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Monday, August 27, 2007

Stuff and such on a Monday morning

So, here it is, another Monday morning, the last Monday in August 2007. I am ready for this month to be behind us, due to the heat, mainly. And to just get to autumn, my favorite time of year!
And some news - both of my kids will be moving to new homes in the month of September! Christopher and Katie have found a house that they are trying to buy, in a great area of Columbia, and it is just so cute! I can see them being very happy there, with their screened in porch and garden in the back! I cannot wait to see it! And Erica and Fuzzy found a great apartment this weekend, also! It is near where they live now, but they can tell that the management company that owns the building is a lot better than the one that owns their present apartment. Plus, they are going to tear down the building they are in now, so they were going to have to move soon, anyway. Like Christopher said, it was a big "real estate" weekend for the Reid kids!!! So exciting for everyone!!
Both are extremely busy, though, to be going through all of this upheaval! Christopher is back in school, studying for his Master's in Social Work. Already there is lots of reading, plus he has an internship AND an assistant ship. WHEW!!
And Erica is in the DaDa play, opening next week. She is having full day rehearsals a couple of times this week, plus they will be drumming up interest by going to Millennium Park in full costume and makeup. Me? I need to feed the animals!!! I wish I had their energy, although sometimes, I think they just need to relax and do nothing, some days. I have a ton of things I need to do, and would like to do, but the heat is really wreaking havoc with the little stamina that David has, at the moment. He wants to help me and go places, to get his strength back, but it just wears him out! I think when it cools off, he will feel much better, and we can get him ready to go back to work. I will just keep doing what I have been doing, that's all I can do! Regardless of what SOME people say, I do absolutely SOMETHING, all day long!!!!!!!
Back to the new digs for the kids, when everybody gets settled and David is feeling better, AND has built up a few days off, we hope to go visit both places. I think everyone will be very happy, especially E and F since there is a washer and dryer in their apartment! Of course, C and K will love that porch - I picture Christopher studying out there in the cool of the evening!! Great images in my head.....makes me smile!!
The picture at the top of my post today is a publicity picture for the DaDa play. Freaky, huh?? It's amazing what stage makeup can do. I would love to see it! I hope lots and lots of people do go see it!!!
That's it for now! Have a great day and stay cool!!!'
OH- I still cannot comment on some blogs! I try and it just flashes and goes to an error code and won't let me even sign in. So, those of you with blogs, I am still reading, I just can't say anything!!!! Maybe Fuzzy can fix it when he is here in October???!!!!! I sure can't figure out what's happening!!!!!!


  • At Monday, August 27, 2007, Anonymous Cheryl said…

    I am so pleased for your kids! Having a new place sometimes just opens a bright spot in your life. I wish I could just get the money together to get mine fixed up. Try to stay cool! Love you, Cheryl


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