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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The forecast? 104 degrees.....but what about that heat index???

I know, I know. It's August. In Mississippi. It is supposed to be hot. But, COME ON!!! We have been putting off going to the grocery store, due to the heat, for the last two days, but today, we will have to venture into the aisles of Kroger's. Their air conditioner is iffy, at best, so I am concerned that it will have "hot spots" through out the store. Luckily, we don't have to get much. I do wish we had a delivery service here, though. I would have a standing order for me and my mother. It would be so worth it.

Instead of going grocery shopping, we have been going to the coffee shop, where I admit it, I have been pounding back the Dr. Peppers!!! I love those things! So, the other day I was sitting there, cooling off in one of the comfy chairs, sipping on my DP, when a thirty something African-American woman came in and walked right over to me and sat down. Now I had never seen her so I was like, hey, how are you, what's going on? She introduced herself and said that she was trying to start an "errand service" in Vicksburg, and wondered what my thoughts were on the venture. Now, as I mentioned in the above paragraph, I would LOVE to not have to go to the store in the heat, but I am, because I am able to do so. I told her that I thought that it was a good idea, that I see the market for it, but this is Vicksburg. Not exactly the most progressive town in the "New South". Hey, we don't even have a movie theater anymore!! A couple of years ago, they tried to start a recycling service, but that got handily defeated. Businesses start up and then just quietly die away. She has been in Vicksburg since 1990, and has seen how the downtown area has been revitalized, and how there seemed to be a more diverse business community. And I told her that if her business was a success, to please hire me, because I really do love shopping for other people (I really do, IF it was not 104 degrees!), especially during holiday time (it's the most wonderful time of the year), but I had to be honest with her, that I really don't think that she could make any money from it. I told her that she just needed to put her toe in, put an ad in the paper, on the radio, on the local access tv station, and see if she gets any nibbles, not jump in feet first and use all of her start up money at once. She took my name, I got her name, and she thanked me, and off she went.

Now, that would be a good service. There are plenty of senior citizens in this town who do NOT have someone to get their groceries, pick up their medicines, take their pet to the vet, do their Christmas shopping. But I also know that those same senior citizens would be loathe to dispense with their money for something that frivolous. They would find SOMEBODY who would be "going that way" to do it for them. And Vicksburg has got such a weird mindset - it is like the people will go to Jackson for something, but if it is right under their noses in their hometown, they will not take advantage of it! I may be wrong. Things may have changed. But having lived here 50 plus years, I don't think I am wrong in this. I, myself, have tried various jobs throughout my life and have a pretty good understanding of the people who make up this town. But hey, if she is successful, she WILL call me, I'm pretty sure. I am no shrinking violet (my jeans attest to that!) , and she was appreciative that I was so upfront with her. We'll see.

I bought a new baking dish yesterday. Yeah, yeah, I have baking dishes, but this one is so pretty and bright blue and it was WAY on sale. It will be perfect for bread pudding. David really liked it, too. I mean, we spend a boatload of money on medicine, doctor bills, and food, not to mention our utility bills, so hey, sue me for spending 10 bucks on a blue baking dish!!! It made me happy!!!!

Speaking of happy, I have a bunch of UNhappy animals, wondering where the heck I am! I may not let them out today. The majority of my cats are black and there is a heat advisory, even including the pets! One of my little babies was stretched out next to our side entrance door (we never use it) because he could feel the cool air coming out from under it. Way to be energy efficient, Reids!!! It certainly wouldn't kill them to stay in the cool for one day!!!

Everyone have a great Wednesday! Try to stay comfortable! Stay hydrated! Don't take any wooden nickels!



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