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Friday, August 24, 2007

Doctor visit report

So, how's about this heat? Seriously, we could have scrambled those eggs on the sidewalk yesterday, and thrown some bread in the car and it would have baked! LAWSEY! Now, thank you for letting me say something about this weather that seems to have a choke hold on Mississippi!
David's eye appointment yesterday confirmed that there is no shingle activity in his eye, but there seems to be another kind of a virus causing the itching. He was advised to step up his antiviral medicine, and start the eyedrops again. Fine.
Then, because we had a few errands to take care of in Jackson yesterday, we left a couple of hours before his oncology appointment. The sun beating down on us in the car was brutal, and the poor air conditioner just tried to keep up the cooling, but sometimes, it was just too hot! We started just rolling the windows down and putting up the sunshades when we went in somewhere, which helped get the car cooler faster. I walked into Bath and Body Works and the perky clerk was like, "how are you today is there anything I can help you with?" and I was red, very hot, and just looked at her, and said, "rain or a cold front". At least it was cool in there! We finally just went on to the doctor's office early to cool off!
Dr. Graham was very happy that David looks so well, although he is still running this low grade fever every day, which I do NOT like. But Dr. G has gotten very comfortable with us and we talked about rock and roll, the Duane Allman carving on the highway, you know, interesting stuff!! He was very pleased at David's plan on going back to work and again I asked him, wasn't this unusual, and he looked at me and said that it was a miracle!!! YEP! A MIRACLE! Dr. G will call us with the results of the blood test and we are sure hoping that the numbers for the cancer marker test will continue to go down, which means less cancer activity. We could not have gotten a better doctor to help us through all of this, and to be honest, I doubt David would still be here, with another doctor. Dr. G has respected us, treated us like we actually have intelligence, not like some oncologists that I have heard about, who only want to do it THEIR way, or nothing at all.
All of that being said, David just came through here freezing because he is running fever, so hopefully, some ibuprofen will get rid of that. I told the nurse yesterday that I am upbeat and hopeful and then here will come David with that thermometer in his mouth!! I told her I just sigh. The doctor thinks that the shingles might be causing this fever, which makes sense, and everything I have read said that the virus hangs around for a long time. He is almost back up to taking all of the supplements that have built up his immune system, and has put back on weight, his color is good, so ONCE IT COOLS OFF (I'm sorry), he and I will start walking in the neighborhood (maybe the neighbor's dog will bark!) and we can nip this fever in the bud! He will be continuing his weekly chemo here in Vicksburg, also. All in all, a good day yesterday, EXCEPT FOR THE HEAT!!!
I have yet to do anything petwise today, so I guess I had better get a move on. Woofer was barking at men working on the street, the garbage truck, all with the bark collar on! But he is quiet at night, which is all that matters.
Today is Friday, coffeeshop visiting this afternoon!!! I hope to see everyone there!!!!!!!


  • At Friday, August 24, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey- even with the heat, it is great to read David is feeling better!
    it is hot here too- so much for moving North for cooler weather-HAHA.
    love to you both.


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