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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another Sunday morning

Good morning, everyone! Unbelievably, another week has gone by, and we are on to the next one! August is actually flying by, isn't it? It is so hot, even the month doesn't want to hang around, I guess!!! And David had ANOTHER good day yesterday!!! We are just so excited. We went to a baby shower yesterday afternoon (I won a candle!!), then met up with Linda and the boys for supper. When we were finishing up our meal, in walks Daniel and Leslie! This is really a small town, folks!

David is already up, wanting to go somewhere!! I am kind of stumbling around, finishing up my granola bar and drinking my coffee. I will have to go take care of the animals, which will wear me out, but if he wants to go somewhere soon, I am going to go! He is just so happy to be, not just feeling "okay", but feeling pretty good! To quote "the Doxology", praise God from whom all blessings flow......"

I have decided to name the little boy kitten "Tommy". It fits. Granted, it isn't very original to name a tomcat "Tommy", but if you saw this little scutter, you would say "That's PERFECT!". I still want to find homes for them, but there is no shortage of kittens in this town. The paper has about 10 ads saying "free kittens to good home", and that doesn't even count Paws Rescue, the Humane Society, and the evil empire, Animal Control. Speaking of A. C., I was in the grocery store the other day, buying about 10 cans of Friskies, a small bag of cat food, and two little bags of litter. I was afraid the clerk was going to ask me how many cats I had, and I was prepared to tell her "enough, just don't tell animal control", but luckily, she got distracted and didn't ask me. WELL, I am SO glad she didn't, because when we were loading our stuff into the ice chest in our trunk, out walks the guy that was in the next aisle, and he strolls over to his vehicle, and sure enough, he works for Animal Control!!! I may have had to have a showdown, right there in the middle of Corner Market!!!! If they get ahold of an animal, they take them to "the big sleep" after three days!! And as one guy so politely (that is sarcasm, BTW) told me, they don't care whether they have collars or not, they will take them! So, that is why I am so grateful to have gotten to work with Paws Rescue - they care about cats as much as they do dogs, they have helped me get these females fixed so they won't contribute to the pet population. Tommy cannot be fixed for two more months, something about "the equipment" not being mature enough! He is a sweetie, purrs so loudly, wants to be cuddled. It is too bad that the kid who said he wanted a kitten really didn't. Of course, that kid will probably be in juvenile hall soon, if he hasn't been already. I am glad that I just didn't hand Tommy on over to him. He would probably have been abandoned that same day, and that would just break my heart. I will take care of him. Shoot, what's one more? Oh, has anyone seen that video of the woman in Russia who lives in a two bedroom apartment and has 130 cats? I tried to put it on my blog, but it didn't work, so everyone could see it. All of the cats looked healthy, and the reporter said that the apartment was clean. One thing that you have to do when you have a plethora of cats, is to clean EVERY DAY! When the woman walked in the door, though, they all were jumping and meowing and scampering about, waiting for their food! That may make some people cringe, but it just made me feel happy inside! I do love me some kitty cats!!!

Well, I need another cuppa coffee! Have a great day!!
And even though I talked about cats, this beautiful dog looks like my Buster (who now lives with parents to be, Ginny and Brett) and he is lounging in a pool, so, in honor of the 103 forecast today, I went with it.


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