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Sunday, August 05, 2007


Well, David just got up and wants to go get something to eat. Yeah, I COULD cook something, but while it would be cooking, he would go back to bed and then go to sleep and then the food would get cold and then I would be pissed and when he would FINALLY get up, he would have gone past when he needed to eat, so........ we are going somewhere else to eat!!!!! And then off we will go to the grocery store. Man, I wish they would deliver. We would have a standing order for milk, orange juice, cottage cheese, and bananas for my mother!!
We had a pretty good day yesterday, but David forced himself to keep on going all afternoon, and then crashed and burned when we got home. I could not sleep last night, although I was totally exhausted, so I took a whole sleeping pill at three this morning. Therefore, I am walking in a fog!! And I will be doing the driving in a few minutes!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THE '92 SUBARU!!!!!!
Tomorrow, Yvette and Yvonne go to the vet to be "fixed". If I can't find a home for them, then at least they will probably stick close to the yard and will not populate the area with more kittens. There is a tom hanging around that I have chased off, David chased off, and Scruffy chased off, so there won't be any reason for him to be skulking around, after tomorrow. Of course, I have no idea where these other cats came from - hopefully, no others will decided that this needs to be their "forever" home!!!!
That's it for now. I bought a Christmas present yesterday. So sue me.
Oh, and Jean, great stationery, and I busted out laughing when you told me to "throw it away"! My friends know me well!!! Pigfest isn't too far off - reserve your room soon!!!!!!!
Later, dudes.


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