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Saturday, August 11, 2007

New picture for my profile

The more I look at that bird picture on last night's post, the more I want it for my profile picture! I just LOVE it!! You can tell that THAT is a head, just loaded with brains......

So, the forecast is for 102 today. Ironically, there is a "cold" front, and I have it in quotes because while it is technically a cold front, but there will be not one iota of cold air with it. When we have cold fronts, the north wind brings the paper mill fragrance our way, and it is actually in the air today, which is weird because it is going to be so hot. Does that make sense? I mean, where we used to live, if you smelled the paper mill, the temperature was going to drop, and if we smelled it in the fall, well, we just started to associate it with beautiful, cool weather. So, now we smell it and it is over one hundred degrees today. Global warming?? It makes you think! I guess that is "an inconvenient truth", or as Lisa Simpson wrote, "an irritating truth".

I just heard from my wonderful neighbor, Marian. Her husband Bob is doing fine, thank God! Their friends are on their way and they have a fun day planned. You know, this has been a great week!!!!! I hope it continues!! Oh, other than the heat - to make it perfect, the high should be 70, but that's just me. But really, everything has just been super in the past few days! David feels good, Katie got a new job, Bob is okay, DAVID FEELS GOOD! I am pretty danged happy, at the moment!!! I hope there will be no Godsmack later on today!

I need to go take care of the menagerie. We had a leak in the basement yesterday, something to do with air conditioner ducts, condensation, and a semi plugged drain, but luckily David got it fixed without too much trouble. But now the floor is really yucky so, Swiffer Wet Jet to the rescue!!!!!
Have a great day!!!! Oh, and I had to put that bird picture up again. I just love him!!
OH NO! The picture function is not working, at the moment!! WOE IS ME!!!!! Just go look at him, again, then. It is a great way to start the day!!


  • At Saturday, August 11, 2007, Blogger Marian said…

    Just read your blog from the last few days...Thanks for thinking of us. We are looking forward to a fun day with our friends...Hugs, Marian
    PS: I love the new profile pic you have picked out. Cute! Perfect! :)


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