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Friday, August 31, 2007


So this morning, I go out to do my morning dog chores, I pick up the pooper scooper, and YIKES!! I am covered with ants, instantaneously!!! I throw down the pooper scooper, shake my arms, screaming, and think they are all gone. I pick up the pooper scooper. OMIGOD!!! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!! I throw down the pooper scooper. I start to do the "ant dance", of course, while screaming. Finally satisfied the ants are gone, I pick up the pooper scooper. You guessed it, ANTS, EVERYWHERE!!!! This time I start beating the pooper scooper on the fence, screaming and by this time, cursing, and the dogs are just looking at me, as if to say, where the hell is our food, woman? By this time, my arm is turning red, the pooper scooper is just about broken, and I feel the ants on my neck, hopefully drowning in the sweat (the aforementioned humidity), and I do a very very fast dog feed, poop scoop, run out of the dog pen, spray some fresh water in their bowls, and run in and jump in the tub. There were even a couple of ants in my hair!!! Not cool, in any way, not cool, indeed. That was how my Friday started. Did I mention it was very very humid??
The day wasn't a total wash. We went to Cracker Barrel and a woman we know paid for our lunch, which was totally unexpected. It made me tear up. Then David went to the eye doctor (keep using the drops daily, come back next Friday) and then off to the coffee shop. I drank three glasses of iced tea for lunch, UNSWEETENED,as always, and felt kind of ooky (could it be the ant bites?) so I asked Josh for some caffeinated coffee, instead of my regular decaf. Then I had another cup. I was buzzing, seriously, my heart was pounding, and I have to say, I was talking faster than normal, which for those who know me, is pretty damn fast!!! We came home and I have officially, crashed and burned. The animals are put to bed. Now I am putting myself to bed. Tomorrow we head to hell, uh, I mean, WALMART!!
Everyone, have a great evening and a great Saturday. Cooler weather is just around the corner, I just know it!!!


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