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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Election Day

So, it's election day. It is so friggin' hot outside, I really don't want to go anywhere, but I have to pick up some medicine for both of the moms, PLUS take David's mom to vote. She doesn't feel safe to drive today. I am so about to fall out from heat/hunger and David isn't feeling so great, but he is getting ready. OH, and we have to pick up those cats. I think I may have a home for the little boy cat, though. This morning this boy asked if he could cut our grass, and he is a pretty small boy so I told him I didn't think so, but then as we talked, I realized he was one of the kids I gave a couple of cats to a few years ago. He still has them and is going to ask his mom about getting another one. But with school starting tomorrow, I wouldn't be surprised if she said no. My grass? Well, everyone will just have to deal with it getting higher. I CANNOT cut it in this heat and really can't afford to have it cut. I may try to cut the front in the evening, after the sun goes down (I am sure the yp's will be frantic - I mean, they go to bed at sundown, apparently!), and then I will try to get the back cut another evening. It is just not a priority, right now, so it will get done when it gets done. I cannot stress enough how much I hate the summer.

Well, I need to go prod David to hurry up!!! I am truly about to be sick if I don't get some REAL FOOD in my stomach. A 99 cent potato at Wendy's would be fabulous!!!

Here he comes. Stay cool today!!


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