any better and the worst happens, I am not going to be mentally or physically capable of being their main contact if they fall. And the fireman kept saying, what if you had broken your hip, you wouldn't have been able to scoot to a phone!! Pretty much, folks, if David doesn't survive, I, myself, will be sprawled out on the floor, unable to get up! I won't be much help to anyone else, I guarantee it!
We left 2ish and then as tired as I was, I couldn't sleep. I started thrashing around in the bed, then went to the recliner, then finally took a sleeping pill at 4, which always makes me feel very groggy the next day. We thought that we were going to have to take Norma to the doctor this morning, but she apparently went by herself, but I expect her to come by here after she leaves there. And David isn't feeling well and is in the bed, and I have a million things to do, but I just cannot bring myself to start them. At least it isn't so hot outside.
We are the meat in the sandwich of the "sandwich" generation. But we aren't getting any younger, either, so what to do, what to do. I just feel like crying. Oops, I just did. I will be all right, though, so don't anybody worry about me. I can shake it off. I am not even spell checking this, nor rereading it, so typos may abound. Sorry.
Gotta go.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another movie review!!

So, we journeyed over to Clinton this afternoon, to go to the moving picture show!!! Vicksburg STILL does not have a theater. Which really sucks big time, if you ask me, and you didn't, but there it is, my opinion. We ate at Corky's before the show, as we had done last time, and the waitress remembered that we were going to the show then, also. The food was okay, the atmosphere was nice, and we were remembered. All in all, a decent meal. WHICH MADE ME SICK!! It's not their fault, I just shouldn't have gotten barbecue, but dang, it is a barbecue joint! But, after medicine, I was recovered in time for the movie.
The movie was "3:10 To Yuma", starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. It is a remake based on an Elmore Leonard story, a western, of course, good guys, bad guys, high morals, no morals, the heart of a good woman, lots of gunshots, blood, you know, the usual. With its two stars, I figured it would be easy on the eyes, too, but it was very enjoyable, a very good story with a few surprises, and I highly recommend it to everyone that enjoys westerns. Or Russell Crowe. You see, with Christian B. in it, I thought he would be the "eye candy" but Russell C., well, all I can say is he looked great on a horse!! And there was one scene, just his facial expression and what it conveyed, made me think that he needed to be nominated for an Oscar for this performance. REALLY good acting, all the way around, though. And the music was lovely. I mean, it's no "Superbad" or "The Simpsons Movie", but I enjoyed it thoroughly!!! And thank goodness it was no "Stardust", one of the worst movies that I have ever had to sit through. So, a big thumbs up from me!!
And thus ends our broadcast day. Have a good Monday morning. Oh, the ants got after me again this morning and I threw the scooper into a puddle of water, then got it and shook the ants off, then realized they were crawling on my neck and face, so then threw it down again, then wiped my face with my hands, at which time I smelled that apparently there had been poop in the aforementioned water, so now I had just smeared it on my face and neck and up into my hair. Good times, good times.....

Friday, September 07, 2007


Yep, ol' Scruffy was laying on the sidewalk in front of the house tonight, minus his purple collar. So, now he has a new shiny one with a bell on it! He doesn't like it.


Scruffy must be on "walk-about" again. He hasn't been here in 24 hours! It isn't the first time he has done it, and hopefully, won't be the last!!! He really makes me extremely happy, though!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Chemo today

So, the tea is still sitting in my laundry room. I am afraid to even smell it, but I don't want to pour it out yet. Such a mystery, such a mystery. But here is another one - when we got home Tuesday afternoon, I only had one newspaper. I asked Marian if we had gotten one on Labor Day and she said yes, and I borrowed hers. Well, what do you know? I went out to get the paper yesterday afternoon, and there was the Labor Day paper in my box!! Now, we have the same carrier. What's going on? Someone is messing with us. And I, for one, am glad that I have dogs that will bark at such shenanigans!!! It just makes me feel even more apprehensive about putting mail out in the mailbox!! Who knows who is hanging around, waiting to take something?
This may be paranoia, but you know, it is just a little "too too", if you know what I mean!! So, I will be more observant than normal. We are concerned.
Okay, gotta go. Later!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Iced tea, anyone?

Okay, here's the deal - we were gone from Sunday until late Tuesday afternoon. When we got home, there was a jug of tea, sitting by my laundry room door,on the concrete, no note, just a jug, not sealed, of tea. Now, I didn't put it there, obviously, so I assumed that Marian did, since she had been feeding and watering the cats. But, no, she didn't do it either. So, I called Cheryl. Nope, not Cheryl. Now. I don't want to jump to conclusions, or think the worst of someone, but, BUT, the yp's knew we were gone, they saw us leave. I don't trust them. And most people, if they knew us, would leave something on the table on the deck, NOT the laundry room door. AND they would have said something, right? This may be a perfectly innocent anonymous gift from someone, BUT I AM NOT GOING TO DRINK IT!!! I just find it ironic that this occurred while we were out of town. AND it would be quite easy for certain people to just run this over and not be seen. Now, that being said, there is probably nothing wrong with the tea, except it is probably sweetened (we like unsweetened, thank you very much!). But, would any of YOU READERS drink it? In this day and age of crazy people walking 'round with blood in their eyes* (thank you, Don Henley), I just feel that we should just pour it out, don't you? And since it was opened and not sealed, anything could be in it, couldn't it?
So, that is my dilemma, or, not really a dilemma, just a curiosity!!

*"All She Wants to do is Dance" Thanks, Susan for pointing out my typo!!! Spell check wouldn't have pointed it out, since "it" was spelled correctly!!!!!!! Thanks!
And, Dan, I wouldn't be surprised if a hobo or two walked around here!!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We're home!

Yessirree, we are back in Vicksburg. It is so muggy here, compared to the coast. We had an uneventful trip back, went through a few downpours, and then drove right back into sunshine. By the time we were a couple of hours away from home, it really got very pretty, weatherwise. Partly cloudy, but with late afternoon shadows, a breeze, very nice. But when I got back home and took care of the animals? GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY, it is hot!! But it is good to be home. Even being gone for just a couple of days really throws me off kilter. And I hate to unpack!!
Kathy and Rick were perfect hosts, as usual, and we just enjoyed visiting with them so much. David's conversation with his boss went very well, also, and I think the transition back to a work schedule will be handled very carefully. The company doesn't want David to do too much, too soon, and understands that he will be having chemo and the resulting side effects, every week. That is good, for everybody.
The kitten did very very well on the way back. After meowing at us for a couple of minutes, she went to sleep! At one point, we weren't sure whether she was just sleeping soundly or had died. Fortunately, she was just sleeping soundly.
I am sure that everyone has heard that Bo Diddley had a heart attack a few days ago. Well, it was announced today that his heart attack occurred while he was exercising. That's right, he was doing "Diddley squats" when it happened!!! I KNOW I KNOW!! I wish that I had thought of it!!!!!
That's it for now. Later!!

Still on the coast!

So, good morning, all! I am on Rick's computer, which, by the way, is MUCH better than my computer. We have had a good time, eating way WAY too much food. I know I have probably put on some weight in the last two days. We went to the new Hard Rock Cafe in the new casino and ate a wonderful hamburger. Waddling out the door, we then stopped at Ben and Jerry's, where I ate, what I thought was a SMALL cup of ice cream, which was delicious. David got a milkshake and then finished up my ice cream, too! We walked around looking at the displays, but one of the most interesting ones was a glass case holding items that had been washed away by Katrina. You know, the Hard Rock Casino was due to open the day the storm hit, and so much of the memorabelia washed away. This case held what was was recovered, and also had a picture of the casino after the storm. Unbelievable.
In fact, it is still quite unbelievable down here. While there is lots of new construction, and some beautiful new houses, there are still lots of slabs, with steps leading to nowhere, with a number spray painted on them. There are lots of buildings you can see through, and although they are cleaned up, it still is very disheartening. There were a few houses still in the exact place that the storm left them, nothing has been done to move them, which makes you wonder who owns them and did they survive. Yet there are businesses coming back, too, and the beach was pretty busy yesterday, before we had a downpour of rain. After a little rest, we went to eat AGAIN, and I don't know why, but I was hungry at midnight! Oh, what a pig I am!!
Anyway, we are getting ready to go to IGT to talk with David's boss. The little kitten did well on the trip. It was extremely hot coming down. We went through about four or five very heavy thunderstorms, but when we would drive out of them, the sun was shining right in my window, which was very hot, especially holding a little black thing covered in fur and a blanket! Well, one time she started panting and then just peed all over my leg. Bless her heart. She has been very good on her little vacation and has spent most of the time under the bed that we slept on. But she isn't going to be happy about getting back in the car, although I hope that she sleeps all the way back. I hope the critter menagerie is fine back home. I left everyone enough food and water to last for these few days, and if they ate it all at once, well, that's just too bad!!!
Have a great day and we will see you later!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


We're off to the coast! See ya Tuesday!!!
OH OH!! Alton Brown was drinking out of one of Daniel's Hwy. 61 coffee cups on Feasting with Asphalt last night!! If you have it recorded, go and look at the Civil War reenactment part where they were trying to determine who made the best coffee. And THERE IT WAS!!! We were so excited!!!!
Anyway, have a great holiday!!!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

August, BE GONE!!

And it is, it is finally September!! It is always so nice to change the calendar, see what Gary Larson and B. Kliban have on hand for the new month. I have about a million things to do today. I am still in my gown, drinking coffee. I may only get to half a million.
I dread going out into the dog yard. You know, those dreaded ants might leap upon me and start to chomping again. I certainly don't want that!
This is a short post, a short post at the start of a long weekend. And, I had to put this sweet picture of a kitty and his/her dolly. I just want to snuggle in there with them!!
Have a great Saturday!