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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Movie Review

Well, this afternoon, David felt really good, again, and we went to Jackson!!! He really wanted to see "Stardust", a new movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, and Robert DeNiro. It is a fantasy movie, based on a book by Neil Gaiman, or something like that. For one thing, the Clinton theater had the sound up way too high, something that was never rectified during the entire movie. I literally put pieces of tissue in each ear, and when the music played, I put my hands over my ears. IT WAS THAT LOUD!! But, about fifteen or twenty minutes into the actual movie, I realized that this was a movie that, if we had been at home, I would have told David to "have at it" and I would have come to the computer. It was absolutely a mess!! There was no cohesive storyline, well there was one, and it was as if the director was trying to throw in as much as he could for special effect! The main character, Tristan, played by Charlie Cox (never have heard of him), was good, I liked him a lot. And seriously, every man should go around wearing duster coats. They just look great with the wind billowing it out behind the wearer. That is why I get so many compliments when I wear my duster length coat, I'm sure . Those coats just look good. Robert DeNiro's part was funny, totally unnecessary, totally over the top, but it brought a chuckle. But I have NEVER been a fan of Michelle Pfeiffer, and I am sorry, I just cannot think that Claire Danes is that great an actress, nor is she as beautiful as everyone says she is!!! Don't see it. She just presents this vapid face while she is "acting" and with it so huge, it is quite disconcerting, having to watch her! So that did present a problem in this movie, considering that both M. and C. were on the screen for most of the time. I cannot recommend this movie at all, unless you want to see it on DVD later on. This is just my opinion, mind you. You may absolutely love it and think it is the greatest movie that you have ever seen. But I would have rather gone back to see The Simpsons movie. That made me laugh. And I really want to see "Superbad", I really do, yet David doesn't, sooooo, since I sat through this one, bored out of my mind with my ears aching, I think we may have to go see a mindless comedy about teenage boys this next weekend!!!!!

And, for those of you who blog, there is something going on that is not allowing me to make comments. It just will not let me do anything, it just flashes. So, Katie, great review of Firefly!! And for those who haven't seen the series, Firefly and its subsequent movie, "Serenity", I highly recommend it. The fact that this well written, well acted show was cancelled halfway through its first season and drivel and dreck like The Simple Life, and Wife Swap have had multiple seasons, well, it just makes me shake my head and shudder!! Nielson, Shmielson!!

Stay cool!!


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