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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday, whooopeeee.

Y'all, I seriously can't do this heat anymore. I know that I have complained and whined about it all summer long, but to me, this week has been absolute torture! The temperatures haven't been as high as last week's, granted, but the humidity is up this week, which is absolutely draining to me (and everyone else!). I came in this morning and my face was bright red, and I was only out there about fifteen minutes! It didn't ever get that red last week!! Plus, my sinuses and ears and head and stomach and whatever else is being affected by the high temperatures! I WANT A COLD FRONT!!! This weekend, the high is supposed to be in the low nineties, which is all well and good, UNLESS the humidity is high! I just want to sit in front of a fan, and do nothing, but alas, that's not gonna happen!!!!!
And to top it off, David's eye is drooping more than ever and he may have to go back to see if the shingles have decided to reappear in that eye. Although, he is still feeling better, and he is trying to build up his stamina to go back to work. Yesterday, we ran by the coffee shop and our English friend came in, and sat down with us to visit. Well, it came up that David worked on slot machines and he was very interested in hearing what all had to be done. David got to talking about everything and I could see that he really misses his work. He was describing everything that was done, telling him about things that had happened, and it made me feel better that still gets "into" his job, so much. I think that it will be a shot in the arm when he goes back, and if he needs to rest during the day, I think that everyone will be okay with that, because David is a good, concientious employee, and those are few and far between, these days. He may need a toothpick to prop his eye open, though!!
Tomorrow we head off to Jackson Oncology for massive blood work. No CT scan this time, just a complete liver panel and blood tests. I am pretty sure we will get no results tomorrow, but Dr. G. will be stunned at how great David looks now. He will be really happy to see that he is just percolating along!!
The little boy cat, Tommy, got neutered yesterday and we have to go get him this afternoon. I have been assured that the new home for Yvette, Yvonne, and Tommy will be great for them, the woman is excited to get them, and they will have a room in the barn to be safe from the elements. They have really gotten to where they like being in my laundry room. It could be the heat, though, so once they are out there, they can go on adventures and have a wonderful life. And that is what is important. My other cats are not wanting to stay out much these days, though, either. Of course, if I was covered in long black fur, I might not want to be outside either! Hey, I am NOT covered in long black fur and I don't want to be out!! And my little short haired tabby, Candy, has just decided that he wants to relax on a box in the garage and not even bother going out! That will change, I am sure, when the weather gets cooler, but he sure is cute, just "chillin'" on a box!!!!!! He's not dumb!
Well, that is it for now. We are going to lay low this afternoon, only going to get Tommy, to gear up for tomorrow's trek to Jackson. We are going early to check on a couple of things, and then hopefully, get to catch up with Carl and see how that situation is with his wife.
So, stay cool! August is winding down, and hopefully will take the heat with it!


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