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Friday, August 31, 2007


So this morning, I go out to do my morning dog chores, I pick up the pooper scooper, and YIKES!! I am covered with ants, instantaneously!!! I throw down the pooper scooper, shake my arms, screaming, and think they are all gone. I pick up the pooper scooper. OMIGOD!!! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!! I throw down the pooper scooper. I start to do the "ant dance", of course, while screaming. Finally satisfied the ants are gone, I pick up the pooper scooper. You guessed it, ANTS, EVERYWHERE!!!! This time I start beating the pooper scooper on the fence, screaming and by this time, cursing, and the dogs are just looking at me, as if to say, where the hell is our food, woman? By this time, my arm is turning red, the pooper scooper is just about broken, and I feel the ants on my neck, hopefully drowning in the sweat (the aforementioned humidity), and I do a very very fast dog feed, poop scoop, run out of the dog pen, spray some fresh water in their bowls, and run in and jump in the tub. There were even a couple of ants in my hair!!! Not cool, in any way, not cool, indeed. That was how my Friday started. Did I mention it was very very humid??
The day wasn't a total wash. We went to Cracker Barrel and a woman we know paid for our lunch, which was totally unexpected. It made me tear up. Then David went to the eye doctor (keep using the drops daily, come back next Friday) and then off to the coffee shop. I drank three glasses of iced tea for lunch, UNSWEETENED,as always, and felt kind of ooky (could it be the ant bites?) so I asked Josh for some caffeinated coffee, instead of my regular decaf. Then I had another cup. I was buzzing, seriously, my heart was pounding, and I have to say, I was talking faster than normal, which for those who know me, is pretty damn fast!!! We came home and I have officially, crashed and burned. The animals are put to bed. Now I am putting myself to bed. Tomorrow we head to hell, uh, I mean, WALMART!!
Everyone, have a great evening and a great Saturday. Cooler weather is just around the corner, I just know it!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I got some new food for the freezer!

The Schwan man came yesterday afternoon and there are some new items in the "cat"alog!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hot Tuesday

Hey, everybody! What a hot day!! But aren't you glad you aren't the parent of the beauty queen in that YouTube video going around? Bless her heart, she's pretty. Lord. It is a frightening indictment of our educational system, isn't it? But I know she was nervous, and seriously, we probably would all sound like blithering idiots if we were in that position. But it sure is good for a giggle or two, isn't it??
I have been full of energy today, but now, at 5 p.m., I feel like I am slowing down. I honestly wish it was a cold, dreary day, so I wouldn't feel so guilty if I curled up in a blanket and turned on the television!! Those days are coming SOON, I hope, so I will deal with the unrelenting sunshine, for NOW, at least!
Scruffy has been sleeping on the trampoline lately. That is some kind of cute, I tell ya! Yvonne, Yvette, and Tommy are still on the premises. I don't know when they will move to their "forever" home. Today none of the cats wanted to go out, and the ones that did, came running back in after a few minutes. Same for me - I went out to sit on the deck and after a few minutes, I came running back in, too!!!
David is feeling better and better, thank goodness. He is definitely planning on returning to work on October 1. We haven't gotten any of the results from the blood work from last week, and of course, being me, it kind of worries me, but I need to take the "no news is good news" course, and figure they must not have gotten the results back yet. He is feeling so much better, looks so great, it has to be good news, don't you think? Yes, you do!!!
We are taking a little Labor Day trip this weekend. We will be visiting with our friends, Rick and Kathy, and plan to have a nice relaxing day. Tuesday morning, David will be having a meeting with his boss about his return to work, and then we will come home. Quick trip, but it should be fun. That will be a test of David's getting better, I think. And we are taking Teddie, the little handicapable kitty. I hope that won't be a disaster. I will let you know!
Well, that's it for now. Everyone stay cool!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Stuff and such on a Monday morning

So, here it is, another Monday morning, the last Monday in August 2007. I am ready for this month to be behind us, due to the heat, mainly. And to just get to autumn, my favorite time of year!
And some news - both of my kids will be moving to new homes in the month of September! Christopher and Katie have found a house that they are trying to buy, in a great area of Columbia, and it is just so cute! I can see them being very happy there, with their screened in porch and garden in the back! I cannot wait to see it! And Erica and Fuzzy found a great apartment this weekend, also! It is near where they live now, but they can tell that the management company that owns the building is a lot better than the one that owns their present apartment. Plus, they are going to tear down the building they are in now, so they were going to have to move soon, anyway. Like Christopher said, it was a big "real estate" weekend for the Reid kids!!! So exciting for everyone!!
Both are extremely busy, though, to be going through all of this upheaval! Christopher is back in school, studying for his Master's in Social Work. Already there is lots of reading, plus he has an internship AND an assistant ship. WHEW!!
And Erica is in the DaDa play, opening next week. She is having full day rehearsals a couple of times this week, plus they will be drumming up interest by going to Millennium Park in full costume and makeup. Me? I need to feed the animals!!! I wish I had their energy, although sometimes, I think they just need to relax and do nothing, some days. I have a ton of things I need to do, and would like to do, but the heat is really wreaking havoc with the little stamina that David has, at the moment. He wants to help me and go places, to get his strength back, but it just wears him out! I think when it cools off, he will feel much better, and we can get him ready to go back to work. I will just keep doing what I have been doing, that's all I can do! Regardless of what SOME people say, I do absolutely SOMETHING, all day long!!!!!!!
Back to the new digs for the kids, when everybody gets settled and David is feeling better, AND has built up a few days off, we hope to go visit both places. I think everyone will be very happy, especially E and F since there is a washer and dryer in their apartment! Of course, C and K will love that porch - I picture Christopher studying out there in the cool of the evening!! Great images in my head.....makes me smile!!
The picture at the top of my post today is a publicity picture for the DaDa play. Freaky, huh?? It's amazing what stage makeup can do. I would love to see it! I hope lots and lots of people do go see it!!!
That's it for now! Have a great day and stay cool!!!'
OH- I still cannot comment on some blogs! I try and it just flashes and goes to an error code and won't let me even sign in. So, those of you with blogs, I am still reading, I just can't say anything!!!! Maybe Fuzzy can fix it when he is here in October???!!!!! I sure can't figure out what's happening!!!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My new philosophy

There is a wooden stool in the coffee shop, "folk art", if you will, and it has a crude drawing of a black dog, with the words -
"Helen, Helen,
The kitchen is your dog,
And you pat it and love
it and keep it clean." Ann Sexton
Now, we have been seeing this for over a year, and the other day Rusty said, "What the hell does that mean?". I take it to mean that you should do just what it says, take care of your kitchen, just as you would your pet (Thank goodness you don't have to WALK the kitchen, however!). So, I have been making sure that I get the dishes washed, I "pat" the counters, and I use my Swiffer Wetjet every day, to keep it clean. And you know what? It feels good to walk into a well loved kitchen, instead of one where you feel the drudgery every day. It's just a mindset change, but it truly works.
Have a great Sunday!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Neat pics

Okay, a few months ago, Erica was a model for a photography class. Anyway, she was modeled after an Elvis Costello album cover, "This Year's Model" and this is the result. The photograph is courtesy of Ian Merritt Photography. Neat, isn't it?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fuzzy is in first place!

Originally uploaded by Fuzzy Gerdes
Okay, this is a misleading photo, but I like it and it shows his competitive spirit! He is in first place after last night's Impress These Apes show. CONGRATULATIONS, FUZZY!!!!

Doctor visit report

So, how's about this heat? Seriously, we could have scrambled those eggs on the sidewalk yesterday, and thrown some bread in the car and it would have baked! LAWSEY! Now, thank you for letting me say something about this weather that seems to have a choke hold on Mississippi!
David's eye appointment yesterday confirmed that there is no shingle activity in his eye, but there seems to be another kind of a virus causing the itching. He was advised to step up his antiviral medicine, and start the eyedrops again. Fine.
Then, because we had a few errands to take care of in Jackson yesterday, we left a couple of hours before his oncology appointment. The sun beating down on us in the car was brutal, and the poor air conditioner just tried to keep up the cooling, but sometimes, it was just too hot! We started just rolling the windows down and putting up the sunshades when we went in somewhere, which helped get the car cooler faster. I walked into Bath and Body Works and the perky clerk was like, "how are you today is there anything I can help you with?" and I was red, very hot, and just looked at her, and said, "rain or a cold front". At least it was cool in there! We finally just went on to the doctor's office early to cool off!
Dr. Graham was very happy that David looks so well, although he is still running this low grade fever every day, which I do NOT like. But Dr. G has gotten very comfortable with us and we talked about rock and roll, the Duane Allman carving on the highway, you know, interesting stuff!! He was very pleased at David's plan on going back to work and again I asked him, wasn't this unusual, and he looked at me and said that it was a miracle!!! YEP! A MIRACLE! Dr. G will call us with the results of the blood test and we are sure hoping that the numbers for the cancer marker test will continue to go down, which means less cancer activity. We could not have gotten a better doctor to help us through all of this, and to be honest, I doubt David would still be here, with another doctor. Dr. G has respected us, treated us like we actually have intelligence, not like some oncologists that I have heard about, who only want to do it THEIR way, or nothing at all.
All of that being said, David just came through here freezing because he is running fever, so hopefully, some ibuprofen will get rid of that. I told the nurse yesterday that I am upbeat and hopeful and then here will come David with that thermometer in his mouth!! I told her I just sigh. The doctor thinks that the shingles might be causing this fever, which makes sense, and everything I have read said that the virus hangs around for a long time. He is almost back up to taking all of the supplements that have built up his immune system, and has put back on weight, his color is good, so ONCE IT COOLS OFF (I'm sorry), he and I will start walking in the neighborhood (maybe the neighbor's dog will bark!) and we can nip this fever in the bud! He will be continuing his weekly chemo here in Vicksburg, also. All in all, a good day yesterday, EXCEPT FOR THE HEAT!!!
I have yet to do anything petwise today, so I guess I had better get a move on. Woofer was barking at men working on the street, the garbage truck, all with the bark collar on! But he is quiet at night, which is all that matters.
Today is Friday, coffeeshop visiting this afternoon!!! I hope to see everyone there!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


There is a website that is devoted to cats doing odd things. They put a caption to it and post it. Well, my very own Bear cat, photographed by my very own son-in-law, Fuzzy, got posted on the site! I am excited!! So, here is Bear, son of Bobbie, brother of Stimpy, Chloe, and Campbell, being a STAR!!!

Wednesday, whooopeeee.

Y'all, I seriously can't do this heat anymore. I know that I have complained and whined about it all summer long, but to me, this week has been absolute torture! The temperatures haven't been as high as last week's, granted, but the humidity is up this week, which is absolutely draining to me (and everyone else!). I came in this morning and my face was bright red, and I was only out there about fifteen minutes! It didn't ever get that red last week!! Plus, my sinuses and ears and head and stomach and whatever else is being affected by the high temperatures! I WANT A COLD FRONT!!! This weekend, the high is supposed to be in the low nineties, which is all well and good, UNLESS the humidity is high! I just want to sit in front of a fan, and do nothing, but alas, that's not gonna happen!!!!!
And to top it off, David's eye is drooping more than ever and he may have to go back to see if the shingles have decided to reappear in that eye. Although, he is still feeling better, and he is trying to build up his stamina to go back to work. Yesterday, we ran by the coffee shop and our English friend came in, and sat down with us to visit. Well, it came up that David worked on slot machines and he was very interested in hearing what all had to be done. David got to talking about everything and I could see that he really misses his work. He was describing everything that was done, telling him about things that had happened, and it made me feel better that still gets "into" his job, so much. I think that it will be a shot in the arm when he goes back, and if he needs to rest during the day, I think that everyone will be okay with that, because David is a good, concientious employee, and those are few and far between, these days. He may need a toothpick to prop his eye open, though!!
Tomorrow we head off to Jackson Oncology for massive blood work. No CT scan this time, just a complete liver panel and blood tests. I am pretty sure we will get no results tomorrow, but Dr. G. will be stunned at how great David looks now. He will be really happy to see that he is just percolating along!!
The little boy cat, Tommy, got neutered yesterday and we have to go get him this afternoon. I have been assured that the new home for Yvette, Yvonne, and Tommy will be great for them, the woman is excited to get them, and they will have a room in the barn to be safe from the elements. They have really gotten to where they like being in my laundry room. It could be the heat, though, so once they are out there, they can go on adventures and have a wonderful life. And that is what is important. My other cats are not wanting to stay out much these days, though, either. Of course, if I was covered in long black fur, I might not want to be outside either! Hey, I am NOT covered in long black fur and I don't want to be out!! And my little short haired tabby, Candy, has just decided that he wants to relax on a box in the garage and not even bother going out! That will change, I am sure, when the weather gets cooler, but he sure is cute, just "chillin'" on a box!!!!!! He's not dumb!
Well, that is it for now. We are going to lay low this afternoon, only going to get Tommy, to gear up for tomorrow's trek to Jackson. We are going early to check on a couple of things, and then hopefully, get to catch up with Carl and see how that situation is with his wife.
So, stay cool! August is winding down, and hopefully will take the heat with it!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday is laundry day!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

So, I think I have found a home for the mama cat, Yvette, and her children, Yvonne and Tommy. Now, that is the good news. They will be loved and be safe with a home of their own. BUT, I have fallen head over heels in love with them, as I knew I would if they were around here for very long!! They are so sweet and soft, and they just purr all of the time. Yes, I have other cats. Yes, they need their very own "forever" home. But, dang it, I am going to miss them!!! Why, why, why am I such a softie???
Okay, I am tired and am going to go to bed. David, his mom, and I ate a wonderful HUGE supper at Rainbow Casino's buffet, where everything was just perfect and it was a very enjoyable evening. But with the heat and all that food, well, I'm about to fall over!! I had better take advantage of it!
I have a "send a shout up to the Man Upstairs" request - David's brother, Carl, who lives in Flowood/Brandon, and who has been a godsend to Norma during her illness in the past few weeks, well, his wife fell a couple of weeks ago and folks, she is just not doing very well. They had released her from the hospital but she is back in there today, in severe pain, and they want Carl to stay with her pretty much all of the time. I am afraid that this is going to be a long recovery for her and they need all the prayers they can get. Thanks, I appreciate it.
Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Movie review: SUPERBAD

Okay, if you loved Animal House, if you loved Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, if you loved ANY of those movies with horny teenagers and alcohol, you will love this. It was a laugh out loud kind of movie, although at one point, the mother in me kicked in and I was like, oh HELL no that would NOT be happening with MY child, but that moment passed and I laughed out loud again. If you are offended by bad language, do NOT go see this movie. Hmmm. What does that make us, then? But seriously, we wanted something to laugh at and Michael Cera, late of the great cancelled television show, Arrested Development, just cracks me up and he doesn't have to do anything!! That was the main reason I wanted to go see this movie. He is just a funny kid.
And, I was going to put a cute YouTube video of three guinea pigs with a cucumber, but I clicked on "embed", a little icon came up, but I don't know how to put it here!! Sorry.
Well, that is all for now. We had a nice time running back over to Clinton to see the movie, but if they would ever get our theater open again, that would be so much more convenient!! We also ran to Metrocenter Mall - when did they take Dillard's out of there???? We didn't stay there very long. There is just nothing there!
Have a great evening!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Please, Lord, send rain!!

It is 95 degrees and the heat today is worse than it has been all week long, when the temps were in the mid 100's. Maybe it is just the cumulative effect, maybe the humidity is higher, but IT NEEDS TO STOP, AND SOON!! I cannot shake the headache and nausea from this morning, when I was outside taking care of the pets. That's just wrong!!! I am sorry to complain, but THAT'S JUST WRONG. It's so wrong, I had to say it twice!!
The two kittens, Yvonne and Tommy, have been missing since yesterday morning. Yvette needs her stitches out, so I hope that they show back up here soon. Their mama showed up last night, whining and crying and I didn't let her in, in case the kits came home. This morning, she went running into the kennel where they have been sleeping, so I hope there is no sad story happening that I will never know. I am hoping that in this heat, and since they are black, they have found a cool place to hole up and will be back soon. And in this heat, I am concerned about my dogs. I have given them extra water and sprayed the ground around it, but Goober is really suffering in this weather. Dog days, my , well, you know!!
Congrats to Fuzzy for his second place music video. It just really makes you smile! I am sure it will be up on his website soon, if it is not already.
All right. It is wearing me out just to type. Stay cool.

Update: I am thinking my nausea and dizziness may be food poisoning. Do you remember the English guy I mentioned from last week? Well, I was told today that he ate at the restaurant last night that we ate at for lunch today, and he was sick all night long. The food today was awful. The marinated cucumber salad was almost rancid, the mashed potatoes had so much black pepper in them, they were inedible. David said that the greens were sour and the carrot he put in his mouth tasted so bad, he spit it out!! So, isn't THAT just ducky??
But we went on to the coffee shop and visited with Rusty. Then Lori, one of the Nossers, came in for a smoothie, and then lo and behold, who should walk in but my sister and her husband!!! I was stunned, but very very happy to see them!!! Daniel didn't chase us all out, thank goodness, so we stayed until about 5:35. Other than me feeling like crap, it was a very nice coffee shop visit. Like David said, where else can an older couple from Wisconsin get good coffee and directions to Natchez, and then, after they leave, you get a discussion on how to make an inch high pancake!! I love the place. Everyone, come on down, your coffee or smoothie will be on me!!
Oh, and when we drove up, who should come running up but Yvonne and Tommy. David actually admitted that he was afraid that they were gone for good. He cuddled with them and asked where they had been. They didn't answer.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I am so pleased to inform everyone that my nephew, Joey Gillis, is back in North Carolina, after being in Iraq (his 2nd time) for several months. Welcome back, Joey!! We are very proud of you and relieved that you made it home safely!! Now, to just get everyone ELSE'S loved ones home, THAT would be a wonderful thing!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The forecast? 104 degrees.....but what about that heat index???

I know, I know. It's August. In Mississippi. It is supposed to be hot. But, COME ON!!! We have been putting off going to the grocery store, due to the heat, for the last two days, but today, we will have to venture into the aisles of Kroger's. Their air conditioner is iffy, at best, so I am concerned that it will have "hot spots" through out the store. Luckily, we don't have to get much. I do wish we had a delivery service here, though. I would have a standing order for me and my mother. It would be so worth it.

Instead of going grocery shopping, we have been going to the coffee shop, where I admit it, I have been pounding back the Dr. Peppers!!! I love those things! So, the other day I was sitting there, cooling off in one of the comfy chairs, sipping on my DP, when a thirty something African-American woman came in and walked right over to me and sat down. Now I had never seen her so I was like, hey, how are you, what's going on? She introduced herself and said that she was trying to start an "errand service" in Vicksburg, and wondered what my thoughts were on the venture. Now, as I mentioned in the above paragraph, I would LOVE to not have to go to the store in the heat, but I am, because I am able to do so. I told her that I thought that it was a good idea, that I see the market for it, but this is Vicksburg. Not exactly the most progressive town in the "New South". Hey, we don't even have a movie theater anymore!! A couple of years ago, they tried to start a recycling service, but that got handily defeated. Businesses start up and then just quietly die away. She has been in Vicksburg since 1990, and has seen how the downtown area has been revitalized, and how there seemed to be a more diverse business community. And I told her that if her business was a success, to please hire me, because I really do love shopping for other people (I really do, IF it was not 104 degrees!), especially during holiday time (it's the most wonderful time of the year), but I had to be honest with her, that I really don't think that she could make any money from it. I told her that she just needed to put her toe in, put an ad in the paper, on the radio, on the local access tv station, and see if she gets any nibbles, not jump in feet first and use all of her start up money at once. She took my name, I got her name, and she thanked me, and off she went.

Now, that would be a good service. There are plenty of senior citizens in this town who do NOT have someone to get their groceries, pick up their medicines, take their pet to the vet, do their Christmas shopping. But I also know that those same senior citizens would be loathe to dispense with their money for something that frivolous. They would find SOMEBODY who would be "going that way" to do it for them. And Vicksburg has got such a weird mindset - it is like the people will go to Jackson for something, but if it is right under their noses in their hometown, they will not take advantage of it! I may be wrong. Things may have changed. But having lived here 50 plus years, I don't think I am wrong in this. I, myself, have tried various jobs throughout my life and have a pretty good understanding of the people who make up this town. But hey, if she is successful, she WILL call me, I'm pretty sure. I am no shrinking violet (my jeans attest to that!) , and she was appreciative that I was so upfront with her. We'll see.

I bought a new baking dish yesterday. Yeah, yeah, I have baking dishes, but this one is so pretty and bright blue and it was WAY on sale. It will be perfect for bread pudding. David really liked it, too. I mean, we spend a boatload of money on medicine, doctor bills, and food, not to mention our utility bills, so hey, sue me for spending 10 bucks on a blue baking dish!!! It made me happy!!!!

Speaking of happy, I have a bunch of UNhappy animals, wondering where the heck I am! I may not let them out today. The majority of my cats are black and there is a heat advisory, even including the pets! One of my little babies was stretched out next to our side entrance door (we never use it) because he could feel the cool air coming out from under it. Way to be energy efficient, Reids!!! It certainly wouldn't kill them to stay in the cool for one day!!!

Everyone have a great Wednesday! Try to stay comfortable! Stay hydrated! Don't take any wooden nickels!


Monday, August 13, 2007

Okay, it's been decided. We are DEFINITELY going to see "Superbad" next weekend!! Now THAT'S a movie that I want to see!!
I can't sleep. I guess it is that CUP OF BUNNY that I had earlier, keeping me hoppin'!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Movie Review

Well, this afternoon, David felt really good, again, and we went to Jackson!!! He really wanted to see "Stardust", a new movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, and Robert DeNiro. It is a fantasy movie, based on a book by Neil Gaiman, or something like that. For one thing, the Clinton theater had the sound up way too high, something that was never rectified during the entire movie. I literally put pieces of tissue in each ear, and when the music played, I put my hands over my ears. IT WAS THAT LOUD!! But, about fifteen or twenty minutes into the actual movie, I realized that this was a movie that, if we had been at home, I would have told David to "have at it" and I would have come to the computer. It was absolutely a mess!! There was no cohesive storyline, well there was one, and it was as if the director was trying to throw in as much as he could for special effect! The main character, Tristan, played by Charlie Cox (never have heard of him), was good, I liked him a lot. And seriously, every man should go around wearing duster coats. They just look great with the wind billowing it out behind the wearer. That is why I get so many compliments when I wear my duster length coat, I'm sure . Those coats just look good. Robert DeNiro's part was funny, totally unnecessary, totally over the top, but it brought a chuckle. But I have NEVER been a fan of Michelle Pfeiffer, and I am sorry, I just cannot think that Claire Danes is that great an actress, nor is she as beautiful as everyone says she is!!! Don't see it. She just presents this vapid face while she is "acting" and with it so huge, it is quite disconcerting, having to watch her! So that did present a problem in this movie, considering that both M. and C. were on the screen for most of the time. I cannot recommend this movie at all, unless you want to see it on DVD later on. This is just my opinion, mind you. You may absolutely love it and think it is the greatest movie that you have ever seen. But I would have rather gone back to see The Simpsons movie. That made me laugh. And I really want to see "Superbad", I really do, yet David doesn't, sooooo, since I sat through this one, bored out of my mind with my ears aching, I think we may have to go see a mindless comedy about teenage boys this next weekend!!!!!

And, for those of you who blog, there is something going on that is not allowing me to make comments. It just will not let me do anything, it just flashes. So, Katie, great review of Firefly!! And for those who haven't seen the series, Firefly and its subsequent movie, "Serenity", I highly recommend it. The fact that this well written, well acted show was cancelled halfway through its first season and drivel and dreck like The Simple Life, and Wife Swap have had multiple seasons, well, it just makes me shake my head and shudder!! Nielson, Shmielson!!

Stay cool!!

Another Sunday morning

Good morning, everyone! Unbelievably, another week has gone by, and we are on to the next one! August is actually flying by, isn't it? It is so hot, even the month doesn't want to hang around, I guess!!! And David had ANOTHER good day yesterday!!! We are just so excited. We went to a baby shower yesterday afternoon (I won a candle!!), then met up with Linda and the boys for supper. When we were finishing up our meal, in walks Daniel and Leslie! This is really a small town, folks!

David is already up, wanting to go somewhere!! I am kind of stumbling around, finishing up my granola bar and drinking my coffee. I will have to go take care of the animals, which will wear me out, but if he wants to go somewhere soon, I am going to go! He is just so happy to be, not just feeling "okay", but feeling pretty good! To quote "the Doxology", praise God from whom all blessings flow......"

I have decided to name the little boy kitten "Tommy". It fits. Granted, it isn't very original to name a tomcat "Tommy", but if you saw this little scutter, you would say "That's PERFECT!". I still want to find homes for them, but there is no shortage of kittens in this town. The paper has about 10 ads saying "free kittens to good home", and that doesn't even count Paws Rescue, the Humane Society, and the evil empire, Animal Control. Speaking of A. C., I was in the grocery store the other day, buying about 10 cans of Friskies, a small bag of cat food, and two little bags of litter. I was afraid the clerk was going to ask me how many cats I had, and I was prepared to tell her "enough, just don't tell animal control", but luckily, she got distracted and didn't ask me. WELL, I am SO glad she didn't, because when we were loading our stuff into the ice chest in our trunk, out walks the guy that was in the next aisle, and he strolls over to his vehicle, and sure enough, he works for Animal Control!!! I may have had to have a showdown, right there in the middle of Corner Market!!!! If they get ahold of an animal, they take them to "the big sleep" after three days!! And as one guy so politely (that is sarcasm, BTW) told me, they don't care whether they have collars or not, they will take them! So, that is why I am so grateful to have gotten to work with Paws Rescue - they care about cats as much as they do dogs, they have helped me get these females fixed so they won't contribute to the pet population. Tommy cannot be fixed for two more months, something about "the equipment" not being mature enough! He is a sweetie, purrs so loudly, wants to be cuddled. It is too bad that the kid who said he wanted a kitten really didn't. Of course, that kid will probably be in juvenile hall soon, if he hasn't been already. I am glad that I just didn't hand Tommy on over to him. He would probably have been abandoned that same day, and that would just break my heart. I will take care of him. Shoot, what's one more? Oh, has anyone seen that video of the woman in Russia who lives in a two bedroom apartment and has 130 cats? I tried to put it on my blog, but it didn't work, so everyone could see it. All of the cats looked healthy, and the reporter said that the apartment was clean. One thing that you have to do when you have a plethora of cats, is to clean EVERY DAY! When the woman walked in the door, though, they all were jumping and meowing and scampering about, waiting for their food! That may make some people cringe, but it just made me feel happy inside! I do love me some kitty cats!!!

Well, I need another cuppa coffee! Have a great day!!
And even though I talked about cats, this beautiful dog looks like my Buster (who now lives with parents to be, Ginny and Brett) and he is lounging in a pool, so, in honor of the 103 forecast today, I went with it.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

New picture for my profile

The more I look at that bird picture on last night's post, the more I want it for my profile picture! I just LOVE it!! You can tell that THAT is a head, just loaded with brains......

So, the forecast is for 102 today. Ironically, there is a "cold" front, and I have it in quotes because while it is technically a cold front, but there will be not one iota of cold air with it. When we have cold fronts, the north wind brings the paper mill fragrance our way, and it is actually in the air today, which is weird because it is going to be so hot. Does that make sense? I mean, where we used to live, if you smelled the paper mill, the temperature was going to drop, and if we smelled it in the fall, well, we just started to associate it with beautiful, cool weather. So, now we smell it and it is over one hundred degrees today. Global warming?? It makes you think! I guess that is "an inconvenient truth", or as Lisa Simpson wrote, "an irritating truth".

I just heard from my wonderful neighbor, Marian. Her husband Bob is doing fine, thank God! Their friends are on their way and they have a fun day planned. You know, this has been a great week!!!!! I hope it continues!! Oh, other than the heat - to make it perfect, the high should be 70, but that's just me. But really, everything has just been super in the past few days! David feels good, Katie got a new job, Bob is okay, DAVID FEELS GOOD! I am pretty danged happy, at the moment!!! I hope there will be no Godsmack later on today!

I need to go take care of the menagerie. We had a leak in the basement yesterday, something to do with air conditioner ducts, condensation, and a semi plugged drain, but luckily David got it fixed without too much trouble. But now the floor is really yucky so, Swiffer Wet Jet to the rescue!!!!!
Have a great day!!!! Oh, and I had to put that bird picture up again. I just love him!!
OH NO! The picture function is not working, at the moment!! WOE IS ME!!!!! Just go look at him, again, then. It is a great way to start the day!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

The thing is.......

All right, a certain someone who had a birthday today, noted that I say that phrase (the thing is) a lot. But you know, the thing is, it works for me!!!!!! So, I am probably not going to stop saying it anytime soon!!! And honestly, I don't think I COULD stop saying any time soon. It could be a lot worse!!!! But, hey, thanks for pointing that out, okay!!!!
And, a Happy Birthday to Cheryl, (hmmm, could it be the above mentioned birthday girl???) and her daughter, Healy!! She (Cheryl) came to the coffee shop this afternoon, where she was given a little gift and a cheesecake brownie, with a candle on it! Yum, because I ate half of the brownie!!!!! The Nosser women were not there, but hopefully, Cheryl and at least a couple of the N. women will be able to meet up there some Friday afternoon. It was a lot of fun and she looked really festive in her red outfit. I just love red anything! Oh, and I got some sound financial advice from an English fella(sic) who has a shop across the street. Now I owe him a Dr. Pepper for payment. And it is just so neat to hear him talk, I might get him TWO D.P.'s!!
ANYWAY. We ended up staying past 5:30 today (it closes at 5!) , talking to Rusty, and finally, when Daniel's wife and friend came down, ready to go home, David, Rusty, and I took the conversation to El Sombrero's! And everyone, David is feeling so much better! It is like this week has been the upturn we have been waiting for, and I cannot tell you how fabulous that is! Of course, we had to go to the grocery store for us and both moms, and while David was getting stuff out of the ice chest that we put in the trunk (because of the ungodly heat, there is just no sense in it), he got stung in the back of the head by a wasp!!! Of ALL THINGS!! It swelled up pretty big with a wicked red rim around it, so he had to take something for the pain. At his mom's house we loaded it with Dr. Tichenor's, which helped tremendously. Luckily, within a couple of hours, the swelling had gone down and it stopped hurting. But wouldn't that have been a kick in the pants, if he had had an anaphylactic reaction, after all he has been through!!! It just added a little more excitement to the day!!!
Well, that is it for now. I hope everyone has a great Saturday. It is supposed to be 103 here tomorrow. isn't that swell

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Too hot for fur!!!!!

Neighbor problem, but of a different kind

We got word last night from Marian that her husband, Bob, is BACK in the hospital after suffering chest pains yesterday. Now, this poor man has had heart procedures galore, with one just a few weeks ago, and seemed to be doing well, but Marian got a call yesterday that he was going to the hospital in an ambulance (he wasn't at home). They have a big weekend planned with friends coming in from out of town, so that is kind of up in the air, at the moment. So, if you have a chance, and if you can, send a little "shout out" to the Man upstairs that Bob will be okay. Thanks! They are really very nice people and wonderful neighbors. I wish them all the best!

David has chemo today, but had a really great day again yesterday! I am just amazed!! He is trying to build up his strength so we have been going places, yesterday afternoon visiting with a friend in the coffee shop. But around 9 last night, one of his good friends from high school called and they talked for two hours!!! I really like this woman and her husband and it was really good to hear David laughing so much on the phone, but around10:30 I was like, "girls, y'all need to get off the phone now and go to bed!". They did - at 11!!!!! Like I said, I am amazed at David Reid. He has bad days, sure, and when he goes back to work, he won't be able to work 8 hours straight without a break, but considering that he is supposed to be "gone", HEY, it's pretty dang good, don't ya think??? Prayer is certainly working for him!!

Well, I must needs go(I love to say that!) and take care of the menagerie, before we go to chemo. It is already hot, though. Oh, last year at Cracker Barrel, they had the Christmas decorations up by August 1. Well, we ran in there last night to get a bite to eat and fall decorations are up, but no Christmas ones. I think even THEY realized that it was a bit ridiculous to start this early with Christmas!! Children's chicken and dumplings......mmmmm good!!

Stay cool!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


My grass is being cut, as I type, by James, a good neighbor of Cheryl's who cuts several lawns in this area. His "real" job is a fireman, but he does this on the side, and probably picks up a nice little bit of extra money! Thanks, Cheryl!!! I was just outside for a few minutes, pretty early this morning, and I was drenched by the time I came in, so I do not see how James can do it. But thank goodness he can!! I would certainly die!

School started this morning, but I didn't hear any buses. But I did hear some kids walking by the house heading to the school. I was afraid it was the kid from yesterday, coming back to do more stealing!!! I need to talk to the other neighbor and see if he got his dog food back!! It really distresses me that bad things and bad neighbors live around here. Where is our Utopia??? Oh, and last night when someone I didn't know was walking a dog up our street, my dogs went crazy, even Woofer with the shock collar on. So, if something is amiss, it is not going to stop him from doing his job! The yp's will just have to deal with it!!

And this morning, Woofer was pawing at Goober's water dish and barking. I was kind of afraid of what I would find, but it was a frog, swimming around in it, happy as could be!! I got the pooper scooper and gently lifted him out and put him outside the gate, well, he hopped back in. I picked him up again. Same thing, hopped back in, the idiot!! I then went and shook the scooper at him, and stomped my feet and he hopped away, but mark my words, there WILL be a dead frog in that dog pen this afternoon!!!! I don't think this one had a very high I.Q.!!!!!!!

I go to the dentist today at noon to get my remaining teeth cleaned. He can look at see if my cavern is healing properly, because it still hurts!! I'll bet that I did have a dry socket, but now it has been so long, it will just have to heal on its own, I guess. I will be glad when that happens!

Teddie, the handicapable kitten, is chewing on a cardboard box. Wow, another high I.Q.!!!

Okay, later, everyone!! Here is an evil eyed Teddie, and a frog pic, but my frog today was no where near this colorful or cute!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The REST of the story

So, I mentioned about the little boy who offered to cut my grass in return for a kitten, right? Now I find out the rest of the story:
First, we ran our errands, both David and I almost blacked out a couple of times due to the heat, but we voted, picked up medicine for both mothers, took Norma to vote, got a wedding gift (while we were picking up medicine at Walmart), got the cats, got home around 4, after being gone for several very hot hours.
All right, I am sitting on the chair, trying to keep the sweat from dripping onto the newspaper, when I heard my dogs barking, even though I had the radio on fairly loud. Then there is a knock at the door. It is one of my neighbors, Johnny Flaggs, someone I have waved to for eight years, but never actually was introduced to. He tells me that he had a fifty pound dog of dog food stolen out of his carport today and that one of our other neighbors saw a little guy on a bike in there. The neighbor had been seeing this little guy around here a lot lately, and Johnny said that he had his weed eater stolen, and a few other, smaller things. He wanted to know if I had seen anything. I explained that we had been gone for several hours, but I told him about the kid this morning that had offered to cut the grass, blah blah blah. It dawned on me that this little kid asked me about dog food, asked if my dogs would bite (thank goodness, I said yes!), then he asked if we still had our electric lawn mower that he had seen David using before!!!!! THIS KID WAS CASING THE JOINT!!!!! I told Johnny that the kid lived on Markham, and that his name was Greg, and Johnny said that was enough, he was going to go find him !!! Before he left, though, I asked him if my dogs ever bothered him. Now he is right across from my dog yard. He said no, that they never have bothered him, that they don't bark unless there is something going on or someone walking down the street, like his rottweilers do, also. YAY! Another testimony in my favor, if it ever comes down to it ( I so hope it never will, though!).
So, if this kid shows up again, I am not going to give him a cat, not going to let him cut my grass, and I am going to tell him that he had better not be hanging around my yard. I did tell him that David was here most all of the time, and with school starting tomorrow, if he even GOES to school, he won't have quite so much free time. And I honestly do not see how he got a fifty pound bag of dog food on his bike, but maybe he has an accomplice!! I know this kid had a really bad reputation in the neighborhood a few years ago, but he was so nice today, I thought he had reformed! Apparently NOT!!!!
It just always surprises me when people are not nice and honest. I mean, I am not naive, I am not stupid, but I just can't understand people being mean and stealing other people's property!! Maybe I AM a little naive, but I guess I just want to find good in everybody. But I have found out, some people have good only when it is good for them!! Oh, and Johnny said that if we EVER needed anything, please give him a call and he will be glad to lend us a hand, which is what neighbors are supposed to do. That is nice. I sure hope he got his dog food back!!! He has two very big, very hungry Rottweilers!
Okay, that's it for now. I just wanted to share "the rest of the story"!

Election Day

So, it's election day. It is so friggin' hot outside, I really don't want to go anywhere, but I have to pick up some medicine for both of the moms, PLUS take David's mom to vote. She doesn't feel safe to drive today. I am so about to fall out from heat/hunger and David isn't feeling so great, but he is getting ready. OH, and we have to pick up those cats. I think I may have a home for the little boy cat, though. This morning this boy asked if he could cut our grass, and he is a pretty small boy so I told him I didn't think so, but then as we talked, I realized he was one of the kids I gave a couple of cats to a few years ago. He still has them and is going to ask his mom about getting another one. But with school starting tomorrow, I wouldn't be surprised if she said no. My grass? Well, everyone will just have to deal with it getting higher. I CANNOT cut it in this heat and really can't afford to have it cut. I may try to cut the front in the evening, after the sun goes down (I am sure the yp's will be frantic - I mean, they go to bed at sundown, apparently!), and then I will try to get the back cut another evening. It is just not a priority, right now, so it will get done when it gets done. I cannot stress enough how much I hate the summer.

Well, I need to go prod David to hurry up!!! I am truly about to be sick if I don't get some REAL FOOD in my stomach. A 99 cent potato at Wendy's would be fabulous!!!

Here he comes. Stay cool today!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

A great Monday

Good evening, all. Today we had a wonderful day! David, his mom, and I went to Bass Pro Shop in Pearl, ate one of the best hamburgers I have ever had, and then just wandered around the store, looking at stuff that we would never need or use in a million years!! It was the first time that Norma has gone somewhere in a while, and it was another chance for David to "hello, is it me you're looking for?" DAMMIT!!! Sorry 'bout that, I cannot control it. Anyway, it was a way for David to continue to build up his stamina, walking around, and not having the convenience of a bed to lay down on. We left there mid-afternoon and went to visit Norma's brother Cecil and his wife, Joy, in Clinton. That was a lot of fun, too, and it was so hot, I gulped down a cold can of Coke and ate a brownie right after we got there! Y'all, I just cannot stand this heat and according to the long range forecast, it is going to be over 100 degrees by the end of the week!! It hurts my brain to think of that!!! Thank goodness for air conditioning. And Cecil's house was so clean and cool and inviting to just sit down and talk. I really had a good time.

But today was, hopefully, a good start to a good week. Tomorrow we have elections, and I'm pretty sure of who to vote for, I pick up the two cats from the vet, you know, just normal stuff!!

I did a little more "Are you somewhere feeling lonely, or is someone loving you?" DADBURN IT!!! LIONEL, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! As I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted, I did a little more Christmas shopping today. I mean, when you see something that you had been wanting to get, at a price that is lower than anywhere you have seen, you HAVE to jump on it, and that is what I did. I am feeling pretty confident that I will be through with everything, almost momentarily!! And I found some unopened Christmas cards upstairs, and I had to fight the urge to go ahead and address them!! Doing Christmasy things keeps my mind cooler, I guess. Plus not taking the tree down for three years could have something to do with it, too!

I haven't slept for several days, so I need to try tonight, for sure.

Okay, on PBS this evening there is a show, hosted by Greg Brady, no less, with music from the seventies. I've been hearing it while I have been in here, but I just had to get up for this last song. I hope that it will overpower Mr. Ritchie in my head. "PLAY" "hello?" "PLAY THAT"
"I long to see the sunlight in your hair" "PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC, WHITE BOY!" YEAH, let THAT play in my head for days and days, I will be dancing all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just know, though, when I can't sleep tonight, and I get up to get in the recliner, you know what will be playing in my head. Give me strength.

All right. Oooh, Dobey Gray's "Drift Away" is playing now. Pretty nice, yeah, good times, good times .........

Sunday, August 05, 2007

My 400th post!!!

Okay, funny story - tonight we were watching Psych, a cute show about two cute, early thirties guys who solve crimes using the main character's "psychic" ability, which, in fact, he does not have. His best friend and sidekick, Gus, just puts up with his craziness, and always relays the facts, whereas Shawn just says anything, no matter how wrong it is. That's the set up. Anyway, tonight Gus was going to have a massage by a blind masseuse, and Shawn asked him why he was so enamored of blind people. Gus gave him a quizzical look and Shawn said, "yeah, remember when that blind girl did that clay bust of you?" To which Gus answered, "that wasn't me! That was Lionel Ritchie in the "Hello" video." And Shawn said, "Right, well GREAT, now that song will be on my mind for days!!" HELLO? IS IT ME YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? was ALL I HEARD for days a few months back!! So now, I guess it's back!! Other than the fact that song is apparently some conspiracy to make everyone crazy, isn't that funny??
Speaking of music on your mind, there is a video short starring Willem Dafoe, Andy Richter, and Will Ferrell talking about this very subject. It is called "The Procedure" and it is on If your computer can access it, it's pretty funny, go watch it.
All right. It is almost midnight. I will try to go to bed "hello?" DAMN! THERE IT IS!!!! I am afraid, very afraid.......


Well, David just got up and wants to go get something to eat. Yeah, I COULD cook something, but while it would be cooking, he would go back to bed and then go to sleep and then the food would get cold and then I would be pissed and when he would FINALLY get up, he would have gone past when he needed to eat, so........ we are going somewhere else to eat!!!!! And then off we will go to the grocery store. Man, I wish they would deliver. We would have a standing order for milk, orange juice, cottage cheese, and bananas for my mother!!
We had a pretty good day yesterday, but David forced himself to keep on going all afternoon, and then crashed and burned when we got home. I could not sleep last night, although I was totally exhausted, so I took a whole sleeping pill at three this morning. Therefore, I am walking in a fog!! And I will be doing the driving in a few minutes!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THE '92 SUBARU!!!!!!
Tomorrow, Yvette and Yvonne go to the vet to be "fixed". If I can't find a home for them, then at least they will probably stick close to the yard and will not populate the area with more kittens. There is a tom hanging around that I have chased off, David chased off, and Scruffy chased off, so there won't be any reason for him to be skulking around, after tomorrow. Of course, I have no idea where these other cats came from - hopefully, no others will decided that this needs to be their "forever" home!!!!
That's it for now. I bought a Christmas present yesterday. So sue me.
Oh, and Jean, great stationery, and I busted out laughing when you told me to "throw it away"! My friends know me well!!! Pigfest isn't too far off - reserve your room soon!!!!!!!
Later, dudes.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday, August 3

I would like to wish my "little" sister a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! She is not yet old enough to qualify for AARP, but in a couple of years..............

This picture was taken the other night when we went to eat at a Mexican restaurant, here in Vicksburg. We had a good time and hopefully, we can do it again, soon. Man, do I look old!!! Or maybe it isn't "old". Maybe it's just "full"!

Christopher leaves today. I KNOW that we have been so lucky to have him here for so long, and I KNOW that his lovely wife wants him home BIG TIME, and I KNOW that he will be starting back to school to get his Master's degree this month, and I KNOW that David and I have to get back into our routine and take care of ourselves again, but DAMN!! I'm gonna miss that boy!!!!!! He has been just wonderful for us. He has helped organize so much, helped us clean, helped his dad when he was so sick and I just couldn't put another foot in front of the other, and then I got sick and couldn't have helped David much anyway. I am very grateful that he took the time to spend the time with us. A mother could not be any prouder of her son, that's all I have got to say. It has been a blessing to have him here, and a joy to have him around just to talk to!

And if I win the Publisher's Clearinghouse sweepstakes, I can pay for his schooling!!! I mean, you can't win if you don't enter, so I am entering every time something shows up in my email telling me to click here and increase my odds!!! So, it could happen!!

But, Christopher is taking Doozer, the long haired black boy kitten, back to S.C. with him. He has just rigged up this really nice little kitty carrier for the trip, complete with Kleenex box litter box, towel, water bowl, and a couple of packs of food. Tonight I am putting the mama cat, who is now named "Yvette", in with the other kittens in a big kennel that I have downstairs (I have a really good animal containment system, seriously, I have to!) so they can cuddle and he can nurse one last time. And then Monday, Yvette and her daughter, "Yvonne", will be whisked off to the vet's office to insure that there will be no more kittens forthcoming, at least not from them. That leaves the one little boy cat, still needing a name and a home. Somebody? Don't you need a sweet precious kitty???

Well, that is all for now. Today, I hope we can go to the coffee shop to see the Nosser women. That will cheer us up. David is just so wiped out lately, he is pale, and can barely stay awake. It is quite challenging to get him out of the bed. And remember, he needs to be back at work the first week in October! He HAS to go back to work for the insurance alone! I mean, each treatment costs thousands of dollars, and after only two or three, we would probably have to sell our house. So, any suggestions that will help him build himself up will be greatly appreciated. It doesn't help to have over five hours of chemo a week, though. Okay, enough about that.

Christopher, I love you and thank you for everything. Be CAREFUL going home.

Katie, thank you for being such an understanding wife.

Erica and Fuzzy, be careful and have fun in Oregon.

Linda, have a happy day!!

Everyone else, have a great Friday. And if I don't get back to ya, everybody, have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Busy busy busy....

Well, today is chemo day. Christopher is taking his dad to chemo while I run to the drugstore to get the medicine he has to take today to help prevent nausea. I need to go to the store, to my mother's, to David's mother's, and then I would like to sit and visit with C before he heads back home to South Carolina tomorrow. Of course, what is the headline on AOL today? Tomorrow is one of the 25 most dangerous days to drive! They've apparently done a study that cites that August 3 and 4 are just as bad as holiday driving. Well, great. AND Erica and Fuzzy are flying to Oregon tomorrow!! I just might be a basket case until I find out everyone is where they are supposed to be, SAFELY!! Of course, C is taking Doozer home, which leaves two kits and the mom, so Monday morning, they are off to the vet to get fixed by Paws Rescue. They are just wonderful, helping me out this way, and I am keeping kitties from Death Row by reducing the cat population. There was a strange cat at the end of our driveway last night and Scruffy took out after him, chasing him through the yp's yard (I expected a shotgun, but the cats were fast!), and he came strolling back home after a few hours. I am hoping that Paws can find a home for the mom, whose name is now "Yvette" and the kits, "Yvonne" and little boy kitten. I don' t have a name for him yet.

Christopher and I cleaned up my bedroom yesterday, and by cleaning, we moved the dresser, cleaned all out from under it and on the wall, and then rearranged the furniture and it is so wonderful! It just opens it up, plus it hadn't been moved since we moved in almost eight years ago, so I feel that we will be able to breathe better now. I got enough hair out of the fan to make a small kitten, don't worry, I didn't make one, and when I turned it on last night it started rattling. I was like, well great, the dust and cat hair were holding it together, but after a few minutes, it settled down to working better than ever. I have gone through files and medical bills and they will be shredded today. We have put stuff that I don't use but about once a year in a closet downstairs. All in all, I feel good about the house. I wanted to wash the curtains, but you know, since I don't have to go down to the river and beat them on a rock, we still may get around to that this evening. Oh, and Erica, I found the collage picture frame. Your dad had put it somewhere "safe".

Well, I had better go. Everyone have a great day today!