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Friday, August 17, 2007

Please, Lord, send rain!!

It is 95 degrees and the heat today is worse than it has been all week long, when the temps were in the mid 100's. Maybe it is just the cumulative effect, maybe the humidity is higher, but IT NEEDS TO STOP, AND SOON!! I cannot shake the headache and nausea from this morning, when I was outside taking care of the pets. That's just wrong!!! I am sorry to complain, but THAT'S JUST WRONG. It's so wrong, I had to say it twice!!
The two kittens, Yvonne and Tommy, have been missing since yesterday morning. Yvette needs her stitches out, so I hope that they show back up here soon. Their mama showed up last night, whining and crying and I didn't let her in, in case the kits came home. This morning, she went running into the kennel where they have been sleeping, so I hope there is no sad story happening that I will never know. I am hoping that in this heat, and since they are black, they have found a cool place to hole up and will be back soon. And in this heat, I am concerned about my dogs. I have given them extra water and sprayed the ground around it, but Goober is really suffering in this weather. Dog days, my , well, you know!!
Congrats to Fuzzy for his second place music video. It just really makes you smile! I am sure it will be up on his website soon, if it is not already.
All right. It is wearing me out just to type. Stay cool.

Update: I am thinking my nausea and dizziness may be food poisoning. Do you remember the English guy I mentioned from last week? Well, I was told today that he ate at the restaurant last night that we ate at for lunch today, and he was sick all night long. The food today was awful. The marinated cucumber salad was almost rancid, the mashed potatoes had so much black pepper in them, they were inedible. David said that the greens were sour and the carrot he put in his mouth tasted so bad, he spit it out!! So, isn't THAT just ducky??
But we went on to the coffee shop and visited with Rusty. Then Lori, one of the Nossers, came in for a smoothie, and then lo and behold, who should walk in but my sister and her husband!!! I was stunned, but very very happy to see them!!! Daniel didn't chase us all out, thank goodness, so we stayed until about 5:35. Other than me feeling like crap, it was a very nice coffee shop visit. Like David said, where else can an older couple from Wisconsin get good coffee and directions to Natchez, and then, after they leave, you get a discussion on how to make an inch high pancake!! I love the place. Everyone, come on down, your coffee or smoothie will be on me!!
Oh, and when we drove up, who should come running up but Yvonne and Tommy. David actually admitted that he was afraid that they were gone for good. He cuddled with them and asked where they had been. They didn't answer.


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