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Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday, August 3

I would like to wish my "little" sister a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! She is not yet old enough to qualify for AARP, but in a couple of years..............

This picture was taken the other night when we went to eat at a Mexican restaurant, here in Vicksburg. We had a good time and hopefully, we can do it again, soon. Man, do I look old!!! Or maybe it isn't "old". Maybe it's just "full"!

Christopher leaves today. I KNOW that we have been so lucky to have him here for so long, and I KNOW that his lovely wife wants him home BIG TIME, and I KNOW that he will be starting back to school to get his Master's degree this month, and I KNOW that David and I have to get back into our routine and take care of ourselves again, but DAMN!! I'm gonna miss that boy!!!!!! He has been just wonderful for us. He has helped organize so much, helped us clean, helped his dad when he was so sick and I just couldn't put another foot in front of the other, and then I got sick and couldn't have helped David much anyway. I am very grateful that he took the time to spend the time with us. A mother could not be any prouder of her son, that's all I have got to say. It has been a blessing to have him here, and a joy to have him around just to talk to!

And if I win the Publisher's Clearinghouse sweepstakes, I can pay for his schooling!!! I mean, you can't win if you don't enter, so I am entering every time something shows up in my email telling me to click here and increase my odds!!! So, it could happen!!

But, Christopher is taking Doozer, the long haired black boy kitten, back to S.C. with him. He has just rigged up this really nice little kitty carrier for the trip, complete with Kleenex box litter box, towel, water bowl, and a couple of packs of food. Tonight I am putting the mama cat, who is now named "Yvette", in with the other kittens in a big kennel that I have downstairs (I have a really good animal containment system, seriously, I have to!) so they can cuddle and he can nurse one last time. And then Monday, Yvette and her daughter, "Yvonne", will be whisked off to the vet's office to insure that there will be no more kittens forthcoming, at least not from them. That leaves the one little boy cat, still needing a name and a home. Somebody? Don't you need a sweet precious kitty???

Well, that is all for now. Today, I hope we can go to the coffee shop to see the Nosser women. That will cheer us up. David is just so wiped out lately, he is pale, and can barely stay awake. It is quite challenging to get him out of the bed. And remember, he needs to be back at work the first week in October! He HAS to go back to work for the insurance alone! I mean, each treatment costs thousands of dollars, and after only two or three, we would probably have to sell our house. So, any suggestions that will help him build himself up will be greatly appreciated. It doesn't help to have over five hours of chemo a week, though. Okay, enough about that.

Christopher, I love you and thank you for everything. Be CAREFUL going home.

Katie, thank you for being such an understanding wife.

Erica and Fuzzy, be careful and have fun in Oregon.

Linda, have a happy day!!

Everyone else, have a great Friday. And if I don't get back to ya, everybody, have a great weekend!!!


  • At Friday, August 03, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for the "happy birthday" but we could have done without the picture, couldn't we?

  • At Friday, August 03, 2007, Blogger Waldie said…

    i'm glad that you enjoyed having chris in MS. yea, he's a good kid.

    if we won publisher's clearing house i wouldn't need to find a job. but i don't play so i guess i won't win.

    thanks for sending chris back to SC. he's been missed.

  • At Saturday, August 04, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That picture is A-dorable!


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