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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


My grass is being cut, as I type, by James, a good neighbor of Cheryl's who cuts several lawns in this area. His "real" job is a fireman, but he does this on the side, and probably picks up a nice little bit of extra money! Thanks, Cheryl!!! I was just outside for a few minutes, pretty early this morning, and I was drenched by the time I came in, so I do not see how James can do it. But thank goodness he can!! I would certainly die!

School started this morning, but I didn't hear any buses. But I did hear some kids walking by the house heading to the school. I was afraid it was the kid from yesterday, coming back to do more stealing!!! I need to talk to the other neighbor and see if he got his dog food back!! It really distresses me that bad things and bad neighbors live around here. Where is our Utopia??? Oh, and last night when someone I didn't know was walking a dog up our street, my dogs went crazy, even Woofer with the shock collar on. So, if something is amiss, it is not going to stop him from doing his job! The yp's will just have to deal with it!!

And this morning, Woofer was pawing at Goober's water dish and barking. I was kind of afraid of what I would find, but it was a frog, swimming around in it, happy as could be!! I got the pooper scooper and gently lifted him out and put him outside the gate, well, he hopped back in. I picked him up again. Same thing, hopped back in, the idiot!! I then went and shook the scooper at him, and stomped my feet and he hopped away, but mark my words, there WILL be a dead frog in that dog pen this afternoon!!!! I don't think this one had a very high I.Q.!!!!!!!

I go to the dentist today at noon to get my remaining teeth cleaned. He can look at see if my cavern is healing properly, because it still hurts!! I'll bet that I did have a dry socket, but now it has been so long, it will just have to heal on its own, I guess. I will be glad when that happens!

Teddie, the handicapable kitten, is chewing on a cardboard box. Wow, another high I.Q.!!!

Okay, later, everyone!! Here is an evil eyed Teddie, and a frog pic, but my frog today was no where near this colorful or cute!!


  • At Wednesday, August 08, 2007, Anonymous WonderGirl said…

    Oh, that picture-- I nearly fell out of my seat, it was so funny!

    I will admit... I enjoy your well written posts, but I am TOTALLY hooked on what picture you'll choose to go along with it. It's better than banana icecream, and that's saying a lot in my book.


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