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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Neighbor problem, but of a different kind

We got word last night from Marian that her husband, Bob, is BACK in the hospital after suffering chest pains yesterday. Now, this poor man has had heart procedures galore, with one just a few weeks ago, and seemed to be doing well, but Marian got a call yesterday that he was going to the hospital in an ambulance (he wasn't at home). They have a big weekend planned with friends coming in from out of town, so that is kind of up in the air, at the moment. So, if you have a chance, and if you can, send a little "shout out" to the Man upstairs that Bob will be okay. Thanks! They are really very nice people and wonderful neighbors. I wish them all the best!

David has chemo today, but had a really great day again yesterday! I am just amazed!! He is trying to build up his strength so we have been going places, yesterday afternoon visiting with a friend in the coffee shop. But around 9 last night, one of his good friends from high school called and they talked for two hours!!! I really like this woman and her husband and it was really good to hear David laughing so much on the phone, but around10:30 I was like, "girls, y'all need to get off the phone now and go to bed!". They did - at 11!!!!! Like I said, I am amazed at David Reid. He has bad days, sure, and when he goes back to work, he won't be able to work 8 hours straight without a break, but considering that he is supposed to be "gone", HEY, it's pretty dang good, don't ya think??? Prayer is certainly working for him!!

Well, I must needs go(I love to say that!) and take care of the menagerie, before we go to chemo. It is already hot, though. Oh, last year at Cracker Barrel, they had the Christmas decorations up by August 1. Well, we ran in there last night to get a bite to eat and fall decorations are up, but no Christmas ones. I think even THEY realized that it was a bit ridiculous to start this early with Christmas!! Children's chicken and dumplings......mmmmm good!!

Stay cool!!


  • At Thursday, August 09, 2007, Blogger Mom. said…

    I am sooo happy that David has been having
    good days. Here's to many more!!!! Prayers
    and good thoughts do work.


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