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Sunday, August 05, 2007

My 400th post!!!

Okay, funny story - tonight we were watching Psych, a cute show about two cute, early thirties guys who solve crimes using the main character's "psychic" ability, which, in fact, he does not have. His best friend and sidekick, Gus, just puts up with his craziness, and always relays the facts, whereas Shawn just says anything, no matter how wrong it is. That's the set up. Anyway, tonight Gus was going to have a massage by a blind masseuse, and Shawn asked him why he was so enamored of blind people. Gus gave him a quizzical look and Shawn said, "yeah, remember when that blind girl did that clay bust of you?" To which Gus answered, "that wasn't me! That was Lionel Ritchie in the "Hello" video." And Shawn said, "Right, well GREAT, now that song will be on my mind for days!!" HELLO? IS IT ME YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? was ALL I HEARD for days a few months back!! So now, I guess it's back!! Other than the fact that song is apparently some conspiracy to make everyone crazy, isn't that funny??
Speaking of music on your mind, there is a video short starring Willem Dafoe, Andy Richter, and Will Ferrell talking about this very subject. It is called "The Procedure" and it is on If your computer can access it, it's pretty funny, go watch it.
All right. It is almost midnight. I will try to go to bed "hello?" DAMN! THERE IT IS!!!! I am afraid, very afraid.......


  • At Sunday, August 05, 2007, Blogger Erica said…

    GAH! I saw that Andy Richter video as a digital short years ago on SNL, and I was at the Billy Goat Tavern downtown with Sara Champagne and I ran into Sabra and it came on and I got so creeped out I had a freaky panic attack in the restaurant and Sara had to coax me out of the bathroom. No joke.


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