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Friday, July 27, 2007

What next??

Oh, for pity's sake, the bread is now being recalled!! That's right. I bought a loaf of bread for the first time in WEEKS earlier this week, and have been eating peanut butter on it, Christopher has been eating sandwiches from it, and OF COURSE, it is being recalled because it has metal in it!!! WTF???? METAL??? What are metal fragments doing in a place where they bake bread? Is it filler? Is it the fiber? And of course, I studied all of the bread on the shelves and decided that the Sara Lee, 100% whole wheat, heart healthy loaf was the best to buy. And it has metal in it. AND it was made in the Sara Lee plant in Meridian, Mississippi. Attaboy (girl?), Sara Lee, now we have our very own contaminated food, right here in our state, and now, right here in river city!!!! I had the contaminated peanut butter. I had some pet food that had been recalled. Hell, we had even been eating bagged spinach before that got recalled!!! I am just really very annoyed by this newest, especially since this is the first loaf of bread I have purchased in a long time. I guess I should have gone for the "100% non metal", don't you think? It does bring a new meaning to the term "iron enriched", doesn't it?

Okay, Monk is on. Be careful what you eat!!! Or feed your pets!!!


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